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Fertility Success Story - Sharon My cycle never was a simple matter. After developing late and starting my period at 16, my cycles were erratic and painful. When they stopped all together at age 18, I was not sorry. Young and oblivious, I did not look into the matter too much. At age 22, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis – a result of having extremely low levels for 4 years (basically as if I had gone through menopause) I was in the midst of a big ‘wake up’ time in my life and was guided into a healing of my bones that doctors said was not possible – all through natural means (which included changing the mental-emotional causes of the issues). So I no longer had osteoporosis – my bones are now strong. But my hormones were still not in balance.

Some time later, I came across Hethir’s website and was inspired to do a cleanse. Just with Maca, Vitex and a clean diet, my period returned after 10 years – and was completely healthy and consistent for 5 months….When I got pregnant. My husband and I were surprised (after so long of not needing contraception, we were a little out of touch). So now we have a beautiful daughter. Easily one of the best gifts I have ever received. 🙂

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