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Hello! I have stage 4 endometriosis and had been TTC for 4 years when I came across Natural Fertility. My husband and I were about to drop another LARGE sum of money on our second IVF (I had already had one IVF and one Frozen IVF) and had decided this would be our last shot at starting a family. I was looking for a more natural approach to aid us in being successful on this last cycle (planned for 09/2013). I purchased the Fertility Cleanse, EndoWise Kit and Maca. The first month I did the Fertility Cleanse, the second month I did the EndoWise Kit and took the Maca. I got pregnant the SECOND month!! My husband and I were blessed with an amazing baby girl, Adriana, on 01/16/14. I am so grateful to Natural Fertility and have told countless people about it. My OBGYN and reproductive gynecologist were even impressed at the success of the product!

Tara, 37, TTC 5 years

After 16 years of infertility, 2 ectopic pregnancies, 5 live IVF cycles and 2 IVF thaw cycles, I did not know if there was hope for me to ever have a baby. Ok, now not to sound religious, but just to be truthful, after years of praying that God would bless me with a child, and praying he would lead me to do whatever I could do in order to help myself conceive, I truly believe He lead me to the Natural Fertility Shop and to take the Maca supplement after doing your fertility cleanse. I have done many cleanses over the years (candida, parasite etc…) and never had a successful pregnancy. Then in may of 2013 I took your fertility cleanse for one month after doing a two week whole body cleanse by Renew Life. I also was taking your Maca and Royal Jelly. The Maca made my cycle go from 27 days to 31 days the first month. Then, guess what??? I got pregnant the following month. I could not believe it!!! I was more than surprised and excited. We just had our precious miracle baby girl 11 weeks ago on 4/11/14. She is perfect and beautiful. I am so grateful to God for your company, and your products. I believe they totally helped me conceive.


Still can not believe we are pregnant! I went 10 years with trying to conceive. One round on the HormoneWise Fertility Kit and took a pregnancy test which came back positive. Had to take 2 more to believe my eyes! I have had PCOS for years and have been told by 3 highly sought after doctors I would not be able to have children without medical help. Well I wanted something natural and not surgery….so I am happy to say we are starting our family at 31 years old. We are hoping to try for #2 shortly after this one arrives. So I will definitely be taking this kit again to help ovulate naturally! My absolute dream come true and we are expecting our little blessing in 1 month! I am one happy momma! And I owe it all to these products!

Anonymous in Seattle, WA

Hi Hethir, after 5 years of trying to conceive, and being diagnosed with multiple polyps, even one fertility doctor told me I wouldn’t be able to conceive. But I didn’t give up, coupled with lots of faith and prayers, I tried your Fertility Cleanse, castor kit, EndoWise kit and Fertility Yoga cd late 2012. I even had a couple of acupuncture sessions..and finally last september 2013 for the first time, I got a positive test result, I am due this april and I cant thank you enough for your products! I hope I can help more women who are suffering from infertility..more power!

Lorra, 34 yo, TTC 5 years

I want to share with everyone that I did the cleansing treatment 5 months ago and the smoothies and I’m pregnant 3 months. I would like to say there is hope. Natural fertility is great. Thank you so much.

Aide, 35, TTC 10 years

I had 2 miscarriages during 8 years of trying to get pregnant. They both are so difficult to get pregnant and when I was pregnant I had early miscarriage. I went to see specialist the doctor said I didn’t have any problem and it was ok to have 2 miscarriages. I asked him about my progesterone level because the 1st time I miscarried my progesterone level really low. He said everything was ok. I didn’t understand why my body can’t hold the baby. My husband and I thought we may not going to have a baby because I get older and more difficult for us to have a baby. One day I thought I might have some problem with hormone because I started to have more pimples on my face. I look up on internet and found out about progesterone cream. I did the research about the product and found your website which told me how to use the cream to get pregnant. I went ahead and tried the product … Thank God in the 2nd month of trying I was pregnant. I continued to used product then get the doctor to prescribed me 100mg of progesterone to used until 4th month. Now my baby boy is 7 1/2 months old. He is so cute like an angel send from God. When I look back I don’t think the doctor was checking my progesterone level. If he did he would found out about the problem and fix it long time ago. I feel like he didn’t really care about me that make me mad. If I know about this I would have my baby long time ago didn’t have to wait until this old. Thank you so much for your website. This will not happen without your information. I think I found you because of God. To people out there who are trying to get pregnant and no success please give this a try the miracle might happen.

Brio, Age 36, TTC 9 years

Hi Natural Fertility Team,
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. I have just found out that I am pregnant. I was told about this website by a friend of mine and after being diagnosed with PCOS and trying for a baby with my husband for 5 years without any success, it was refreshing to see that I had the power with the help of God to do something about it naturally.

I had gone through the medical route and after 2 failed IUI cycles, I was told IVF was my only option. I saw this site and bought the Natural Fertility Cleansing Kit. I also started using Maca, Vitex and DIM, alongside the Whole Foods Baby and Me Multivitamin. I found out 2 weeks after I completed the cleanse that I am pregnant. I still can’t believe it, and I know its early days, but thank you so much for giving all of us hope. God bless you.


When I lost all hope I came to this website. I was in my worst state physically and mentally. It was the start for me. I have tried to get pregnant for 5 years. I had an ectopic pregnancy and other complications… I followed the smoothie challenge and used castor oil packs. I focused on my diet and used spirulina, maca…..I did the fertility message few times. I was planning to buy the fertility cleanse but I never got to it because I got pregnant before I bought it. I believe that eating healthy for few months helped me conceive and relieved a lot of my stresses. I have a baby girl. She is my little miracle. I had her naturally after a failed trial of IVF. Please never give up. I never thought I would have her but everything is possible.

TTC 5 years

After almost 8 years of trying to figure out what’s wrong with me and
trying to conceive, I’ve finally arrived!!!! Got my BFP this
Saturday!!! I went and had a blood test done and it’s confirmed!!!
We’re pregnant! It’s been a long emotional roller coaster indeed with
the PCOS, 6 doctors, and the RE!!! Thank God for the RE, who found the
lump in the uterus and gave me the truth about the severity of my
PCOS! After all the medical intervention, I became pregnant after
following the advice for PCOS from Hethir’s website! I will be forever grateful! God Bless!!!

Stephanie, TTC 8 years

I started fertility cleanse and fallopian wise in November 2010 and now I am pregnant. The HSG showed five years ago both tubes were totally blocked. I had surgery to remove the scar tissues 5 years ago, no pregnancy. I did one year of acupuncture 3 years, no pregnancy. In November I purchased the fertility cleanse and fallopianwise kit. I changed my diet like you said and today I am pregnant. After 12 years of trying I am pregnant. Thank You.

Millie, TTC 12 years