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My menstruation flow seems more manageable since taking the enzymes [FertilicaTM Choice Enzymes] and I have very little cramps. On my third bottle at the moment and I will definitely continue using the product!


Excerpt from Nicole’s Natural Pregnancy After Adopting

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…I am sitting here with my two little miracles, a 2 year old and a 2 month old. I never thought I’d be able to be a mom at all and now I’m a mom of two and I owe so much to

For me, natural fertility wasn’t just about getting pregnant, it helped me with my overall health. I felt so much better after taking the cleanse and stopping hormonal treatment. I learned so much about my body and the women behind the site were cheerleaders for me every step of the way. They were some of the first people I contacted after I got pregnant and gave me sound advice to help me stay pregnant. I even plan to continue taking some of the herbs to maintain healthy eggs and regular menstrual cycles when I’m done breastfeeding.

Nicole D., 35 y.o., TTC 5 years

I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 25. Almost ten years later, I started having wild flare-ups thanks to a few other chronic health conditions and because the birth control had knocked my hormones… out of whack. Thanks to this stuff, I finally have regular, 5 day periods, almost no PMS symptoms, almost no menstrual pain and the heavy periods that went along with the endo have become a thing of the past. Although, I read the bottle wrong and stopped taking after two months instead of just doing the full four, and apparently, my body wasn’t ready for the Rest Month yet so I am miserable. After two weeks of being out of Fibro-Defense, my PMS was horrible, the PMS-insomnia came back with a vengeance, and the bloating and cramps are miserable. For the first time in to months, I had to actually bail on plans because of my period. I am ordering more right now!

Grace N.

I recently got off of birth control in January 2015 – was on three different pills during that time frame. I was looking for something to assist me in balancing my estrogen levels and came across the website. Needless to say with the fertility cleanse teas and this product [Women’s Best Friend], my periods were less painful than they have ever been and my cycles were much more bearable.


I have severe endometriosis. I’m 27 and not married, so not planning to have kids soon. I had 3 large cysts so I did a surgery to remove them. I had a frozen pelvis and before the surgery I had major pelvic adhesions. I’m entering now premature ovarian failure because my undiagnosed endometriosis decayed my ovaries.

I’m going to start next month egg freezing. What I’m doing now I want 1st to make it as successful as possible so I’m trying to improve the quality of eggs. 2nd I’m trying to avoid the recurrence of endometriosis. 3rd I’m trying to work on minimizing the adhesions already existing and further adhesions from happening due to the surgery or endometriosis.

I started by changing my diet. I made a huge research on nutrition. I turned into a vegan, and I took out any chemicals, sugar, and gluten. It was such a fantastic effect on me. My blood tests which were always terrible are now perfect. I feel more energetic and healthy and much less pain. My skin looks way better, less eczema and asthma than what I suffered for years.

Then I started to do yoga daily. I lost weight, my body shape looks better, my digestion is better, no stress at all in my life anymore.

Lastly I bought the Self Fertility Massage DVD . I’m doing it daily and the castor oil pack too. My stomach feels really well. Finally after 5 months my period is regular and less painful, with less bleeding. I can feel less tension every day from the muscles under my fingers during the massage.

I believe everything will fall in place with time. I feel better now and I will see the real effect in my checkups and egg freezing process.



Dayna's Fertility Success StoryWhen my son turned 2.5 my husband and I decided to try for a sibling. After several months of trying to conceive Baby #2 without success I had fertility concerns with being 40. We decided to wait a few months to try again so I could speak to my doctor and prepare my body. I bought the Fertility Cleanse and used it in the month of April 2015. I am a very regular person when it comes to my cycle and was surprised when it came 6 days earlier then normal, however I did notice a big difference in my menstrual blood. It was brighter in color (healthier) and I had only a fraction of the cramping I normally do. After the Fertility Cleanse I incorporated the Ubiquinol, L-Arginine, Royal Jelly, and Maca capsules into my daily routine. I am over the moon excited to report that I just found out I am pregnant as of May 25th, 2015!! We are beyond joyed that we will be welcoming our 2nd child in January 2016.


Dear Mrs.Rodriguez and Team,

Thank you for generously providing comprehensive and explicit information about our bodies, hormones and how to soothe ourselves back to ease and wellbeing.

After 20 years of excruciating period pain necessitating continuous intake of strong pain killers… AND bed rest…After collapsing twice in the last six months… After numerous doctor visits and scans…I found you and I was better in 2 weeks.

After the fainting I was determined to try something… I also took a hormone test. Progesterone low …. Life has been stressful.

As I kept looking for hormonal “dis-ease” and Chasteberry your website came up to confirm the use and effectiveness AND also how the balance reinstates itself…naturally. I got onto 1,000mg per morning of Chasteberry. I also started taking flaxseed oil and applying Progesterone Cream.

I just remembered another element, a side benefit: I had noticed around 18 / 12 months ago facial hair, thicker, more plentiful, along jawline and the chin especially. I hardly survey my face so I am not sure when they first appeared… Nor when they first went!

That’s right, ten days ago I noticed it just isn’t here anymore. After 3 months of starting the regimen.

Two weeks had barely gone by that my period came. It was… something else! Barley a wee bit of cramping NO PAIN… in 2 weeks! After 20 years of weak legs, intense cramps and debilitating conditions… Truly amazing. After the amount of times Drs had told to keep on taking chemicals /pain killers…

I am so glad that I do not have to take pain killers anymore.

Thank you for your generosity and helping fix me.

Thank you very much. God Bless your families and your business.


I am so happy to share that after having surgery for endometriosis in 2009 and being on birth control pill the two years following without having a cycle at all to prevent pain. I was praying for pain relief and found your website. I learned about vitex and started taking it along with nattokinase and natural women’s multivitamins and taking my birth control pills. I was amazed by the fact that for the first time I had a menstrual cycle with no pain! I was so thankful to God for being pain free I didn’t know that my greatest blessing was right around the corner! In April for my birthday I went to visit my in laws in New York and traveled with my Aunt in law to Bermuda and while on the trip I woke up feeling sick so my Aunt took me to see the doctor on the ship and found out I didn’t have food poison but instead I was pregnant.

So this Christmas I will have a healthy baby boy under my Christmas tree, all I can say is thank you Jesus my prayers have been answered.