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Castor Oil Therapy for Reproductive Health

Castor Oil Therapy for Reproductive Health

Castor oil therapy has been used for centuries to promote healing in the body and, more specifically, the reproductive system. Castor oil packs are an excellent therapy when used with Self Fertility Massage and while Fertility Cleansing.

What is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is derived from the seeds of the Castor plant (Ricinus communis), also known as Palma Christi. Castor oil has been used for thousands of years, dating back as far as 4,000 years.

What is a Castor Oil Pack?

A Castor Oil Pack is a cloth soaked in castor oil which is placed on the skin to enhance circulation and promote healing of the tissues and organs underneath the skin.

What Can a Castor Oil Pack be Used for?

How To Use A Castor Oil Pack

Castor oil has been traditionally used to aid in cases with inflammation, pain, growths or when increased circulation was desired.

Edgar Cayce, the “father of holistic medicine”, suggested external application of castor oil packs to stimulate the organs of the abdomen (liver, gall ladder and colon) and as treatment for adhesions in the abdomen. ‘Practitioners of integrative medicine have adopted the use of castor oil packs for a wide variety of conditions, particularly female reproductive problems, for example, The Wellness Resource Guide for Medical Students suggests using hot abdominal castor oil packs for menstrual cramps. Dr. Christiane Northrup recommends abdominal castor oil packs (60 minutes per session, two to four times a week) for both the treatment and prevention of cramps and pelvic pain for women experiencing the common pelvic symptoms… The American Cancer Society website states that, “Naturopathic practitioners… and some others claim that castor oil boosts the immune system…”‘ shares Dr. Eric A. Mein, et al. in the journal Evid. Based Integrative Med

When it comes to fertility, Castor Oil packs could be a great, supportive and relaxing therapy for:

  • Supporting ovarian health
  • Supporting fallopian tube health
  • Supporting uterine health
  • Detoxifying before conception
  • Supporting Egg Health

How Do Castor Oil Packs Promote Healing?

Castor oil packs stimulate 3 important parts of the body: lymphatic and circulatory systems and the liver. The stimulation of these body systems aids the body in healing the organs and tissues beneath where the castor oil pack is applied.

    Lymphatic System
    The lymphatic system is made up of lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, and lymph, a clear to yellowish fluid. Lymphocytes are the cells of the lymphatic system. Lymphocytes help to provide immunological defense against disease. This system runs throughout our entire body. Lymph nodes are concentrated in certain areas of the body. Many lymph nodes surround the reproductive organs.

    The lymphatic system removes toxins and waste from the area stimulated by the castor oil pack. The lymphatic system provides each cell in the body a means to get rid of waste. The lymphatic system relies on external movement and manipulation, as well as regular movement of the entire body to function. The lymphatic system does not have a “pump” to move the lymph through it like the circulatory system has the heart. Castor oil packs are one way to stimulate movement of lymph. Regular exercise is also a vital way to maintain lymphatic system health.

    Stimulation of the lymphatic system occurs by applying the Castor oil pack over the reproductive system. This helps to cleanse the reproductive organs and promote healing of damaged tissues where the pack is applied.

    Circulatory System
    The circulatory system is more familiar to most people, the most familiar parts being the heart, blood, veins and arteries. It runs throughout the entire body.

    The promotion of circulation by the castor oil pack will bring in fresh oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to the reproductive organs, including the uterus. Without proper circulation to the reproductive organs, they may not function at their best; this may invite disease, hinder proper healing of damaged areas, and promote formation of scar tissue and adhesions.

    The Liver
    The liver is our chemical processing plant. The liver removes hormones, drugs, and other biologically active molecules from the blood. It then converts these by changing their structure or inactivating them, through different processes, and then excretes these to be passed through the kidneys. If there are too many excess toxins and hormones overwhelming the liver, they may be stored up, not only in the liver, but other parts of our body, especially fat.

    The liver also makes 1/3 to 1/2 of all lymph. Liver health is vital to proper functioning of the lymphatic system. A liver that is overwhelmed due to poor diet, poor lifestyle choices, being sedentary, or exposure to xenohormones, cannot adequately function or produce lymph as well. This may contribute to hormonal imbalance and disease.

