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Dong Quai: Uterine Tonic and Fertility Herb…

Dong Quai: Uterine Tonic and Fertility Herb…

Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) is one of the most powerful female fertility tonic herbs. Used since at least the first century, Dong Quai tonifies and strengthens the uterus by regulating hormonal control, improving uterine tone, and improving the timing of the menstrual cycle. In Asia, Dong Quai is to women’s health as ginseng is to men’s health.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Dong Quai is referred to as a blood tonic as it has a general effect on circulation. This could be helpful for women experiencing pale menstrual flow, absent periods, and weakness after periods (in TCM, this is called blood deficient). It has also been shown to improve red blood cell counts. Dong Quai is traditionally used for situations of stagnation (PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and uterine fibroids) as it increases the blood flow to the reproductive system, reducing congestion and pain.

Australian Medical Herbalist Richard Whelan shares of “A study in the prominent Japanese medical journal Yakuga Zassh showed that Dong Quai was 1.7 times stronger than aspirin at relieving pain. Many clinical studies have been performed in Taiwan, China and Japan using Dong Quai for conditions involving chronic pain with high rates of success.” Chronic pain that includes dysmenorrhea.

Dong Quai may be helpful for:

  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Delayed or absent menstruation
  • Short periods with cramping
  • Strengthening a “weakened uterus”
  • Cramping and PMS during your period
  • Women who have stopped taking birth control pills and need to encourage a regular cycle
  • Light or slow starting menstruation
  • Stagnant conditions

How Dong Quai Works

Dong Quai is an herb used in TCM to help increase circulation to the reproductive system and nourish the blood.

Dong Quai works by promoting blood flow to the pelvis where it will stimulate an absent or scanty period. It also nourishes the blood (it is in nearly all Chinese herbal blood-building formulas) and helps iron deficiency and anemia. Dong Quai is really effective in helping women who are not menstruating to invite their menstruation back. The increased circulation also helps to strengthen and balance the uterus. In rat studies, it has been shown to help build the uterus lining.

Dong Quai also has a relaxing effect on both the uterus and the nervous system. This can be helpful in situations such as PMS and cramping during your period. Its relaxing effects are just as powerful as other well-known herbs used for relaxation such as – lavender, chamomile, or valerian root.

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How to Use Dong Quai

We find that Dong Quai is best taken as a liquid extract (tincture). The daily suggested use of Dong Quai is 30 drops, 2 times a day in a little water.

Safety & Side Effects

While Dong Quai is considered safe for most people, there are some instances this herb should not be used.

  • Not to be used during pregnancy due to its stimulating effect on the uterus.
  • Do not use during menstruation as it may increase the menstrual flow. Those with scanty flow may find it beneficial all month long.
  • Dong Quai should not be used by those with diarrhea, hemorrhagic diseases, or excessive menstrual flow.
  • If you are using any anti-coagulant or blood thinning medication such as warfarin or aspirin, consult your health care professional prior to using this product.
  • Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to undergoing surgical procedures.

Safety Ratings
The Botanical Safety Handbook classifies Dong Quai as a class 2b: Not to be used during pregnancy unless otherwise directed by an expert qualified in the use of the described substance.

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Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN
Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN

Dr. Traxler is a University-trained obstetrician/gynecologist, working with patients in Minnesota for over 20 years. She is a professional medical writer; having authored multiple books on pregnancy and childbirth; textbooks and coursework for medical students and other healthcare providers; and has written over 1000 articles on medical, health, and wellness topics.  Dr. Traxler attended the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences and University of Minnesota Medical School,  earning a degree in biochemistry with summa cum laude honors in 1981,  and receiving her Medical Doctorate degree (MD) in 1986.

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  1. Avatar

    I’ve been taking 1 Dong Quai and 1Vitex a day (Nature’s Way capsules) for over 6 months now for hormonal related acne. I heard about it from a friend, so have been self-treating. It really has seemed to help, but this month my cycle has gotten down to 24 days (it’s never been this short before) and I’ve had period cramps for 3 days now instead of the usual 1-2 days. I’ve also noticed a little acne on my chin returning. I’m just checking to see if this is normal or if perhaps I should change something with my dosage or switch to a more or less potent form.

