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Through PCOS, unsuccessful treatment with Clomid and an ectopic pregnancy, Diana perseveres with faith, naturally supports her body and achieves success.

She shares, “I try for 8 years unsuccessful, I have polycystic ovary. I got treatment with clomid. I got ectopic pregnancy, after that I found natural fertility in YouTube. I hear all advices from Heather Rodriguez!! Was difficult for me because my main language is Spanish, so have to hear many time to understand!! After exactly 6 month, I got the beautiful surprise, I was finally natural pregnant!!” Read her full story of success here…

Diana, 32 years old, TTC 8 years

Viktoriya AI was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17. With my periods becoming nonexistent, every doctor said that the only way I would ever be able to get pregnant is with Clomid.

When I got married last year, we started trying right away. And after nothing happened for a couple of months, I knew that something needed to change.

I found this website and started following all of the advice. I completely changed my way of living. Starting with diet and exercise, all the way to managing my stress. I cut out all sugar, gluten, dairy. I started taking Vitex and Maca as well. I watched Heather’s Periscope videos and everything that she taught, I applied in my life. As well as my husband’s life.

After 5 months of this lifestyle, for the first time in my life, I started ovulating and having periods. And I got pregnant!

Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended up being ectopic. After my surgery, I didn’t give up and got right back to my lifestyle. Just one month after my surgery I got pregnant again! And this pregnancy has been great so far. I am now 20 weeks along, expecting a little baby boy.

I know that a year is not long, but it’s not just about getting pregnant. It’s about becoming healthy as well. I would go years without having a period, until I found this information. For 10 years I’ve been living knowing that I might never be able to get pregnant. And with my drastic change in my lifestyle, I was able to get pregnant within one year of marriage.

I am happy I found this website. And so happy that I found other options other than our modern medicine: birth control pills and clomid.

Thank you for helping us make this possible!

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Viktoriya A., 27 years old, TTC 1 year

MeganI have three children. I had a miscarriage between my first and second. Then after I had my third I had another miscarriage which was soon followed by an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in me loosing a tube. We tried for another 6 months and I could not get pregnant. I went in for exploratory surgery and they found that my only remaining tube was completely blocked and the Dr. tried to unblock it and could not. I was told that my only option was IVF. This was not an option for my husband and I so I got online and did my research. I came across this website and I feel God blessed me through this. I used this product in conjunction with acupuncture and some other Chinese teas that my herbalist recommended. I also started with the fertility cleanse kit. I followed the directions in these two kits to a T. I did the FallopianWise kit for 5 months (we did not try during that time so I could get the most out of it). Then I stopped all products and we began trying again. I was pregnant within 3 months and am now 12 weeks along!!!! I really wasn’t sure about all of this, but I figured I had nothing to loose. I can’t believe it, but it worked! I am due in August 2015!

You have all been amazing and without your products I would still be trying to come to terms with no longer being able to have children. I know that if I could not have had this one I would have eventually been ok, but I think that I would somewhere deep down have always had a longing for this one. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO! Keep up the good work!

Meg, Glen Falls, NY

I just want to say thank you for all of your recipes and support through my journey to get pregnant. I followed your diet for 3 month and used propolis and Maca during 3 month Preparation. Before that I had an IUI twice. First didn’t take, second was ectopic pregnancy. Then I had an IVF which end up in miscarriage Then I decide to try your method. I did that plus I had IVF and I got great results. Doctors took out More eggs then previous cycles. We end up With 2 perfect embryos and they took:) I am 4 month pregnant with twins. Thank you Hethir:) God Bless you Let god give you energy,health, resources to Continue helping families who has problems To have a fulfilling life.


I just want to stop by and share my success with all of you. Even though I did not get pregnant “naturally” I feel I still need to share my success and how natural living played a instrumental part in that success. We have been TTC 3 years and after 2 ectopic pregnancies and two surgeries and a TON of heartache we decided to try IVF. Before that we have two full years of drinking smoothies, taking fertility herbs such as maca and royal jelly, did the fertility cleanse and started to drink my own creation of pre pregnancy tea!

After the two losses I always thought that I wasted time doing all the natural stuff and trying to keep my body balanced with yoga and natural living. Well I think all of that is what helped me with my first IVF success! I am happy to say I am PREGNANT and I hope to say in the uterus (after my first ultra) I didn’t have ANY of the side effects that you hear about from the stimulation meds or the progesterone oil. My retrieval resulted in 15 eggs, 13 fertilized, and we transferred one beautiful blast and have 6 frozen for later. The doctor wanted us to put back 2 but i just knew that one was all we would need and my goal has always been to bring home a healthy full term baby! SO with only a 40% chance we did our one and now our little pumpkin is growing in my very thick healthy lining.

I am SO happy now that I changed the way I live and they way I view food in general. I know it is the reason I am here today telling you my story. This site helped me so much with that knowledge, so THANK YOU for all you do for all of us here looking for a different/better way to make our dreams come true!

When I lost all hope I came to this website. I was in my worst state physically and mentally. It was the start for me. I have tried to get pregnant for 5 years. I had an ectopic pregnancy and other complications… I followed the smoothie challenge and used castor oil packs. I focused on my diet and used spirulina, maca…..I did the fertility message few times. I was planning to buy the fertility cleanse but I never got to it because I got pregnant before I bought it. I believe that eating healthy for few months helped me conceive and relieved a lot of my stresses. I have a baby girl. She is my little miracle. I had her naturally after a failed trial of IVF. Please never give up. I never thought I would have her but everything is possible.

TTC 5 years

Hi, I just wanted to encourage those who are here searching. I was devastated after an ectopic pregnancy two years ago. I found this website by Divine intervention and began the instructions for damaged or blocked Fallopian tubes (this section was not here yet) as well as the fertility cleanse. After about four months, my husband and I felt it was time to try again. I felt healthy and strong after the nutrient loading, supplements and fertility massage. Right now, I’m laying in bed next to my one year old son sleeping peacefully beside me (: It works!