How to Use a Castor Oil Pack

Soak the flannel cloth that is contained in the kit with castor oil and place it on the skin. Cover the flannel with a sheet of plastic then a hot water bottle or heating pack is placed over the plastic to heat the pack. Cover everything with a towel and relax.

The best place to place a castor oil pack for fertility issues is over the lower abdomen.

Precautions: Castor oil should not be taken internally. It should not be applied to broken skin. It should not be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or during menstruation. If you are actively trying to conceive, discontinue use after ovulation has occurred.

How to prepare your Castor Oil Pack


  • One flannel cloth contained in the kit
  • One bottle of Castor oil contained in the kit
  • Plastic wrap cut one to two inches larger than the flannel (can be cut from a plastic bag)
  • Hot water bottle
  • Container with lid
  • Old clothes and sheets. Castor oil will stain clothing and bedding.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Place the flannel in the container. Soak it in castor oil so that it is saturated, but not dripping.

2. Place the pack over the affected body part.

3. Cover with plastic.

4. Place the hot water bottle over the pack. Leave it on for 30-45 minutes. Rest while the pack is in place.

5. After removing the pack, cleanse the area with a dilute solution of water and baking soda.

6. Store the pack in the covered container in the refrigerator. Each pack may be reused up to 25-30 times.

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Castor oil packs stimulate important detoxification systems in the body, including the lymphatic system and the liver. Castor oil packs also stimulate healthy circulation. All of this is important for clearing out toxins, dead or foreign tissues, and old blood. The stimulation of these systems may also help prevent disease in the reproductive organs. Castor oil packs are a great way to support a healthy reproductive system.


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  1. Avatar

    I understand the self-fertility massage is supposed to be done only after menstruation and until ovulation. Does the same time-frame apply for the castor oil packs? Are can they be used after ovulation?

  2. Avatar

    I have been diagnosed with endometriosis and saplingitis (scar tissue and inflammation in my Fallopian tube). I took antibiotics for 10 days and have been put on 2 months of Lupron before our IVF cycle in December. I was wondering if it was safe to do castor oils packs on the lower abdomen to increase my chances in healing inflammation and endometriosis before ivf? Is applying heat safe as well?

  3. Avatar

    Hi I have been recently diagnosed with Adenomyosis after a year of battling the symptoms. I bleed everyday all month long. I feel lucky to have a day here and there if there is only minor spotting. My doctor prescribed birth control. After only a few days I stopped taking it due to nausea. I have been trying to conceive for over two years now. My fertility doctor did an internal ultrasound which showed a good amount of eggs. So the only thing holding me back is not ovulating. Vitex did not work for me. I found the article on Adenomyosis. It suggested self fertility massage and castor oil. -Is it ok to use these methods if I’m always bleeding?-

    • Dear Nicole,

      I’m sorry you’re faced with this challenge!

      Self Fertility Massage and Castor Oil Therapy are not suggested while bleeding. Each are amazing, but may be best started later (unless you are working with skilled massage therapist who disagrees). The area of focus should first be on helping the body stop the constant bleeding.

      Consider learning about omega-3s, Systemic Enzyme Therapy, the product called Slow Flow along with dietary changes to consume more fiber, dark green leafy vegetables and vitamin C (or supplement vitamin C). A product called Women’s Best Friend may be worth learning about as well.yossi

      Do also refer to all parts of the Adenomyosis guide we offer.

      My best!

    • Avatar

      Elizabeth Willett, Thank you kindly for your response and knowledge. I am going to try these methods and return here to share my experience. I hope I can heal and then in return help someone else that maybe struggling with a similar challenge. * Love Light Healing *

    • You’re most welcome Nicole!
      Love, Light and Healing to you!

  4. Avatar

    Hi, I have been using heat pad a lot in the past two and a half years due to pelvic pain. I read somewhere that heat pad damaged the eggs. I have also been trying to get pregnant for six months now and wondered whether my use of heat pad in the past has damaged my eggs and my chance of getting pregnant is very low going forward? Many thanks.

