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Sangitha, 36, TTC 2.5 years

Sangitha, 36, TTC 2.5 years

Hello Hethir,

I am writing because I wanted to share our success story.

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 2 and half years. Fertility specialists did not find anything significantly amiss. Early in 2012 my husband and I did the fertility cleanse using all the great herbs from your enterprise including following an organic diet. I did see some changes however we still didn’t get pregnant. Later that year my midwife thought I was borderline PCOS case. I got acupuncture treatments, did fertility herb cleanses, and went gluten free in October 2012 but we were not pregnant yet. After much research we learned about d-Chiro-Inositol.

November 1st week of 2012 I started the DCI pills and started seeing some changes in my body. December 2nd week I saw extraordinary signs of ovulation (cervical mucous) which I did not ever see before in my life. We conceived at that time and just had our baby girl 3 weeks ago with a all natural water birth by the grace of God. I am 36 years old.

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