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Meet Camille and her daughter

My amazing little girl is now 7 weeks old and the light of our lives. I think without the clear information on the site, and the kind help of the fertility herbalists I would still be wondering in a fog and waiting to conceive my baby.

I refer every person I know who is trying to conceive or struggling with reproductive health issues to your site and many of them have had excellent improvement in their quality of life as a result. Thank you for all you do.



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Camille, Age 33, TTC 1 year

Christina_G_250I missed my menstrual cycle in January of 2016. I went to the reproductive endocrinologist and she put me on Provera to induce my cycle. She told me that I was premenopausal and that my periods will continue to be irregular, and that I will never be able to conceive naturally. I was devastated to hear this news. At that point I booked a Fertility Consultation with Herbalist Anna-Marija Helt at I knew deep down if I ate right, exercised, and focused on having optimal health, mind, body and spirit, I knew that I will get pregnant one day.

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Christina G., 40 y.o., TTC 1 year

Jacki Resolves Her Low Progesterone Naturally
Update 3/11/16: Jacki shares more details about her journey in a formal interview which you can read here…

I purchased vitex after I was diagnosed with polyps on my ovaries. My Dr. said it was due to low progesterone levels. My husband and I only found out due to the fact we were having a hard time conceiving, which was unusual, we already have four kids. After about a year of nothing I purchased this as a last ditch effort. I only took half the bottle and was pregnant the first time we tried again. They are great, with no side effects. Highly recommend to anyone!


After trying to conceive monthly for almost a year I decided to get the fertility cleanse kit – I didn’t even finish it because half way through the month long cleanse, I had a minor surgery to remove an dermoid cyst on my left ovary. However on my next ovulation I was pregnant from my right ovary! I do believe that the cleanse helped balance out all my hormones and cleanse the area to facilitate a successful conception! I am currently 6 months pregnant with my first pregnancy. I am now 37 (I was 36 when I conceived) and had never been pregnant before.


I discovered last year that I had issues with my Gynecology system related to hormone imbalances, ovarian cyst, PID Coefficient and Cervicitis coefficient. These are not a level ground for successful pregnancy. As I was reading on the net, I came across this wonderful resource managed by Hethir.

For about a year ago, Hethir started sharing with me the natural ways of ‘putting’ right whatever had gone wrong in the system. I am now happy to let you know, I have been able to have normal periods that are more regular and stable. Last month, I went for a check up and I was informed the ovarian cysts had cleared and the rest had normalized.

Appreciation goes to Hethir for the natural remedies to the journey to fertility.


Sabrina shares her experience with the Fertility Cleanse after experiencing PCOS infertility, and no period for two years, she has an amazing story to share….

Sabrina's Story

I have been trying to conceive for a year now with no success. I was diagnosed of cysts on my right ovary so I went online to search for natural ways of treating ovarian cysts. I bought Vitex and Maca from the Natural Fertility Shop and followed fertility diet like eating whole grains, broccoli, sprouts etc. I have been on this program for only two wks and surprisingly I had a scan today and there were no cysts. My doctor was shocked! I will recommend for all women with ovarian cysts. It really works!


I have to say that this product (vitex) is amazing. My sister and I are blessed to not have any fertility issues but tried it wanting to get pregnant soon as possible. With my sister it worked within the month, as for me, I literally took a few drops here and there and also within the month. I couldn’t believe it. Now my cousin on the other hand had problems for 2 years plus to get pregnant, plus had ovarian cysts…once she gave in and took this product she was pregnant within 3 months. She is blessed with a a healthy beautiful baby girl. Thank you, I myself am just weeks along, super shocked but happy, as I wanted to have another and my last by/before 35 years old. Thank you.


I wanted to share my story, as I attribute my second successful pregnancy to you and this website….

My husband and I could not conceive naturally with our first baby. We saw a fertility specialist and I was diagnosed with endometriosis. Fortunately, I became pregnant after one round of injectables and insemination along with acupuncture. We had a beautiful girl! Two years later, I was still not pregnant naturally, so we began the nightmare of fertility treatments again. After two failed treatments (one round of clomid with insemination and one round of injectables with insemination), I was still not pregnant.

That was January 2010, and after a consultation with my doctor, I decided I was not going further with fertility treatments, as the next step was IVF. We knew I had a history of endometriosis, and the recent ultrasounds revealed a large cyst on my ovary (the doctor wanted to surgically remove it which I refused).

Thanks to your website, I learned so much about natural options that no doctor tells you about! I started eating healthier during the course of my treatments and taking some supplements. I cut out processed soy products and ate more organic than what I was (I was already a vegetarian). I was taking DIM, Maca, Vitex, Royal Jelly, and using progesterone cream. My husband also took some of your recommended supplements for his low sperm count. I stopped using tampons and used only pads. I stopped drinking from plastic water bottles and stopped microwaving food in plastic containers. I was already using natural skin care (Arbonne), and I began exercising more regularly. I bought the fertility cleanse and the castor oil for the ovarian cyst and was ready to use them after my next cycle, but couldn’t because I was pregnant (March 2010)!

Our perfect baby boy is 4 months old today, and as I enjoy him every day, I am so thankful for your website because I had given up. We couldn’t afford IVF, and I really had accepted only having one child. I was 37 when I became pregnant last March, and today I felt I had to share my story so that I could give hope to others who desperately want to become pregnant. It is possible!

I now share your site with others and pass along all the information I have learned. I gave my friend the unused fertility cleanse and the progesterone cream as she had been trying to become pregnant. She used them both and four months later was pregnant naturally! Thank you so very much for the important information you provide that the medical community does not know or share.

Mieke - Philadelphia, PA

I have an AWESOME update from my Dr’s visit today… Well I hopped on the table and she begins to “lecture” me about how I am avoiding the inevitable and a cyst of my size and degree doesn’t go away on it’s own and that I should stop procrastinating. I just looked at her and said “ok”. Then she goes oh and you will have to get a bikini cut because your cyst is so big. She referred me to have my ultrasound done at another office and told me too see her in a week… So I went straight to have my ultrasound done. As the technician worked I asked her if my cyst was the same size (6cm) and she gave me a confused look then she said its not that big. She measured it and said it was 2 1/2 cm…!”