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Coconut Oil – The Healthy Body Care Alternative for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Coconut Oil – The Healthy Body Care Alternative for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Coconut oil for body care in pregnancy and breastfeedingIf you’re a fan of natural living, healthy eating, and taking care of your body, you probably have a huge tub of coconut oil sitting in one of your kitchen cupboards. You might smear it on crackers, cook vegetables in it, and use it in desserts, but did you know it has many uses in the bathroom too?

Please note: You should probably invest in a new tub of coconut oil for this, as dinner guests may find it disturbing if you fetch cooking ingredients from the bathroom that you typically use on your body.

Body Care Bliss – Coconut Oil During Pregnancy

Coconut oil is often hailed as a super product, and it’s no wonder. If you are trying to reduce your reliance on chemicals and potentially harmful products during pregnancy, coconut oil could become your new best friend. Bloggers from around the Globe –, and even the Huffington Post – have raved about the myriad of great ways to use coconut oil during pregnancy, including as:

  • Moisturizer – as well as eating vast quantities of this wonder food during pregnancy, you should also be lathering yourself up in it. Whether you’re trying to reduce stretch marks, fight dry skin, or simply get the most out of your pregnancy glow, coconut oil is the perfect moisturizer. If you want to avoid the use of chemicals during pregnancy, coconut oil can replace your usual moisturizer and lotions; just be sure you choose an organic extra virgin coconut oil.
  • Massage oil – if you are suffering with the aches and pains of pregnancy – the sore hips, the lower back pain and the aching feet – you might be demanding nightly massages from your other half. Save yourself a fortune in specially produced and overpriced massage oil, and reach for your tub of coconut oil instead.
  • Cuticle cream – some women find that the condition of their fingernails changes during pregnancy. Some find theirs are stronger and more beautiful than ever, but others spend nine months battling unusually weak, brittle nails. Along with taking your daily whole food prenatal multivitamin, keeping your fingernails and cuticles moisturized can help to strengthen your nails, so massage coconut oil into your fingernails daily.
  • Lip balm – if you are suffering from chapped lips during pregnancy, you should ensure you are drinking enough water. During pregnancy, you should drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day. If your lips are feeling dry and sore, apply coconut oil as a natural lip balm. Not only will it smell amazing, but it will keep your lips hydrated without the use of chemicals. Don’t forget it during your labor, when chapped lips is the last thing you want to worry about!

Slather on Coconut Oil During Breastfeeding

If you started using coconut oil during pregnancy, you will probably be in love. Fear not though, just because your pregnancy has come to an end, doesn’t mean your love affair with coconut oil must. In fact, you can use coconut oil as you raise your baby, here are a few ways it can help during breastfeeding:

  • Nipple cream – during those first few toe-curling weeks of breastfeeding, as you wait for your nipples to ‘toughen up’, nipple cream will become your best friend. There’s no need to fork out on expensive branded products though, simply reach for your coconut oil again. This natural moisturizer will help to prevent dry nipples, and will allow your nipples to heal while keeping them safe from infection. Coconut oil has the added benefit of being safe for baby, so there’s no need to wash it off before the next feed.
  • Antifungal creamone common breastfeeding problem is thrush. This condition can affect both you and the baby, as the infection passes between the two of you. Thrush can leave your nipples sore, itchy and cracked. Coconut oil is antifungal, and can actually be used to treat thrush. Studies evaluated for a 2018 review article published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences have proven cocount oil to be antiviral and bactericidal as well.
  • Eye cream – if you’re breastfeeding a newborn baby, you’re likely to be having some late nights. The first few months of parenthood are pretty exhausting and, on the rare occasions you get chance to look in a mirror, you’ll probably be shocked by the size of the bags under your eyes. Coconut oil is a great natural way to reduce eye bags by keeping the skin moisturized.

Learn the benefits of eating coconut oil for fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding!

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    Never have I put more time, care and attention into the products I was slathering onto my body daily than when I was pregnant. The idea that my body was no longer my own — that it was growing this tiny seed of life that relied on me to grow — was enough to make me ditch my toxic beauty drawer in search of more natural alternatives.