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stephanierStephanie’s two and a half year struggle to conceive led her to natural therapies that supported her body, and helped her start and grow her family.

Stephanie shares, “We were just about to try medical intervention when I came across your site! I cleaned up my diet and started using Maca and Vitex to regulate my hormones!…” Click here to learn where Stephanie’s journey goes from here…

Stephanie, 26 years old, TTC 2.5 years

I am so happy I found this website. I ordered the Vitex capsules. I take them first thing in the morning with water. Soon after I noticed a reduction of hot flashes. I was able to sleep through the night, and have not woke up with night sweats… this is major for me! I was struggling with lack of energy and lately I’ve been more active and feel like I’m improving my hormonal balance.

I saw my doctor after a missed period in April, FSH levels were high 54! I decided to try Vitex to help bring my missing in action period… I finally got a light period two days ago!!! I’m over the moon happy! I’ve not even finished my monthly supply of Vitex and have already ordered my second bottle… It HELPED ME!

I also just started taking the Royal Jelly caps. to help improve my egg quality. I just ordered the liver cleanse kit [Fertility Cleanse Kit]… I’ll keep you posted. Ladies, don’t give up and thank you to all the ladies who share their journey! I’m seeking daily to eat healthier. I drink tons of water, TONS, and I truly believe my faith keeps me moving forward! Positive thoughts… Ok, sorry so long, but to sum it all up…V ITEX is pretty awesome! Blessings Ladies!


My husband and I decided it was time to start trying, so I had my Mirena taken out in March. I started my period two days later (which was probably also partially “withdrawal bleeding,” since it was a few days earlier than I was expecting but lasted the whole five days). The next month, my cramps came on schedule, but my period never came. Having an IUD removed, even though they say you can conceive right away, can cause you to miss your period for many months afterward, and with how impatient I am, I didn’t want to wait that long to get pregnant. After a whole month of crazy acne and cramps but no bleeding (two missed periods) because my hormones were going crazy, I came across this stuff [FertiliCare Phase 1 &2] and decided to try it. So glad I did! After only five days of using it, I got a period! Now we can get down to business 🙂

The only reason I gave this four stars instead of five is the taste. It’s not unbearable, but it’s not good either. Given that it’s a natural, herbal flavor, there’s not much they can do about that!


I can’t express how grateful I am for finding this site. It literally changed my life…changed the way I think and the way I feel…

After a year of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for the first time, my gyn. prescribed me 100 mg of clomid + progesterone, since my hormones obviously were out of balance. I conceived immediately, but lost that baby in week 26 of pregnancy. Throughout the whole pregnancy I had to take a big dose of progesterone, since my body obviously didn’t produce enough progesterone on its own and couldn’t support the pregnancy.

So, after this awful experience, I realized that if I want to conceive naturally, to have a healthy pregnancy and have a healthy baby, first I need to make some changes in my life and put my whole body and my hormones in the state of balance…

So, now is time to say that I achieved my goal and finally feel that I am ready to start working on my new pregnancy.

Products that I used were: organic maca, organic red raspberry leaf tea, organic spirulina, organic ashwagandha, wild yam cream after ovulation.

I switched to organic food (some 85% of all is organic), I eat a good amount of organic fruits and vegetables per day (I found a great fertility smoothie recipe on this site, which I consume every day)…I also do from time to time castor oil packs and massages.

I do not drink coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks and refined sugar. I feel sooooo good and so happy. I do not have mood swings, my periods are not heavy anymore, I do not have pain during periods, I do not have spotting like I used to have.

I also have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to these amazing people who were and still are so supportive.


Anita - Fertility Success StoryWe have four children and were ready for a fifth, but I had some concern as to how easily I might conceive. I have had symptoms of estrogen dominance since my early 20’s and have used progesterone cream in the past to lengthen my shortening cycles and moderate all of the other little symptoms that go along with it. I used the Fertilica in the months before attempting to conceive to make sure that my cycles were normal. Conceiving our first son took over a year and I believe that by balancing my hormones properly before starting I was blessed with a pregnancy in the first month of trying.

