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I took your advice and relaxed while trying to get pregnant, after having a tubal reversal. I found out I’m 5.5 weeks pregnant.

I too am thankful about your website and my RE who did my tubal reversal in 2007 with out you both we would not have our 18 month old son. I found your site after I miscarried in April 07 and conceived our son in July 07.

I started taking your advice when we started TTC again and got pregnant but miscarried at 8 weeks (Feb 09) then again at 5 weeks this past July. I am thrilled we are Pregnant again which is amazing because I am 43 and my gynecologist said I couldn’t get pregnant with out IVF. Your advice has been wonderful.


I am 44 yo and had a tubal reversal on 4/19/12. I had begun to prepare my body and my husband’s body for conception several months before I even had my TR in hopes that my eggs would be healthy and my body would be healthier. After my TR I took the first month and did the fertility cleanse and just allowed my body time to heal. I have tried many, many things but the most important was regular high quality supplements to include CoQ10, a high quality prenatal vitamin, vitamin D3, vitex, maca (not as regularly as I would have liked), royal jelly or bee pollen (depending on which one I could find… most often royal jelly), evening primrose oil during first half of cycle/ flax seed oil second half of cycle, and our successful month I began the thyrofem thyroid support because I am convinced I have at least some borderline issues with hypothyroid. I used castor oil packs occasionally and self fertility massage. I have also been watching my diet carefully and eat as clean as possible, try to have a green smoothie daily with added wheat germ oil, powdered greens which include wheat grass, barley grass, and I think maybe spirulina? Another thing I did differently the month I conceived was that my DH and I began exercising daily at a local gym. I also followed advice in the book “Making Babies” written by a doctor and an acupuncturist and used a baking soda douche around the time of ovulation. I began acupuncture several months ago as well, which actually alleviated many cycle issues I was having and I believe contributed to my pregnancy also. With the acupuncture we began using a moxa stick on my low back every night (prescribed by the acupuncturist) during the TWW the month I conceived.

So, after all of the preparations and work to have a healthy fertile body, I was able to conceive on our 6th month TTC. I am now currently 23 wks. pregnant with a healthy baby girl. Don’t ever give up on your dream! I found that through our TTC journey I would change things around some months and try something new. Just keep working at it until you find the right combination for you.