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Toni in NM

Toni in NM

I have had multiple problems getting and staying pregnant. I have been pregnant 10 times, 5 of them lasted more than 6 months and I have 2 living children.

I wish I would have had the benefit of this website and the information on it.

The diet is right on target. I think that it’s closer to what should be the national standard. I had symptoms of pcos, but the clinical diagnosis was not there.

I was able to get pregnant using a combo of “lower carb diet and Vitex”. Once pregnant I was reluctant to take any herbs and depended on progesterone suppository. During my last pregnancy I found a doctor that would give me progesterone injections (I researched their benefit) and that was my only full term pregnancy.

Best of Luck to you. It’s worth all the effort! Take care of yourself. Stay focused and you will get there.

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