  5. Avatar

    Do we have to clean the lower abdomen after the massage? I never clean it, and I didn’t know that we have to storage the pack in the refrigerator, I have never done that , either. Never explain those instruction on the fertility massage video. What do I have to do then?
    Why is not recomended to do heated castor oil when uterine growths? Is it the same than fibroids causing enlarged uterus?

    • Dear Susy,

      It is not required to clean the abdomen after massage, yet you can. Storing a used Castor Oil Pack in an airtight container is best, if placed in the refrigerator it may be able to be used more times. This too is not a requirement. You can use the oil soaked cloth multiple times, this is fine. If you see it begin to change color or if any odor other than the fresh oil begins to appear, simply launder the cloth in a natural soap.

      Heat can aggravate uterine growths. Low heat is best with uterine fibroids. Listen to your body cues to learn what is best for you!

  6. Avatar

    I am on day 5 of an IVF cycle. I have not started medications yet. Is it advisable/helpful to do castor oil packs before I start the meds?

  7. Avatar

    My Marriage complete 5 yrs. but still I am not conceive. My periods is irregular (PCOD).
    My 2 IUI & 2 IVF is failed. Now I am doing folical study, but in 12th day my egg is not grow (size is 14mm).
    This caster oil pack useful for me?
    Please suggest any natural therapy.

  8. Avatar

    How do I improve ovarian reserve and egg quality with the castor oil packs?

  9. Avatar

    can you do castor oil packs during ivf

  10. Avatar

    Its been 3 days into the 2nd phase of the uterus cleansing. During this phase we made love and had a little bit of bleeding during sex. Is this normal of the Uterus. And now on day 6 having light blood when wipe.

    • Dear Vina,

      Spotting is possible both from intercourse of you were near ovulation, it was prolonged or cervical mucus was low. The activating herbs in the Fertility Cleanse could also be in part cause. The products can be continued while spotting, yet could be discontinued if you actively tried to conceive and here is a chance you will conceive.

  11. Avatar

    Currently have an ectopic pregnancy in my right tube. Currently doing the wait and see method, will castor oil pack help move things along with self massage as well. Trying to shift it so I won’t need the methotrexate jab.

    • Dear Lisa,

      I’m so sorry! No, now is the time to wait and see how the body does in its own. As hard as that can be, give your body at least 2 weeks before beginning any natural therapies or herbs. Nourish yourself with healing whole foods, try leisurely walks and warm baths if they feel nice, and listen to your body.

      My best!

  12. Avatar

    hi Dr
    please I had ovarian cyst as a result of endometritis then I had surgery was placed on Implanon then I got married this may 2018 tried getting pregnant it wasn’t possible then my hubby travelled back. now I did scan and the cyst are back and I want to get pregnant by December. pls help me. how do I get rid of the cyst

    • Dear Donna,

      I am sorry to hear this! While surgery can be helpful with symptoms, sadly it does not correct the issue at its source, hormonal imbalance. Cysts as a result of Endometriosis are commonly called a chocolate cysts. This type of cyst forms when displaced endometrial cells attach to the ovary and form a growth (endometriosis). Consider learning more from our guide 5 Steps to Reversing Endometriosis Infertility. It takes time for the body the heal and to rebalance, so to be honest I can’t know if natural conception in December is realistic, but it may be. So, do chart your cycle to track for ovulation in the event you ovulate.

      My best!

  13. Avatar

    I have adhesions to my left fallopian tube and a 6 cm cyst on my left ovary as well. My right tube was removed due to an ectopic pregnancy. Will the castor oil therapy be useful in my case?

  14. Avatar

    Is it make any problem on using castor pack at ovulation day?.
    I have used castor pack on ovulation day unknowingly.

  15. Avatar

    I am approaching my cycle now within 2-3 days, is it too late to start? I am 42 yrs old, I have only 1 ovary (left side) with a blocked tube. Have you had someone like me with any success? IVF is the only way.

