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I was once very desperate when I suddenly missed my periods. I had all signs for normal period but this never happened. Waited until I gave up. I visited a major referral hospital and I was referred to a gynecologist. Before I made an appointment, I read on the causes of missing periods and what this could be. For sure, I was not convinced this was menopause because it happened suddenly. In the process of panic and fear for the worst, I came across this useful resource on the web, which, I made use of. After all the support -advice and success stories, I was able to get back my normal periods. It is now three months since this was rectified and I am happily enjoying the normal periods.

Further to that, I am now working on my diet seriously as per the natural fertility regular advice. I trust one day, all fears I have today will be taken care of. Thank you so much the Natural Fertility Team.

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