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Tiffany L.

Tiffany L.

Tiffany L. Fertility Success StoryTestimonial posted 7/2015: I used this product [Fertilica Progesterone Cream] to help lengthen my luteal phase. I noticed a difference in the first month I used it. And by the second month, I was pregnant! Thank you so much!

Update 1/8/2016: We had been trying for our second baby for a few months and got pregnant. Unfortunately we lost that baby about a week after we found out we were expecting. I found out my progesterone levels were low with that pregnancy and I noticed I was spotting for a week or so before my period was due. I decided that I would try using the progesterone cream to see if that made a difference in my spotting issue as well as help a baby implant properly. I noticed a huge difference in my cycle the first month I used it! I only spotted a day or two before I was expecting my period to begin! It was such a big difference from over a week of spotting to only a day or two before I started. Then the second month I used the product, we found out we were expecting again! This time I went and had my blood drawn to check my levels, and everything checked out great this time! My Dr. then prescribed me progesterone to take for the first trimester. I am happy to announce that I just had our second baby 2 weeks ago. I am so thankful that I found this company and decided to try their products! I truly believe that it had everything to do with us conceiving a baby and having a healthy pregnancy!

He came 2 weeks early at 38 weeks, and on my 30th Birthday! It was quite the birthday present 🙂 He is such a blessing added to our family. Thank you for your products that helped bring him here to us.

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