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A passage from Andrea’s Journey to Pregnancy with PCOS:

Andrea - Conceiving with PCOSI conceived and gave birth to a healthy baby boy in 2011. It wasn’t an easy road but we did it nonetheless. I never would’ve guessed that we would have had so much trouble conceiving our next child. When my son was 3 months old I surprisingly became pregnant, but that unfortunately ended in miscarriage. We went on to have 2 more miscarriages before being referred to a specialist for recurrent pregnancy loss. I was then diagnosed with a blocked fallopian tube and PCOS. I was devastated. I was told that my options were to have surgery to unblock the fallopian tube and IVF or IUI…

Knowing that PCOS could be managed naturally with the use of herbs and ultimately help me to conceive gave me hope that I may not need tons of medical intervention… I started with the Fertility Consultation…


Carrie's succesful 4th pregnancyExcerpt from Carrie’s Challenging Journey to Conceive a 4th Child:

I had 3 kids and was fortunately able to get pregnant fairly easily with all of them. We wanted to have a 4th and started trying… This pregnancy we were heartbroken when it ended in a miscarriage. I never ended up miscarrying on my own so I had a D&C done. We waited the recommended time frame and then began trying again. This time getting pregnant didn’t come as easily. I am very aware of my body and could tell something was wrong. I wanted to take a natural route to helping my body heal properly and to get pregnant again. This lead me to the Natural Fertility Shop…


LaChaka's Fertility Success JourneyAfter trying to get pregnant for years, came across this site. Ordered the personal plan, castor oil pack and massage video, Wobenzym, maca, Fertility Cleanse, evening primrose… and Vitanica. I believe the Fertility Cleanse definitely worked wonders. Two weeks after using that, I was pregnant. I don’t believe I used these products for more than 4 months and now I am looking at my 1 month old son. This site I am grateful for because it helped teach me to clear my fallopian tubes and help me to regulate my hormones for proper ovulation. Despite using fertility pills the Gyn gave me, I had no results and felt sick. Thanks Natural Fertility for all your knowledge, support, and help.

Update 8/14/15: Read LaChaka’s Entire Story Here… She has a special surprise!

LaChaka, 38 yo, TTC 9 years

Hello Marija!!

I would like to thank u from bottom of my heart!! With the grace of God and with all your advice & your 3 month plan, I am 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant!! I feel so good and I am glad that God has send you as my angel!!

I am very happy and hoping that this time I have a full term pregnancy and a healthy delivery! My first ultrasound is on August 6. Thank you Marija, without your advice and support I wouldn’t be able to make it!

Ravinder, TTC 3 years

Alexandra's Fertility Journey Interview - Secondary & Unexplained InfertilityExcerpt from Alexandra’s Secondary & Unexplained Infertility

I got pregnant very easily in early 2009 with my son. I have always had very regular cycles and I tracked my temps and CM as my method of birth control for about 5 years before my husband and I were ready to “see what happens.”

We started TTCing in August of 2011 for our second baby, thinking it would ideally happen pretty quickly. After 5 months of trying, we took it a little more seriously… My midwife and I troubleshooted a few possibilities too. My periods were steadily getting heavier and heavier and were extremely clotty. I was burning thru a super tampon in an hour or two and experiencing days before and after AF of brown spotting with occasional brown spotting mid-cycle.

At the 12-month mark, my husband and I met with an RE who was recommended by my midwife. He ran a handful of tests on both my husband and me… Everything turned out normal and we were officially diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

Our RE suggested trying a round of Clomid as the next step in an effort to boost my ovaries into spitting out two or three eggs, but I wasn’t comfortable with it. We decided to part ways with our RE and pursue more natural methods.

I found the Natural Fertility Shop and Community shortly after I was quite literally booted out of another infertility forum because I didn’t plan to go down the path that Western medicine has in place for infertile couples…
Read her entire story and update here…

Alexandra, 35 yo, TTC 2 years

shaylee1Our fertility program was truly fantastic… we are, in fact, expecting a baby girl any day now! We were TTC for two years and had been told by an infertility specialist that we would never conceive without IVF. Just five months after implementing recommendations from your team, adding chiropractic care, acupuncture and a lot of prayer, we found out we were expecting our baby girl.

We appreciate the natural alternatives you and the Natural Fertility Team provide and we have shared your resources with a couple of our friends already.

Have a blessed 2015!

Update: Introducing Shaylee Joy, born February 18th! She is a healthy girl; 8lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long. We are doing well and so very, very blessed!

Breaha, TTC 2 years

Fertility Success Story - JitkaI discovered the Natural Fertility Info website when I was trying to get pregnant with my second baby. I got pregnant when my daughter was one but suffered miscarriage and couldn’t get pregnant again. Eventually, I started to chart my basal body temperature and found out that the luteal phase of my cycle is too short at 9 days, probably because I was still breastfeeding my first child. As my daughter was nearly two, I could wean her off but I didn’t want to do that unless it was really inevitable. I needed someone knowledgeable to help me with making my decision, so I tried the fertility consultation. The herbalist, Liz Willett, explained that being fertile is not my body’s priority while breastfeeding, and suggested things to do if I decided to stop – fertility detox, fertility yoga and massage, ways to improve my diet…I followed everything and was very disappointed when I started spotting at the same point of my cycle again. But a few days later, when the temperature still didn’t drop and the spotting stopped, I started to hope. I took a test and it was positive! The pregnancy went without any problems, I even managed to have my dream home birth, and now I’m holding a one month old baby boy in my arms. Liz has been supporting me during my whole pregnancy and even now. I can’t thank her and the whole team behind Natural Fertility Info enough!


Hi Dalene,

Hazel's babyI just want to let you know that I got a positive pregnancy test this morning! I got a positive pregnancy test just being on your consultation plan for a month! I’m so overwhelmingly happy!!!! Thank you so much for helping my husband and I in our ttc journey 🙂 I believe God has used you to guide my husband and I in our ttc journey.

I just gave birth to a healthy baby girl 8 weeks ago. I would like to say thank you so much for your guidance and the necessary information you have given me during my infertility, pregnancy, and postpartum journey.

I’m glad I found your website. It has been a blessing to me and my family. I attached a picture of my baby girl who has been keeping me busy 🙂

Hazel, TTC 3 + Years with endometriosis and irregular cycles

I’m wondering if its safe to do the fertility cleanse while nursing. I am part-time nursing a 20 month old boy, who is very used to this comfort nursing and will protest wildly at all attempts to wean. Im 41 years old soon to be 42 in September and I’d like to start a three month cleanse to prepare to TTC again in September. Also thanks, Dalene’s helpful consultation in 2011 after I had just experienced a second trimester miscarriage, helped me recover and conceive again just two months after later at age 39, resulting in my healthy son. He is my fourth child but my first born within my second marriage. My other children are all much older, conceived easily when I was much younger. I hope you can let me know what I can do to cleanse and prepare for one more child as I strive to complete my family. P.S. I’ve shared this site with several friends struggling with fertility issues.


A Note of Reply from Our Customer Service – We do not advise doing the Fertility Cleanse while breastfeeding. There are herbs in the Fertility Cleanse are not to be used while pregnant or breastfeeding.
The following article offers additional guidance:

You might also consider an herbal infusion during this time to support your body instead of the cleanse. You will learn more here: