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Sarah P.

Sarah P.


Hope well this day.

I have just watched a video on Misconceptions About Maca for Fertility by Hethir. I cannot tell you how relieved I am. I have been searching and trying to figure out why my periods have become so light and the cycles lengthened. I did think perhaps it’s the Maca, but then I panicked. I went to the doctors in tears thinking that I’m never going to have children and I’m damaging myself by using this product. That was just the frenzy because I know that natural products do not cause harm, they may react in different ways to different people but…

Anyhoo, this video has settled my mind somewhat and the stress levels are lessened. I guess with any new thing you do have to give it time and as Hethir stated, it is re-balancing and re-harmonizing the body and this doesn’t happen overnight.

I am very happy that you have provided this information and that it doesn’t cost a penny. I just feel quite happy this day.

I will continue taking Maca and just stop stressing. Perhaps I should take up yoga to help with my nerves 🙂

Good day all,
Sarah can be found on Youtube, if you would like to watch more of our videos.

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