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After trying to get pregnant for 2 years with no success I purchased fertility cleanse and after that I used the wobenzym I completed the bottle. Then I tried again within one month I got pregnant for the first I made it to 19 weeks. My cervix opened and I lost the pregnancy. I was sad but I have hope I just know that if I can make it to 19wks I can also make it to full term with a cerclage. I will try again. Now I’m taking once a day multi and I also do the fertility message with radiant womb.


I am a 37 year old woman. My female partner had been trying to conceive for 2 1/2 years. I tried 5 rounds of Clomid and two rounds of IVF . Labwork, HSG, and surgery failed to indicate any hormonal or structural problem. I always had at least one mature follicle detected on the many ultrasounds I received and we inseminated multiple times during my fertile window.

After the embryos failed to implant for unknown reasons during both IVF attempts, I was more certain that there was an undetected autoimmune issue that was interfering with implantation. Although my RE wanted me to try IVF again, my gut feeling was that IVF was overkill since all signs pointed to normal ovulation, etc. (not to mention the HUGE out of pocket expense). After taking various herbs recommended on this website, 12 consecutive months of acupuncture, 6 months on a naturapaths regimen, and multiple maya massages, I decided to try Wobenzym. At the same time I started weekly acupressure appointments. We’ll never what finally did the trick, but I found out I conceived approximately 4 weeks after beginning both of these treatments. We couldn’t believe it when the digital pregnancy test which I always thought was too harsh when it read “Not Pregnant”; finally read “Pregnant”. I’m grateful that I found out about Wobenzym through this website.

Renee, OH

I started fertility cleanse and fallopian wise in November 2010 and now I am pregnant. The HSG showed five years ago both tubes were totally blocked. I had surgery to remove the scar tissues 5 years ago, no pregnancy. I did one year of acupuncture 3 years, no pregnancy. In November I purchased the fertility cleanse and fallopianwise kit. I changed my diet like you said and today I am pregnant. After 12 years of trying I am pregnant. Thank You.

Millie, TTC 12 years

Hi, I just wanted to encourage those who are here searching. I was devastated after an ectopic pregnancy two years ago. I found this website by Divine intervention and began the instructions for damaged or blocked Fallopian tubes (this section was not here yet) as well as the fertility cleanse. After about four months, my husband and I felt it was time to try again. I felt healthy and strong after the nutrient loading, supplements and fertility massage. Right now, I’m laying in bed next to my one year old son sleeping peacefully beside me (: It works!


Hi, I am ecstatic to let you know that after 13 years of trying I AM PREGNANT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIPS AND I HAVE USED SOME OF YOUR PRODUCTS–ENZYME THERAPY , CLEANSING KIT AND FERTILIGREENS. To GOD be the glory great things he has done.

Venessa, TTC 13 years

I started the fertility cleanse and the Fallopian wise kit and guess what I got pregnant within a month with no symptoms of pain on my right tubes that I had before with my previous pregnancies. I am thrilled and on seventh heaven as is my husband. We are now 8 months pregnant. We are having a girl.
We are so looking forward to welcome our baby. Thanks to this site and the herbal supplements that brought this happiness in our life.


…The day I received my Systemic Enzyme Therapy, I had just started (my period) and had to take 4 ibuprofen (at a time) the day before just to alleviate the pain. Took my FET when I received it the next day and didn’t need another ibuprofen. It is simply amazing!!!! I am quite excited to know what it is doing inside that I can’t see. … I am really excited that my body is finally healing and I am headed in the right direction. Feel like pregnancy is just around the corner. Thank you for all your info, supplements and resources. It has truly been a life-changer for me…


I’ve had 5 miscarriages and no cause was found. With this 6th pregnancy, I decided to try taking Fertility Enzyme Therapy 3 per day. Now I’m 21 weeks pregnant which for me is a major milestone!!

This is the only thing I’ve done differently this pregnancy and I plan on continuing taking these at least until this baby is born. By the way, the baby is a boy!!”

Following a back to back miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy, I developed an orange sized ovarian cyst (serous cystadenoma) in just two weeks. The doctor recommended immediate surgery, but it seemed too soon to rush into something so drastic.

I followed the protocol at this page… mainly using the enzyme therapy, maca, and the castor oil packs (in addition to the steps to reduce estrogen exposure).

When I returned for the follow up ultrasound just two weeks later, the cysts had almost completely resolved on its own! The doctor had never seen anything reverse so quickly!

I am glad that I did not take my doctor’s recommendation to schedule surgery right away. My body knew how to heal itself and I’m relieved that I gave it the time to do just that.

After giving my body a chance to rest and heal, and doing some fertility massage, vaginal steam and fertility cleanse, we are now pregnant again!

I’ve really benefited from the products and free advice on this site.

Emily B, 31, TTC 6 months