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HolllyAfter a year of trying to get pregnant with no success, I found the Natural Fertility Info website and soaked up all the great information. After the second year of infertility I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had surgery to remove it. But before that I did the fertility cleanse, started drinking smoothies and eating healthier in general. I believe Hethir’s advice and products also helped my body heal in order to conceive. I was able to give birth naturally in our home to a healthy 9lb. 7oz. daughter, and I’m still drinking some of those smoothies! Healthy for breastfeeding, too!

Holly M., 32, TTC 2.5 years

So I don’t know if it was just my time or a fluke but I had been ttc for about 10 months with no success. I suffer from endometriosis and have had 3 surgeries to remove scar tissue and endometriosis all over my abdominal area. Needless to say I was becoming pretty hopeless. I bought FertiliGreens as a last resort before I contacted a fertility specialist. I added this supplement to my morning shake and within a month I found out we are expecting!!! It taste horrible I actually had to hold my nose and drink really fast through a straw some days but I stuck with it and ended up pregnant!! Good luck ladies 🙂


Success: 7 month old baby boyI am writing this to thank you for the fertility information. I have endometriosis and I did the Fertility Cleanse after my failed 6 months fertility work-up. 3 months after cleansing, I got pregnant. I have been married for 9 years and now we have a 7 month old baby boy. I am grateful that I found your website.Thank you so much! God bless you always!

Sheila, Philippines

Hello! I have stage 4 endometriosis and had been TTC for 4 years when I came across Natural Fertility. My husband and I were about to drop another LARGE sum of money on our second IVF (I had already had one IVF and one Frozen IVF) and had decided this would be our last shot at starting a family. I was looking for a more natural approach to aid us in being successful on this last cycle (planned for 09/2013). I purchased the Fertility Cleanse, EndoWise Kit and Maca. The first month I did the Fertility Cleanse, the second month I did the EndoWise Kit and took the Maca. I got pregnant the SECOND month!! My husband and I were blessed with an amazing baby girl, Adriana, on 01/16/14. I am so grateful to Natural Fertility and have told countless people about it. My OBGYN and reproductive gynecologist were even impressed at the success of the product!

Tara, 37, TTC 5 years

Dear Hethir,

I don’t know if this email will reach you, but I wanted to say thank you for sharing your personal story. The road of infertility can be a lonely one, so thank you for creating your website and being so courageous to share your story with so many. I also wanted to say thank you for posting the recent article on excision surgery for endometriosis. As someone with endo who has had excision surgery for endo, I know how beneficial this surgery can be to help with the pain the endometriosis causes both physically and emotionally. Thanks for sharing.


I have just received great news!! Guess what?? I’m pregnant!! I’m so happy!! I wanted to thank you loads for all the useful information you passed on to me. Despite having endometriosis, I still managed to conceive naturally!! So, thanks a bunch!!


Man oh man was I excited when I started my AF this month… My cycle was exactly 28 days. Never had that before!!! And, you know what, not a bit of pain. Nothing other than a little ache I can’t even call ache.

I am a living testimony of the Fertility Cleanse! WOW:)

The amount of pain I was in the past couple of months is terrible. I had no insurance so getting help was difficult. I felt like I had a cyst, if not more than one. Besides the scar tissue from past surgeries, the endometriosis, etc…

I can’t tell you how much better I feel—no pain! I am so amazed. I know that I will get pregnant, one day!


I wrote you once before tell you that my PCOS was almost gone, but soon after I went off the herbs and didn’t finish the cleanse my PCOS returned but worse. I am now back on the herbs, diet and cleanse that you recommend and I have great news. No, not pregnant yet, but I know I soon will be. I have been suffering with infertility for about give or take 13 years now since I started my cycle, though I didn’t want to have a baby then I wanted to make sure that when I was older that I could have a baby, but no doctors would help me. I finally had at age 19 a tumor removed from my uterus, that was benign. At age 15 I was diagnosed with endrometriosis.

Now that I am on the herbs, diet and cleanse I got the best news from the doctor the other day, that all my blood work for the first time ever my hormones or normal, YAY! I am so excited that I am one huge step closer to getting pregnant. Thanks so much for you site again and very informational, I will keep you posted when I get pregnant, thanks again.


I have been so quiet recently for many reasons but, the best one is that I am 11 weeks pregnant!!

For those of you who don’t know me I was told that I had Slim to No Chance of ever conceiving. I was diagnosed with high FSH and a low ovarian reserve. I used the NF Improve Egg Health Kit, and many other suggestions from this website! I was also able to go to Clear Passages to help with adhesions from previous surgeries. After an extremely difficult IVF process I was able to conceive! My doctor is calling it the miracle baby!! So keep believing ladies…never lose hope!

As far as I am concerned I am elated!! I have been soooo very sick. I have not worked for the past six weeks due to the morning sickness. I don’t know why they call it morning sickness…haha I am sick morning, noon and night. However, each moment I live in gratitude knowing that my little bean is holding on tight. We have had two sonograms and everything is moving in the right direction! Baby is healthy with a strong heart beat. Next week we go for the 12 week sonogram where we will actually be able to hear it for the first time. At that point I will feel safe to share the news with all of our family and friends. We have only told a select few to be safe!

So, I want to thank NF and the NFC ladies for supporting me these past couple years. The support has been invaluable! I am truly so grateful!

I will keep you updated as we move along. I just wanted to share so that other ladies that are given this diagnosis do not give up the hope!

Update: Gabriele now has a 14 m.o. son, Nov.’13


I wanted to share my story, as I attribute my second successful pregnancy to you and this website….

My husband and I could not conceive naturally with our first baby. We saw a fertility specialist and I was diagnosed with endometriosis. Fortunately, I became pregnant after one round of injectables and insemination along with acupuncture. We had a beautiful girl! Two years later, I was still not pregnant naturally, so we began the nightmare of fertility treatments again. After two failed treatments (one round of clomid with insemination and one round of injectables with insemination), I was still not pregnant.

That was January 2010, and after a consultation with my doctor, I decided I was not going further with fertility treatments, as the next step was IVF. We knew I had a history of endometriosis, and the recent ultrasounds revealed a large cyst on my ovary (the doctor wanted to surgically remove it which I refused).

Thanks to your website, I learned so much about natural options that no doctor tells you about! I started eating healthier during the course of my treatments and taking some supplements. I cut out processed soy products and ate more organic than what I was (I was already a vegetarian). I was taking DIM, Maca, Vitex, Royal Jelly, and using progesterone cream. My husband also took some of your recommended supplements for his low sperm count. I stopped using tampons and used only pads. I stopped drinking from plastic water bottles and stopped microwaving food in plastic containers. I was already using natural skin care (Arbonne), and I began exercising more regularly. I bought the fertility cleanse and the castor oil for the ovarian cyst and was ready to use them after my next cycle, but couldn’t because I was pregnant (March 2010)!

Our perfect baby boy is 4 months old today, and as I enjoy him every day, I am so thankful for your website because I had given up. We couldn’t afford IVF, and I really had accepted only having one child. I was 37 when I became pregnant last March, and today I felt I had to share my story so that I could give hope to others who desperately want to become pregnant. It is possible!

I now share your site with others and pass along all the information I have learned. I gave my friend the unused fertility cleanse and the progesterone cream as she had been trying to become pregnant. She used them both and four months later was pregnant naturally! Thank you so very much for the important information you provide that the medical community does not know or share.

Mieke - Philadelphia, PA