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I wanted to share my story, as I attribute my second successful pregnancy to you and this website….

My husband and I could not conceive naturally with our first baby. We saw a fertility specialist and I was diagnosed with endometriosis. Fortunately, I became pregnant after one round of injectables and insemination along with acupuncture. We had a beautiful girl! Two years later, I was still not pregnant naturally, so we began the nightmare of fertility treatments again. After two failed treatments (one round of clomid with insemination and one round of injectables with insemination), I was still not pregnant.

That was January 2010, and after a consultation with my doctor, I decided I was not going further with fertility treatments, as the next step was IVF. We knew I had a history of endometriosis, and the recent ultrasounds revealed a large cyst on my ovary (the doctor wanted to surgically remove it which I refused).

Thanks to your website, I learned so much about natural options that no doctor tells you about! I started eating healthier during the course of my treatments and taking some supplements. I cut out processed soy products and ate more organic than what I was (I was already a vegetarian). I was taking DIM, Maca, Vitex, Royal Jelly, and using progesterone cream. My husband also took some of your recommended supplements for his low sperm count. I stopped using tampons and used only pads. I stopped drinking from plastic water bottles and stopped microwaving food in plastic containers. I was already using natural skin care (Arbonne), and I began exercising more regularly. I bought the fertility cleanse and the castor oil for the ovarian cyst and was ready to use them after my next cycle, but couldn’t because I was pregnant (March 2010)!

Our perfect baby boy is 4 months old today, and as I enjoy him every day, I am so thankful for your website because I had given up. We couldn’t afford IVF, and I really had accepted only having one child. I was 37 when I became pregnant last March, and today I felt I had to share my story so that I could give hope to others who desperately want to become pregnant. It is possible!

I now share your site with others and pass along all the information I have learned. I gave my friend the unused fertility cleanse and the progesterone cream as she had been trying to become pregnant. She used them both and four months later was pregnant naturally! Thank you so very much for the important information you provide that the medical community does not know or share.

Mieke - Philadelphia, PA

I had history of endometriotic cyst and fibroid, with 6yrs of infertility. After several failed surgery and use of infertility drugs (CLOMID), I came across your site. I ordered the fertility cleanse kit and the ovarian cyst kit. I started using the kit by December 2011 and by April 2012 I became pregnant with twin babies. To the glory of God and your help, I am a proud mum of twin baby BOYS. They are two months old now. I am so grateful.

Margaret, TTC 6 years

This website is amazing! I was diagnosed with endometriosis and was told I would only be able to get pregnant with IVF. I did one round and found out that I had poor egg quality and we miscarried. After it happened I found this website and have been following it. I changed my diet, started drinking fertility smoothies. 6 months after my changes, I found out that I am pregnant and it happened naturally!!! Thank you Hethir and team!!!

Melissa, CA

Thank you very much for all your information for women and the opportunity to better their health on the road to becoming a mommy! Your website gave me hope and I felt as though I had control of my personal situation with endometriosis. It took me almost two years before I got pregnant but I became a better person to myself. What I mean by this is that I started to take great care of my body inside and out and feeling great! My little girl is now eight months old and I could not be any happier! Again, thank you!!!


I began to wonder if I could have kids about 3 years ago and even before that because I’ve been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend at the time and never got pregnant. When I was 17 I contracted a STD that’s suppose to affect your ability to reproduce. I had a laparoscopy that detected endometriosis Nov 2011. I began considering IVF which would have been a financial burden and I was just so stressed. I researched online every thing I could to help find answers. I found this site and began a herbal/vitamin regimen and less than 3 months later, a POSITIVE for the first time ever. I thank GOD and I thank all those who communicate via web about their stories. I would love to be of help to anyone going through this same situation. Thank you so much Hethir. You’re a blessing.

Renee, TTC 3 years

I am so happy to share that after having surgery for endometriosis in 2009 and being on birth control pill the two years following without having a cycle at all to prevent pain. I was praying for pain relief and found your website. I learned about vitex and started taking it along with nattokinase and natural women’s multivitamins and taking my birth control pills. I was amazed by the fact that for the first time I had a menstrual cycle with no pain! I was so thankful to God for being pain free I didn’t know that my greatest blessing was right around the corner! In April for my birthday I went to visit my in laws in New York and traveled with my Aunt in law to Bermuda and while on the trip I woke up feeling sick so my Aunt took me to see the doctor on the ship and found out I didn’t have food poison but instead I was pregnant.

So this Christmas I will have a healthy baby boy under my Christmas tree, all I can say is thank you Jesus my prayers have been answered.