Vitamin C Increases Fertility and Chances of Getting Pregnant by 25%

Vitamin C Increases Fertility and Chances of Getting Pregnant by 25%


According to a study published in Fertility and Sterility “A moderate amount of supplemental vitamin C improves hormone levels and increases fertility.

150 women with luteal phase defect were enrolled in the current study. The participants were given 750mg of vitamin C per day or no treatment at all.

The group receiving vitamin C had an increase in progesterone levels. While the women receiving no treatment had no change in progesterone.

Also the pregnancy rate was significantly higher in the vitamin C group: 25% within six months, while only 11% of the untreated women became pregnant in the same time period.


This study has proven once again the effects of a nutritionally abundant diet. To see this type of success rates that are comparable to IVF, from a key nutrition is awesome.

Which vitamin C should I take?
I am always in favor of food based supplementation. Supplements that are made from foods instead of synthetically manufactured have a higher absorption rate and are digested better. My favorite vitamin C is made from Acerola Cherries. I purchase it in a powdered form and mix it in my smoothies or with water. You can also find it in capsules or chewable tablets.

Which foods contain vitamin C?
Cherries, oranges, red and green peppers, lemons, spinach, and strawberries are some of the foods most potent in vitamin C.

Can I get too much vitamin C?
YES! You can consume too much vitamin C if you are using a supplemental vitamin C. When preparing to conceive, be careful not to take more than 750-1000mg of vitamin C a day. With higher dosages of vitamin C, the body may get acidic. An acidic environment in the body is unfriendly to sperm and implantation of the fertilized egg. So in this case more is not better.

Final Notes: I want to emphasize the importance of eating a natural and balanced diet that is dense in nutrients and color.