  16. Avatar

    I have distal hydrosalpinx and my both tubes are block. I want to use this remedy. Kindly guide me when I use this castor oil therapy in my cycle and is it possible that i do use it whole month with one day gap. I read that don’t use it after ovulation if u want to conceive but in my above senerio can I will able to conceive and everything in normal. There is any chances of Ectopic Pregnancy??

    • Dear Safia,

      If you are not actively trying to conceive, Castor Oil Therapy can be used from the day after menstruation ends for the rest of the cycle. This is fine. When you begin actively trying to conceive, do pause them at ovulation.
      Hydrosalpinx can block a fallopian tube completely and is likely to prevent an egg and sperm from meeting for fertilization, and sadly this issue can result in ectopic pregnancy. Consider thoroughly reading our guide
      Natural Therapies for Blocked Fallopian Tubes to learn more and about other natural therapies.

  17. Avatar

    I’m scheduled for a tubal surgery and am wondering if I should continue using the castor oil packs after the surgery or if you recommend stopping the packs during recovery?

    • Dear Lauren,

      Castor Oil packs can be continued after the procedure when you feel well, as long as there is no bleeding. In general we suggest waiting at least two weeks before starting them. If you feel sore at that time, you may want to wait longer.

      We know Castor Oil packs are great combined with Fertility Massage and Systemic Enzyme therapy. Consider learning more about both of these as well.

      My best!

  18. Avatar

    Love castor oil packs! We just started our IVF cycle. Doing a long down regulation protocol with suprefact and wondering if I can safely still use castor oil packs nightly while doing injections of the suprefact in my abdomen.

  19. Avatar

    We have recently done our first (and hopefully only) IVF cycle. Egg retrieval was done on July 6. Today, July 9, we found out we have two 3-day embryos and two frozen ones. We will find out again in a couple of days if they will make it to 5-6 day embryos.
    My doctor wants me to rest and let my uterus recuperate before we will do a FET next month.
    For the meantime, what can I do to improve/take care of my uterine health?
    -Since I’ve just stopped hormone injections, is it safe to do a castor oil pack? When can I start?
    -My traditional Chinese doctor wants me to put a heated pad on my stomach for one week. Then I can do moxibustion on June 14 until my period starts. Will it be too much?

  20. Avatar

    Hello, I have been using castor oil packs since two cycles and what I noticed is that I got spotting and bleeding when the ovulation should occur in the first cycle and in the second cycle spotting when the ovulation shuld occur. Is this normal reaction to castor oil pack? I have never had spotting or bleeding between periods. Please advise.
    Kind Regards,

    • Dear Maria,

      Castor Oil can be very activating and in part is used to increase circulation the the ovaries/uterus. That said, it is not known to cause spotting. Rather, ovulation itself can cause spotting. It is the follicle itself/tissue rupturing and the shift in estrogen and progesterone causing a small bit of endometrium to shed that can lead to spotting. Ovulation spotting isn’t cause for concern as long as it is short-lived.

  21. Avatar

    I understand that the castor oil pack should be used after menstruation and before ovulation. does that mean it is safe to use between ovulation and start of menstruation?

    • Dear Kay,

      If actively trying to conceive, Castor Oil packs are to be paused at ovulation. If not actively trying to conceive, they can be used after ovulation until menstruation begins.

  22. Avatar

    Hai Mam,
    for me ivf is the only way for pregnancy. We have frozen embryos. After Doppler scanning on 12th day of mensus,my endometrial lining was only 5Mm with reduced vascularity. Please let me know whether castor oil therapy can bring good results. If so, which days after mensuration should I apply the pack?

    Thanks in advance

  23. Avatar

    I’m taking a break from conceiving for a couple of months and trying natural remedies to get my body ready. How often can I do a pack? I know not to do it while I’m on my period but once my period is complete can I do it every other day for the next two months?

    • Dear Carly,

      Castor Oil Packs are best use 3-4 times a week from after menstruation ends through the rest of the cycle. Many do alternate day, or use a pack every other day yes.

