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Audrey B - success storyI had a unique case because I have only had a handful of natural periods my whole life. During my college years, I was put on birth control to “regulate” me, but I did not feel comfortable putting that drug into my body and covering up the issue. After that point, I just gave up because that was the medical doctors only solution. Several years later I got married and we both wanted children right away. I decided to try a new doctor and he was a nice doctor, but still treated me with drugs… After I stopped breastfeeding him I was eager to see if my cycles would come…but they did not, so I spent the next year and a half changing my diet and looking for natural solutions that would aid my body in working the way it is designed to work.

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Audrey B Success Story

Update: Audrey’s son in here!

How are you and your baby doing now? How old is your baby now?:

The baby and I are doing great now! He is currently six weeks old. We had a wonderful natural delivery and he is a good nurser/eater, so he is growing quickly. We are very thankful!

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Audrey, 34 years old, TTC 8 years

Thank you so much for this information. I was sick and couldn’t figure out why my period wasn’t stopping. It was honestly the scariest thing I went through. Doctors couldn’t tell me why this was happening to me. After watching your video it helped me realize what the issue could be. I started taking and doing exactly what you said in this video and two days later my period slowed down. Two weeks later it stopped completely and the next month my period regulated. And three months later I was pregnant!!! Expecting my first child in November. This was the answer to my prayers. Thank you again.

The video referred to is How to Reduce Excess Estrogen or Increase Low Estrogen Naturally if you were interested in watching.


“Prior to coming to, I was constantly looking for ways to solve the underlining issue stopping me to get pregnant. I had already underwent 2 surgeries for fibroid and cyst removals. I also had surgery to move around vital reproductive organs that were “out of position.” I was experiencing a lot of allergies and it was very difficult. Doctor after Doctor could not provide solutions.

Talking to Marija and getting a consultation on what I should eat for PCOS plus herbal supplementation made all the difference!”

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Jade, 34 years old, TTC 12 years

Ever since I was 12 years old, from the first time I had my period, my periods and cycles were never consistent. I would have them twice a month, three times a month, none at all, none for 1.5 years. The doctors had me tested, I had cysts on my ovaries, PCOS, liver issues amongst others with fallopian tubes, etc. I was told I may never have children. Then I was 18 and went to the doctor and confirmed that the probability of having children was not likely and wanted to remove some of my parts because of the risk. I refused and kept hoping…

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Nicolle, 25 years old, TTC 4 years

Meet Camille and her daughter

My amazing little girl is now 7 weeks old and the light of our lives. I think without the clear information on the site, and the kind help of the fertility herbalists I would still be wondering in a fog and waiting to conceive my baby.

I refer every person I know who is trying to conceive or struggling with reproductive health issues to your site and many of them have had excellent improvement in their quality of life as a result. Thank you for all you do.



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Camille, Age 33, TTC 1 year

I started my period very young and had very painful cramps. So the doctors put me on birth control like they usually do and sent me on my way with a bottle of ibuprofen. About ten years after that my husband and I started trying. For almost a year my periods were black, clotted, and extremely painful. I wasn’t getting the help I needed from doctors so I started my own research and found Natural Fertility I started the fertility cleanse and diet, started drinking red raspberry leaf tea and taking evening primrose oil. Along with other fertility supporting habits my periods changed immediately from painful and gross to bright red and hardly any cramping! Now we just had to work on my husband’s health who wasn’t sleeping or eating well from working a night shift. But finally, in our second year of trying to conceive my husband was put on day shifts and we got our blessing 3 months later.

Madison, 24 years old, TTC 2 years

“I have been on and off various forms of birth control for over a decade… Form personally after my journey, I believe that birth control reeks havoc on the female body and should be avoided at all costs.”

Talia, 26 years old

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I’ve never had a regular cycle. I was tested for PCOS and told I needed birth control. Since taking these products, my period comes every 31 days with confirmed ovulation. These supplements have changed my life! I can’t say enough about them 😊

Thank you for everything!


I’ve been using the Progesterone cream for about a month. My progesterone level went up a point and I’ve had no side effects. I prefer a cream over a pill. Great product, thank you! Thank you so much. I love your products. They’re working!! Since posting my review about the progesterone cream, and after not having a period for six months, I got my period again! During that six month period, I started with the Fertility Cleanse, continued with Fertility Smoothies, Self-fertility massages and incorporated Rejuvaflow, Maca, & Vitex into my routine; and then finally (in conjunction with my doctor’s advice), I tried the progesterone cream with a cycling of 2 weeks on and two weeks off. Viola! It arrived. : ) My doctor and I were so happy!

Thank you so much for all your doing. You’ve really helped me tremendously. This has been a long journey for me. I stopped taking the pill in August of 2017. I’ve had irregular periods and my hormone levels were out of balance. Thanks to you and your products, my body is finally starting to feel in balance again.


After almost 3 moths of taking this [FertilicaTM Vitex 500mg (60 Vegetarian Caps) ] I’m back to a 28 day cycle and ovulating again. I couldn’t be happier and great-full for theses after 3 years of struggling trying to get my body healthy and back on track.