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Hi Hethir,

I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are to me and my journey on becoming pregnant (hopefully in the future) your knowledge and amazing spirit makes me feel great and know I don’t have to be alone dealing with what I’m facing. I’ve been loving your periscopes to! It’s so amazing I can get in depth information by your lessons. I’ve really took on board what you have been saying and have already made changes to my diet. Just thank you so much for helping us women out here were so blessed to have support like you to keep us going. I’ve always brushed aside what I’m facing with, I’m 29 with the worst pcos, not getting pregnant or ovulating and no periods for 2 years and thought there was no way out but you’ve changed my whole outlook on looking after myself and nourishing my body.

I wrote you a week ago saying big thank you for helping me make the diet changes for my pcos. Well I’m absolute happy to say after 2+years of not having a period! my period has finally come. That’s because I completely changed my diet to a organic one and taken the wonderful vitex it’s only been a week since I changed my diet and today it has happened. I’m grateful for your information because it’s helped me think a lot about my future having children and know diet is the number one change I had to make in order to begin my journey.

You truly have an amazing heart & soul
Thank you so much

Laura M.

Rebecca's Fertility Journey InterviewI’ve suffered from irregular periods since my very first menstrual cycle when I was 13 years old (40+ days). I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 26, only to then have my menstrual cycles completely stop. Frustrated, wanting children and not wanting to be prescriptions, I found Natural Fertility Info. I purchased RejuvaFlow and Vitex to see if I could kick start my cycles again. 2 weeks after starting RejuvaFlow, my period returned and after 3 mo. of using Vitex I noticed my cycles were consistently showing up at 36 and BBT showed I was consistently ovulating on Day 18, 6 mo. after starting everything, I found out today I am pregnant and couldn’t be happier! Thank you!

To read Rebecca’s entire story and update, please click here…

Rebecca, ttc 1 year, age 27

A passage from Andrea’s Journey to Pregnancy with PCOS:

Andrea - Conceiving with PCOSI conceived and gave birth to a healthy baby boy in 2011. It wasn’t an easy road but we did it nonetheless. I never would’ve guessed that we would have had so much trouble conceiving our next child. When my son was 3 months old I surprisingly became pregnant, but that unfortunately ended in miscarriage. We went on to have 2 more miscarriages before being referred to a specialist for recurrent pregnancy loss. I was then diagnosed with a blocked fallopian tube and PCOS. I was devastated. I was told that my options were to have surgery to unblock the fallopian tube and IVF or IUI…

Knowing that PCOS could be managed naturally with the use of herbs and ultimately help me to conceive gave me hope that I may not need tons of medical intervention… I started with the Fertility Consultation…


Hi to all! About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS & Uterine Polyps (very similar to Uterine Fibroids). My fertility doctor told me that my only chances/options of conceiving was through surgery (Hysteroscopy & Ovarian Drilling). My insurance at the time couldn’t cover the surgery let alone the pre-op ($10,000-$15,000)… there was no way we could afford it. That’s when my husband and I decided to look at what other options we had.

There had to be another solution, there just had to be. That’s when we came across this AMAZING! site. Before then I was trying everything, such as Fibrovan to shrink my polyps, other fertility cleanses and other baby “magic pills” that were meant to help woman such as me to conceive, but nothing worked on me. It seemed like it was working on every woman out there but me… After 3 years I basically gave up and faced the harsh reality that maybe everyone else was meant to be a mother but me.

We took a break from trying anything else, and one day my DH came across… Vitex. He convinced me to just give it a try, and with much hesitation and doubts that this would be just another pill/herb that wouldn’t work on me I still decided to give it a go and I am so glad I did. Within 3 weeks of taking Vitex I became pregnant! I hadn’t even finished the bottle before I skipped a period and came to have all of these weird symptoms I hadn’t experience before. I got my BFP that I was waiting so long for. I was in total amazement that after everything else I’ve tried, this herb was the answer to everything and what amazed me even more is how FAST it happened.

Ladies, everyone is different, and some things work better than others for some of us, and I know there comes a time when you loose hope and feel that nothing will work for you because it works for everyone else and that you’re cursed, but please, my advice to you all who still haven’t gotten their BFP is do not get discouraged, do not loose hope (I know is easier said then done & you’re probably tired of hearing it from the world, trust me, I was one of them) but please don’t give up.

I had hormonal imbalance, PCOS & Uterine Polyps, and elevated testosterone… I felt like nothing would work for me… all it took was Vitex within 3 weeks, so before you empty your wallets with IVF and surgeries and IUI, please consider your options. I highly recommend this herb and any other natural herb out there that may help with your condition, it is worth it.