I heard about this company from youtube and her knowledge really impressed me and as I ran out of my cream I decided to switch to Fertilica from what I was using! I love the pump action of the Fertilica cream with automatic dosing. I reviewed this product and they read that I was still using it in early pregnancy. Someone from the site took the time to let me know to switch to Pro-Gest for the remainder of the pregnancy. Excellent customer service, I couldn’t be more pleased!

We are very excited to receive this blessing into our home this summer and I’m very thankful for the role these progesterone creams have played in balancing my body.


I discovered last year that I had issues with my Gynecology system related to hormone imbalances, ovarian cyst, PID Coefficient and Cervicitis coefficient. These are not a level ground for successful pregnancy. As I was reading on the net, I came across this wonderful resource managed by Hethir.

For about a year ago, Hethir started sharing with me the natural ways of ‘putting’ right whatever had gone wrong in the system. I am now happy to let you know, I have been able to have normal periods that are more regular and stable. Last month, I went for a check up and I was informed the ovarian cysts had cleared and the rest had normalized.

Appreciation goes to Hethir for the natural remedies to the journey to fertility.


I’m new but I’ve been following the natural fertility website for about 8 weeks. I started taking maca and vitex for 6 weeks prob a bit less to be honest. We have been trying for a baby for over a year, initially I was told I couldn’t have anymore children I have 2 already, because of high FSH levels mine were at 20.

We decided that I would go the alternative route I did 5 weeks of tcm and acupuncture and I fell pregnant but sadly lost that one at 8 weeks. I carried on with TCM and acupuncture but stopped it about 3 months ago as I wasn’t getting anywhere. I read up on maca and vitex so I ordered it and started taking it I also started using toxin free household cleaners, clothes washing liquids and conditioners, pretty much everything I use don’t contain bad chemicals in it that can harm my body and upset my hormone balance.

Well that was 6 weeks ago that I started my new routine and today I have found out I’m pregnant 5 days before my actual period us due. I can’t believe it, I would recommend this to anyone.

Courtney, UK

Thank you for this awesome site. Being the health nut that I am and having a miscarriage in April after 4 months of pregnancy, I was shocked that it could happen to me because I’m the healthiest person i know (nutrition-wise). So I decided to do my research and buckle down and get even healthier. I read every link on your website, did fertility smoothies and maca and spirulina for a couple months, and ate whole fruits everyday. Then I had bad news that I had precancerous cells on my cervix and the best solution was to do a leep. I was downtrodden because I thought my chances of conceiving were even less because of my now abnormal shaped cervix. One month passed, period came, I kept up with my vitex, hoping. Month two passed, period came- exactly at 28 days which I was impressed with having been through a miscarriage and cervical surgery and yet this little pill-vitex was keeping me exactly where I needed to be. It’s been 3 months since the procedure and I missed my period on the 1st. Having known the strange metal taste I wake up with in the morning and other signs like different vaginal discharge I had a hunch to take a test. It turned out positive right away! I shared it with my daughter and husband right away and this time I’m going to keep tabs on this site to help me through any pregnancy problems if I encounter them, but I think my hormones were in much better shape this time around so I am positive for this pregnancy and not as worried. Thank you for all your useful info!!!!!


I wrote you once before tell you that my PCOS was almost gone, but soon after I went off the herbs and didn’t finish the cleanse my PCOS returned but worse. I am now back on the herbs, diet and cleanse that you recommend and I have great news. No, not pregnant yet, but I know I soon will be. I have been suffering with infertility for about give or take 13 years now since I started my cycle, though I didn’t want to have a baby then I wanted to make sure that when I was older that I could have a baby, but no doctors would help me. I finally had at age 19 a tumor removed from my uterus, that was benign. At age 15 I was diagnosed with endrometriosis.

Now that I am on the herbs, diet and cleanse I got the best news from the doctor the other day, that all my blood work for the first time ever my hormones or normal, YAY! I am so excited that I am one huge step closer to getting pregnant. Thanks so much for you site again and very informational, I will keep you posted when I get pregnant, thanks again.