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Our journey to parenthood started 4 years ago. Our first time trying to conceive worked, but unfortunately ended in a miscarriage. After 3 years of trying we finally went to a fertility clinic to help solve any issues we were unaware of. I was told that my AMH levels were too low to conceive naturally or would likely end in miscarriage. After a good friend told me about your site I figured I would give it a try. I started with the Fertility Cleanse Kit and the OvaWise Kit. I continued taking the OvaWise Kit for 4 months and started making plans for IVF. Three weeks before we were set to start IVF, I was shocked and excited to finally get a positive pregnancy test. I am now 20 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl and can’t thank you enough for helping me on this journey. I always read everyone’s stories, but never thought it could happen for us since we seemed to hit every block on the road to parenthood! Thank you so much for helping us conceive naturally!

Gina, 33 years old, TTC 4 years

I bought an online fertility consultation. I value all the information that Sarah has provided and suggested! I’m one month into taking all the supplements she suggested to improve my egg health. I have low AMH and I’m trying everything I can to support the few eggs I have left. Now prayers and positively added for our future baby!


I have low AMH (.04), and I have been ttc for 4 years. After failed IUI’s and a failed IFV a came across the natural fertility website. I have been using the ovaries kit [OvaWise – Egg Health Kit] for several months now and it has improved my AMH level from a .04 to a 1.40!!! I will continue to use the OvaWise Kit to improve my egg quality and hopefully soon become pregnant naturally!


Hello Marija!!

I would like to thank u from bottom of my heart!! With the grace of God and with all your advice & your 3 month plan, I am 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant!! I feel so good and I am glad that God has send you as my angel!!

I am very happy and hoping that this time I have a full term pregnancy and a healthy delivery! My first ultrasound is on August 6. Thank you Marija, without your advice and support I wouldn’t be able to make it!

Ravinder, TTC 3 years

I would just like to say THANK YOU to you and your wonderful team.

I had low AMH levels and High FSH and thanks to your products of the OvaWise kit and your advice to take vitex my AMH was 0.1 in July 2013 and my FSH was 11.2 and I started taking ovawise in October 2013 and vitex dec 2013 (though had both levels retested in dec 2013 and AMH was same but FSH was higher at 17.6) And NOW in May 2014 my FSH is now 8.4 and AMH is now 1.69. My doctors have told me that FSH and AMH levels do not change it can only get worse not better. You PROVED them wrong.

Thank you!


Hello All:

I’ve had two mc in the course of 3.5 years, a husband with low morphology, one fallopian tube completely blocked and my left ovary not working. My AMH is .18 and FSH is at 9.2.

Tell me what else can I have wrong with me? My RE only gave me a 10% chance of getting pregnant on my own and a 30% via IVF. I was a poor eater and really did not take care of myself and my age was not of help. I started to eat healthy, drink plenty of water and started on the FertiliGreens and the Fertile Woman 1 a day for 2 month. I also started to track my temp levels first thing in the morning for ovulation and a lot of praying (very important). I want to say is early, but I’m PREGNANT. Girls, don’t give up and always try! It’s possible. The greens and the vitamins are heaven in a bottle.

Good luck and I wish you ali the best of luck.

RL, Age 39, TTC 4 years