Fertility Smoothie #1 Recipe

Fertility Smoothie #1 Recipe

I love to drink a smoothie for breakfast everyday because I can get all of my fertility super foods into one meal. This makes it easy, nutritious and fast. Experiment with different combos of fruits and juices. This is the first Fertility Smoothie I made, but there is many more to come.

This smoothie has a nice sweetness, but not too sweet. Both men and women can drink this smoothie and get its benefits, so make a batch for the both of you for breakfast or a snack. Enjoy!

Fertility Smoothie #1

Learn how to make this fertility smoothie and how it helps to boost fertility.


Frozen fruit (I love mangoes, cherries, strawberries and blueberries)
Liquid of choice (raw milk or fresh juice)
1 raw egg yolk
1T flax Oil
3t. Acerola Cherry vitamin C powder
1/3 C. kefir or yogurt
1t. spirulina
1T Maca

Blend and enjoy!