Good luck to you all, much baby dust your way and I pray that you will get that BFP that you long for, keep your hopes up and start making plans for your new bundle of joy because it WILL happen for you!

Aly, 32, TTC 4 years

Diana's Fertility Success StoryExcerpt from:
How Diana Managed Her PCOS to Achieve a Healthy Pregnancy

“It took me well over a decade to figure out that I have PCOS. No doctor was ever able to point it out. I don’t menstruate regularly and I started researching PCOS online before I was ready to have children just to try to figure out my body. I came across and I don’t think I would have my incredible son without your help…

…Try some natural solutions before going through typical fertility treatment.”

Diana V.

I was diagnosed with a severe case of Asherman’s Syndrome & PCOS 7 years ago after many failed attempts to conceive. I had countless laparoscopic hysteroscopies in order to remove the scar tissue. I would then be put on synthetic hormones to promote healing only to find out later that the adhesions came back. Last October, my specialist told me that I should adopt because we had reached the end of treatment and he wasn’t going to be able to help. It was then that I turned to Natural Fertility and began a new approach to healing. I started taking Maca, L-Carnitine, Dong Quai, Royal Jelly in conjunction with regular use of castor oil packs and fertility massage. In August of this year, I went back to my fertility specialist and had an HSG. My doctor could not believe the results, he kept saying over and over that this was a miracle. My uterine cavity is free of adhesions, my endometrium lining is healthy and both of my fallopian tubes are open and free of any scar tissue. I’m not pregnant yet, but we are much closer to fulfilling our dream of becoming parent. I honestly have your website and my faith to thank. I feel the need to share my “success” story now because I want women who suffer from PCOS and Asherman’s Syndrome to know that this approach to fertility does work.


Sabrina shares her experience with the Fertility Cleanse after experiencing PCOS infertility, and no period for two years, she has an amazing story to share….

Sabrina's Story

I am writing to thank Hethir and the team for providing great content.

Today, I got my period, naturally, for the first time ever during my journey. The past 10 years I’ve struggled with PCOS- the worst hirsutism & lack of a period. I’ve tried many things, including birth control pills that resulted in blood clots and a week’s hospital stay. While recovering, I began to educate myself and found natural-fertility-info (among other great sites). This site is where I first read about Maca…I finally took the plunge and added it and Evening Primrose Oil to my regimen.

I’ve only taken them for a month- I thought if it worked, it would at least be 3 months.

Again, thank you. My hope is to start Castor Oil packs soon and eventually the Fertility Cleanse. Although fertility was not my immediate goal, this breakthrough gives me hope for the future!

I’m so grateful to God for directing me to this site!

LaQuilia G.

Still can not believe we are pregnant! I went 10 years with trying to conceive. One round on the HormoneWise Fertility Kit and took a pregnancy test which came back positive. Had to take 2 more to believe my eyes! I have had PCOS for years and have been told by 3 highly sought after doctors I would not be able to have children without medical help. Well I wanted something natural and not surgery….so I am happy to say we are starting our family at 31 years old. We are hoping to try for #2 shortly after this one arrives. So I will definitely be taking this kit again to help ovulate naturally! My absolute dream come true and we are expecting our little blessing in 1 month! I am one happy momma! And I owe it all to these products!

Anonymous in Seattle, WA

Although my story isn’t one of getting pregnant but my story is one of initiating the process. For two years my husband and I have been trying to conceive. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19 and although I thought it wouldn’t affect me much, it has. In the last year I have had an absent menstruation. In my struggle and urgency to get pregnant I decided to see a fertility clinic, I went through grueling tests, and was given Provera to start my menstruation. As happy as I was that it had started it also gave me an extremely heavy blood flow and made me feel really sick. After I took it my menstruation didn’t continue. I was also given metformin but I was determined that there had to be a natural and less harmful way to get my menstruation back.

I decided to google PCOS support and found Natural Fertility. The information that I came upon and started to read was priceless for me. And once I saw Hethir Rodriguez provided advice on PCOS I knew I was doing the right thing. As soon as I read everything, took notes I started taking, Vitex, Dong Quai, Black Cohosh, Maca, Red Raspberry tea and Vitamin B complex. I started the herbs on October 9’13 and today October 22’13 I got my menstruation. I was so happy and excited I called my husband right away!!! This all gives me so much hope and to continue doing the regimen. I am hoping 2014 I will be able to surprise my husband with the best news ever as I’ve thought of soooooo many ways on how I can surprise him! 🙂

Ladies don’t give up! Stick to it and all the hard work does pay off.

Maricela, age 29