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Hello Natural Fertility Shop and Friends!

I am so happy to report that after two years of trying to get pregnant and after suffering a miscarriage earlier this year, I am pregnant once again. This pregnancy occurred as a result of my second round of IUI (after the miscarriage). However, the first round of IUI after the miscarriage did not result in a pregnancy. Before the first round of IUI and in between the first and second round of IUI, I took the Natural Fertility Cleanse and Egg Health Kit. It was not until after I had completed the Fertility Cleanse that I got pregnant. I truly believe that it was these natural supplements that helped me get my hormones back on course after the miscarriage and helped me to get pregnant soon after. Thank you so much for all that you do for women that are suffering from infertility. It is an awful thing to endure!

Thank you so much Natural Fertility for your help in getting me pregnant. My only hope and wish is for this baby to stay with me and be healthy.

Update, 1/3/14: I am currently 17 weeks into my pregnancy and both the baby and I are doing great. Heartbeat and sonograms look good and things seem to be progressing well. I am so thankful again to the Natural Fertility Shop for helping to get pregnant and sustain a pregnancy thus far. I have been telling others that I know are having trouble getting pregnant about NFS and telling them that I believe NFS really worked for me. Thank you again. Words cannot express how thankful my husband and I are to NFS and to you Dalene. Thank you!

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