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Diana's Fertility Success StoryExcerpt from:
How Diana Managed Her PCOS to Achieve a Healthy Pregnancy

“It took me well over a decade to figure out that I have PCOS. No doctor was ever able to point it out. I don’t menstruate regularly and I started researching PCOS online before I was ready to have children just to try to figure out my body. I came across and I don’t think I would have my incredible son without your help…

…Try some natural solutions before going through typical fertility treatment.”

Diana V.

Anita - Fertility Success StoryWe have four children and were ready for a fifth, but I had some concern as to how easily I might conceive. I have had symptoms of estrogen dominance since my early 20’s and have used progesterone cream in the past to lengthen my shortening cycles and moderate all of the other little symptoms that go along with it. I used the Fertilica in the months before attempting to conceive to make sure that my cycles were normal. Conceiving our first son took over a year and I believe that by balancing my hormones properly before starting I was blessed with a pregnancy in the first month of trying.

I heard about this company from youtube and her knowledge really impressed me and as I ran out of my cream I decided to switch to Fertilica from what I was using! I love the pump action of the Fertilica cream with automatic dosing. I reviewed this product and they read that I was still using it in early pregnancy. Someone from the site took the time to let me know to switch to Pro-Gest for the remainder of the pregnancy. Excellent customer service, I couldn’t be more pleased!

We are very excited to receive this blessing into our home this summer and I’m very thankful for the role these progesterone creams have played in balancing my body.


Eliza's Fertility Success StoryExcerpt from Eliza Has a Baby Boy with the Help of Natural Progesterone:

Prior to discovering this website I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks and two positive pregnancy tests followed by delayed period. It took us nearly two years of trying and failing at getting a healthy pregnancy… I had a feeling that every month we tried the implantation just would not happen, so I had made my research and found your site. I have read up on other pregnancy sites about progesterone and it looked like it was indeed the miracle … to help with implantation and prevention of miscarriage, so I ordered two bottles and waited patiently for the delivery from USA…

…I have used Progesterone cream for two months and on the second month I was pregnant! I have continued to use Progesterone through all of my pregnancy up to 37 weeks, however I have reduced the dose significantly after 16 weeks…

…Now that my little boy is 6 weeks old we are already talking about trying again next year for the second child and I will be using Progesterone again…

Eliza, TTC 2 yrs

Excerpt from Olga Has a Baby Boy After Several Miscarriages
I am happy that I found your website, I really wanted to have one more baby and I almost gave up, but when I read some stories on your website, I believed that those products really work.

…I would like to tell you I used natural progesterone cream and I did cleanse. After one month I was pregnant and now I have my beauty, a baby boy. He is 3 weeks, I am very happy.

Olga, TTC 3 years

Hello! I have stage 4 endometriosis and had been TTC for 4 years when I came across Natural Fertility. My husband and I were about to drop another LARGE sum of money on our second IVF (I had already had one IVF and one Frozen IVF) and had decided this would be our last shot at starting a family. I was looking for a more natural approach to aid us in being successful on this last cycle (planned for 09/2013). I purchased the Fertility Cleanse, EndoWise Kit and Maca. The first month I did the Fertility Cleanse, the second month I did the EndoWise Kit and took the Maca. I got pregnant the SECOND month!! My husband and I were blessed with an amazing baby girl, Adriana, on 01/16/14. I am so grateful to Natural Fertility and have told countless people about it. My OBGYN and reproductive gynecologist were even impressed at the success of the product!

Tara, 37, TTC 5 years

I’ve always had hormonal issues and have had irregular periods. Last January I had a miscarriage and it devastated me even though my husband and I weren’t trying for a baby at the time. Afterwards I knew we’d be starting to try soon so I wanted to be proactive and do everything I can. I have been taking maca, vitex, red raspberry, and using topical progesterone cream (Emerita brand) and have now had periods like clockwork – every 28 days and without major cramping like I used to have. I have been seeing an acupuncturist for fertility and have only been eating organic fruits, vegetables, and meats since then. We are going to start trying in the new year for a baby and I hope we conceive easily. Thank you for all of your advice and help. I feel so much more confident on a clean diet and with regular periods that we will get pregnant again.