  24. Avatar

    Hi !
    I thank you a lot of this source of informations. It is really helpful.
    I would like to know if castor oil pack is a danger for the blader and the kidneys?!
    Thank you!
    Ms Edwige

    • Dear Edwige,

      I do not know that Castor Oil poses any danger to any organ, kidney’s and bladder included. That said, if you have a kidney or bladder health issue or concern, do check with your healthcare provider prior to using any natural therapy that could have an impact on either organ.

  25. Avatar

    please, can I use castor pack, when I have IUD Mirena? Is there any danger?
    Thank you

  26. Avatar

    when and how often should this be used?

  27. Avatar

    i am very irregular and have been for the longest. For years. Therefore my GYN put me of birth control medicine. i’m 31 years old and i have been off the birth control for about 10 months now and STILL my body is irregular. once or twice has it come by itself but it would be late. At this time I have been trying to do an IUI and i’m always negative on the ovulation when i test and i did an ultrasound and it showed this last month that i did and it showed only one follicle. We tried the IUI after doing the trigger shot and it failed. Now I havent been told i have any other problem besides this ovulation. Trying to find whatever ideas i can on how to make my ovulation stronger.

    • Dear Kristyna,

      Thanks for reaching out to us!

      Menstruation and ovulation monthly depend on a coordinated orchestra of hormones doing their jobs properly. Lots of thing can be reason for why either fail to happen. It seems one of the most helpful places to start would be to learn about Fertility Cleansing (click that link to learn more). Then, consider learning about how to Boost Overall Fertility Naturally in 3 Easy Steps. Daily moderate-intensity exercise and stress management are important as well.

      I hope this is a helpful place to start!

  28. Avatar

    I dont get my periods of my own, i Have to take contraceptive pill every month to get my period. According to doctor, my AMH is very low, n i have hormonal imbalance. Now m married n wanted to start my family…will castor oil pack help in this ?

    • Dear Madhavi,

      Castor Oil packs are worth learning more about given what I know, but they will not be all that you need to consider. I am sorry you are having to deal with so much!

      Have you not ever had a period on your own? How long have you been using birth control? May I know how old you are?

      Taking birth control stops ovulation and coaxes the body into having a period, which is not the same as a period it would have on it’s own. I think our very best way of offering support, because it would be helpful to learn more about you and your fertility health, is through a Fertility Consultation.

      As you learn more about Fertility Consultations and consider participating, please also refer to our guide Low AMH Levels: What Do They Really Mean For Fertility?.

  29. Avatar

    Can castor oil unblocked the fallopian tube doused by ectopic pregnancy?

  30. Avatar

    Hi, Elizabeth.
    I have been having pain in the lower abdomen and pelvic badly for sometime. There were times i was told its due to adhesion. finally went for a second opinion and I was informed that there is a 2cm fibroid, hydrosalpinx on the right tube and urinary inflammation. I was given antibiotic for now by the Dr, then once rectified she will refer me to a fertility Dr. Can i do this treatment? All my fertility treatment failed previously with two miscarriages. Tq

    • Dear Uma,

      I am so sorry to hear of all you have to deal with, but glad you finally know the cause. I hope you can move forward with ease. Castor Oil Therapy may be supportive as you keep moving forward.

      Take care!

  31. Avatar

    I started my menstrual cycle Feb 19-23. I started the castor oil pack on 2/24 and continued through 2/28. I then started my period, again, March 2-5. I started the packs on the yesterday (3/6) and now I am spotting again. Is this normal?

    • Dear Maribel,

      Was the bleeding March 2-5 like a normal period , or more like spotting. Was ovulation around this time for you? Did the spotting that started 3/6 last? Was it bright red?

      Castor Oil packs are working in many ways, including supporting an increase in circulation (blood flow) to the reproductive organs and the liver in detoxification. When doing both, spotting can occur and spotting may be more likely with certain fertility health issues. This is often a sign that the body is responding to a natural therapy.

    • Avatar

      The March 2-5 was a normal period, very heavy on the first day, bright red with some small clots. The 3/6 spotting was more like brownish/reddish spotting and spotted for 3/6-3/7.

    • Dear Maribel,

      This seems like the body responding given what I know, particularly if you are using any other natural therapies.

  32. Avatar

    Hi, I am in the initial stage of fertility treatment, my progesterone and estradiol levels are a little high but AMH is low. I was wondering if Castor oil might be worth a try when one has low ovarian reserve and maybe ovarian cysts. If so when is the best time to do it. Can i start the treatment right before menstruation or does it have to be strictly after period and before day 14 of the cycle?

    • Hello Mel!

      If you are using any medication in the initial stage of fertility treatment, then we can not suggest Castor Oil Therapy. If you have not yet begun medication, it could be used. When not actively trying to conceive, castor oil pack application could be started before menstruation, paused when menstruation and begun again after it ends.

      Castor Oil Packs can be used from just after menstruation ends through the rest of the cycle if not actively trying to conceive. Yet if you choose to try to conceive at ovulation, then the need to be stopped. They also need to be discontinued prior to beginning any fertility medication required for your treatment.

  33. Avatar

    I just wondered if u could help me. I’m going through egg donation and I’m in my 4 th round with one missed miscarriage last time. They did find it quite hard to implant last time due to scarring and my lining was patchy. I have just had a break through bleed from finishing the pill and have started the Narfalin spray on Wed. The egg harvest is on 14th March with the implantation on around 19th. Is there anyway I can use the caster oil packs or have I missed the window?
    Thank u for any comments xx

    • Dear Happycat,

      If you aren’t on any ovary-stimulating medications, castor oil packs and fertility massage can be used to support healthy circulation to the uterus up until afew days prior to the procedure, unless your healthcare provider suggests otherwise. Consider also learning about a product called UteriCalm.

      My best to you!

  34. Avatar

    Can this be used on men too, to help fertility. Wondering if my partner could use it as I will be. Thank you

    • Dear Debora,

      Castor Oil Therapy has the potential to promote healthy circulation, cleansing and healthy liver function in men. I might suggest simply applying the pack higher and perhaps more to the right side over where the liver is, than on the lower abdomen as we suggest for women.

  35. Avatar

    Hi! I was in the process of light IVF but stopped because I had an ovarian cyst and my egg was not growing. I am day 11 of my cycle. Last night I did a castor oil pack with abdominal massage, right after I started light bleeding. Nothing in the pad only when I go to the bathroom. This morning it continued. Is this normal? Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Dear Tina,

      The circulation enhancing, detoxifying affects of both natural therapies perhaps are working. Was the IVF this cycle, or is this a new cycle in which you could be ovulating? Ovarian cysts can also rupture which can cause spotting. Ovulation can cause spotting for women as well. If you are concerned or things change negatively, do pause the natural therapies and reach out to your healthcare provider.

    • Avatar

      IVF was this cycle but the doctor said the ovarian cyst was growing and not the egg. Therefore we stopped everything. I didn’t want to have a cyst for my next cycle so I decided to do the castor oil pack and massage. My bleeding today is like a normal period and not spotting. I have been doing both natural therapies on and off for about a year but the past few times I noticed my period started earlier. Perhaps I am doing the therapies wrong. Or is this a good thing?

    • Hi Tina!

      Thank you for sharing this additional information. I am not sure of anything being done wrong, and I still wonder if this could be ovulation. It may be best to pause the use of both natural therapies now to see how the body reacts and if this spotting stops.

  36. Avatar

    what length of time should you apply the castor packs, until you start ovulating again. How would l know I’m ovulating. I haven’t been able to conceive in 21 years.

  37. Avatar

    After 5 years of trying to conceive, the castor oil pack is what finally worked. I will be using it again (starting tonight) to try for baby #2. If you aren’t sure and have tried so many things, please try a castor oil pack. I cannot recommend this enough. It may take a couple of months, but it is well worth it! 🙂

    • Avatar

      hey ! congrats and goodluck with baby#2. So you start on Day 5 or Day 6 once bleeding stops and continue till when ? 1 hour daily at night ?

    • Hello Jiya!