Megan, age 27

I had 2 miscarriages during 8 years of trying to get pregnant. They both are so difficult to get pregnant and when I was pregnant I had early miscarriage. I went to see specialist the doctor said I didn’t have any problem and it was ok to have 2 miscarriages. I asked him about my progesterone level because the 1st time I miscarried my progesterone level really low. He said everything was ok. I didn’t understand why my body can’t hold the baby. My husband and I thought we may not going to have a baby because I get older and more difficult for us to have a baby. One day I thought I might have some problem with hormone because I started to have more pimples on my face. I look up on internet and found out about progesterone cream. I did the research about the product and found your website which told me how to use the cream to get pregnant. I went ahead and tried the product … Thank God in the 2nd month of trying I was pregnant. I continued to used product then get the doctor to prescribed me 100mg of progesterone to used until 4th month. Now my baby boy is 7 1/2 months old. He is so cute like an angel send from God. When I look back I don’t think the doctor was checking my progesterone level. If he did he would found out about the problem and fix it long time ago. I feel like he didn’t really care about me that make me mad. If I know about this I would have my baby long time ago didn’t have to wait until this old. Thank you so much for your website. This will not happen without your information. I think I found you because of God. To people out there who are trying to get pregnant and no success please give this a try the miracle might happen.

Brio, Age 36, TTC 9 years

Thank you for this AMAZING VIDEO!!! I had POCS and couldn’t get
pregnant, I went so many test, so many tablets, healthy diet and
nothing worked after your video I have bought Progesterone cream and
being using for a month.. AND guess what??? I GOT PREGNANT!!!!!
WOOOOWW!!!! SO HAPPY!!! Thank you very much for this video, YOU are
FANTASTIC!!!! I hope lots of women will find this video helpful if
they planning to get pregnant.


After lifelong irregular periods, I had a surprise pregnancy when I was 35. I breastfed my daughter for 3 years afterward, and did not regain my period during that time. I tried some herbs off and on, but did not commit and did not see results. 3.5 years later, I did one round of prometrium (taken vaginally) that restored my period. I did acupuncture 2-3 times a week, and committed to vitex, and other herbs and supplements that supported my blood sugar maintenance, thyroid, and overall health. I saw several infertility doctors who gave me terrible odds of pregnancy (I am 39) and offered me all kinds of drugs. I committed further to charting, and used progesterone cream after ovulating. I read everything on this site and consulted with them twice. After 5 cycles, I am now 10 weeks pregnant!

I wanted to share my story, as I attribute my second successful pregnancy to you and this website….

My husband and I could not conceive naturally with our first baby. We saw a fertility specialist and I was diagnosed with endometriosis. Fortunately, I became pregnant after one round of injectables and insemination along with acupuncture. We had a beautiful girl! Two years later, I was still not pregnant naturally, so we began the nightmare of fertility treatments again. After two failed treatments (one round of clomid with insemination and one round of injectables with insemination), I was still not pregnant.

That was January 2010, and after a consultation with my doctor, I decided I was not going further with fertility treatments, as the next step was IVF. We knew I had a history of endometriosis, and the recent ultrasounds revealed a large cyst on my ovary (the doctor wanted to surgically remove it which I refused).

Thanks to your website, I learned so much about natural options that no doctor tells you about! I started eating healthier during the course of my treatments and taking some supplements. I cut out processed soy products and ate more organic than what I was (I was already a vegetarian). I was taking DIM, Maca, Vitex, Royal Jelly, and using progesterone cream. My husband also took some of your recommended supplements for his low sperm count. I stopped using tampons and used only pads. I stopped drinking from plastic water bottles and stopped microwaving food in plastic containers. I was already using natural skin care (Arbonne), and I began exercising more regularly. I bought the fertility cleanse and the castor oil for the ovarian cyst and was ready to use them after my next cycle, but couldn’t because I was pregnant (March 2010)!

Our perfect baby boy is 4 months old today, and as I enjoy him every day, I am so thankful for your website because I had given up. We couldn’t afford IVF, and I really had accepted only having one child. I was 37 when I became pregnant last March, and today I felt I had to share my story so that I could give hope to others who desperately want to become pregnant. It is possible!

I now share your site with others and pass along all the information I have learned. I gave my friend the unused fertility cleanse and the progesterone cream as she had been trying to become pregnant. She used them both and four months later was pregnant naturally! Thank you so very much for the important information you provide that the medical community does not know or share.

Mieke - Philadelphia, PA