      I am not sure if Melissa will see your comment, so I wanted to reply. Castor Oil Packs can be applied from the day after menstruation ends until ovulation when actively trying to conceive. They are left on for up to 45 minutes or so each time you use one. They can be done in the evening, that is fine.

  38. Avatar

    After years of trying to find the reason we are not conceiving, my latest gyno through lap and hysteroscopy found out I have scar tissue and he couldn’t cut it as it had hardened. We do not know if I was born with the tissue or I had some infection through the years and the uterine protected itself by the scar tissue. During Lap he also discovered 1 of my fellopians is zig-zig and I have a poly at the entrance of the fellopian. Can somehow castor oil pack relieve or atleast soften the scar tissue for starters? We can’t afford any more therapies and surgeries. many thanks for your input

    • Hello!

      I am sorry to hear you are faced with all of this.

      Given what I know, Castor Oil Therapy and Fertility Massage seem worth learning more about to decide if they are right for you. It may also be worth seeing if you have access to Clear Passages Physical Therapy, or learning more about this therapy.

      I hope you find helpful natural therapies!

  39. Avatar

    I’ve had 3 failed IUIs and certainly cannot afford to go through IVF. At this point I am willing to try anything. Can you tell me when (in my cycle) I am to start the castor oil packs?

    • Dear Maria,

      Castor Oil Packs can be started the day after menstruation ends and used the remainder of the menstrual cycle when not trying to conceive. When you begin actively trying to conceive, they should be stopped at ovulation.

  40. Avatar

    I just read castor oil pack should not be used on growths. Does it mean if you have a growth that that doctors are not sure what it is, I can’t use castor oil packs?

    Also if castor oil can be used without heat, can I apply on my abdomen throughout the day?

    • Dear Dorcas,

      If you have a growth that doctor’s can’t identify the cause of or where it came from, further investigation by a specialist would be best before beginning natural therapies all on your own. Have you sought a second opinion or reached out to a specialist? Do you know of an herbalist or naturopath near you whom you can see to work on a natural program of support, someone who can monitor you while on that program? This really would be best!

    • Avatar

      Dear Elizabeth,
      I have seen a gynae and have done a CT scan. There was a cyst on the right and a solid growth on the left ovaries. The doctor wants to perform a surgery but I am a little reluctant. I have prolong periods and spotting at various times of the month. but I wanted to try the castor oil therapy.

      There a couple of herbalist in Ghana but i am yet to try any yet

    • Hello Dorcas!

      Thank you for sharing that information! We have a wonderful guide I’d like you to review titled How to Help Ovarian Cysts Naturally and Safely with Herbs and Supplements… as you learn about the best natural ways to support yourself while you decide if surgery is the right thing for you. Castor Oil Therapy is discussed in that guide to help you learn more.

  41. Avatar

    I would like to know if this procedures with castor oil may be applied for women and man both?

    • Dear Katja,

      Castor Oil Packs could theoretically support circulation to the liver for healthy liver detoxification and to the intestines for healthy elimination for men. It could be placed over the upper abdomen and belly button as instructed.

  42. Avatar

    Hi, I am keen to use castor oil pack to prepare my body for an upcoming IVF treatment but I see from the video presentation that heated castor oil packs should not be used for uterine growths. Does that mean castor oil packs should not be used if I have uterine fibroids? Or is the emphasis just on not heating them? Many thanks for the clarification.

  43. Avatar

    I suffer from infertility caused by endometriosis. I’ve tried IUI, IVF and homeopathy. Nothing has worked. I would like to know if or oil packs will help me as I have never tried it. If it is worth trying how often should I do it? And at what time of the month?

    Thank you

  44. Avatar

    How is Castor Oil pack used in men? Which parts of the body should the pack be placed?
    Secondly, What is the make up of the Men’s Fertility Cleanse Kit.

  45. Avatar

    Hi, I have had my right ovary and fellopian tube removed because an ovarian cyst cut off all blood flow to it causing it to die, so I had to have it removed through an emergency surgery. Then I found out that my left tube has a distal blockage. I wanted to know if the caster oil pack can help me and how soon can it work?