  2. Avatar

    Just one thought when you mention that Dong quai helps regulate menstrual cycle that means it is works more like progesterone as estrogen builds your menstrual and progesterone sheds it in the second half if that so then how can Dong quai behave like estrogen to thicken your uterus lining Please Elizabeth can you explain this

    • Dear Manisha,

      Dong Quai is a phytoestrogenic herb meaning it does contain phytoestrogens like so many plants do. I share more detail in my guide
      7 Little-Known Fertility Benefits of Dong Quai, part of which is Dr. Aviva Romm in her book Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health shares that clinical studies are inconclusive and have not yet proven that Dong Quai has estrogenic effects in humans although it does, like many plants, contain phytoestrogens. As the “gynecological regulator” of herbs, Dong Quai may have the ability to lower high estrogen levels and raise low estrogen levels – meeting the needs of the body versus causing an estrogen imbalance. It has not ever been my experience that Dong Quai thickens a uterine lining beyond or more than is needed, although if the uterine lining is already too thick, Dong Quai may not be a go-to herb.

  3. Avatar

    I had a miscarriage in 2010 after conceiving using meds i.e. metaphage and folic acid. Before I had irregular periods from 3mnths to 1yr but then I discovered a group of PCOS women who swore by fish oil. I started using fish oil and got my periods twice that month & now my period is regular. Since am using metaphage (1500mg), folic acid 400mg, omega3 fatty acids (fish oil) & recently started using Raspberry ketone Plus+ (to maintain my weight since I have PCOS), need your advice what to use and to stop using to conceive naturally soon.

    • Dear Bedour,

      I am very sorry for your loss!

      It is known that diet and lifestyle are critical areas to modify when living with and trying to help the body achieve balance with PCOS. So, consider learning more about the PCOS Fertility Diet. Herbs, nutritional supplements and natural therapies are best able to be effective when diet and lifestyle are optimal!

      Herbs can be effective as well, but their use with Metaphage should be done under the supervision of a qualified healthcare provider. I have not heard that Raspberry ketones has fertility health implications. It would be best to continue to research this if there is concern.

      If interested in a personalized natural fertility program, consider participating in our Fertility Consultation program. Your Fertility Herbalist can share with you the exact natural therapies including herbs and nutritional supplements she feels best fit your needs.

  4. Avatar

    Firstly, thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge on an online platform! I am planning on trying to conceive in a few months and am curious if it is possible to combine Dong Quai (30drops) with Vitex (90 drops) in the mornings? Also, could I mix in a Raspberry Leaf Tea as well? (also considering Milk Thistle).
    I don’t know if these interact with each other so would love any “recommended timing” input you may have! (As well as recommendations for extras to add into the mix).

    Thank you so much in advance 🙂

    • Dear Nicole,

      Fertilica Dong Quia and Vitex can be taken together with Red Raspberry Leaf and Milk Thistle See Extract (should you choose that as well). This is just fine!

      We know that herbs have the best chance at being effective when diet and lifestyle are optimal, so rather than to take another supplement, it may be best to focus on transitioning to a Fertility Diet. That said, the Top 10 Natural Fertility Boosters may be worth considering as well.

      All my best!

  5. Avatar

    I am 33y/o ttc. prior to that i had miscarriage 2003, another one 2009 and one ectopic pregnancy 2011, my right tube had to be removed so i only have one left. Im now taking folic acid & vit.e as supplement. I was also diagnosed with PCOS late 2007. until now i have irreg mens. Is Dong quai safe for me to use? I have also tried taking other prenatal vits. it somehow helped me to have my mens maybe not monthly but like every other 3-2 mos. but i stopped and just take folic and vit.e…

    • Dear Amy M.

      I am sorry to hear of your loss and fertility challenges.

      While Dong Quai may be a useful too, it is hard for me to say for sure, given I know so little of your story.

      PCOS is a complex endocrine system disorder infCholestro which the coordination of the production of and delivery of hormones to where they need to go within the body isn’t happening properly.

      Consider learning important information in this article titled How to Reduce the Damaging Effects of PCOS on Fertility Through Diet and Herbs.

      It is important to support your body in re-learning balance by promoting healthy hormonal balance, a healthy uterine lining, regular ovulation, improved estrogen metabolism, reduced cravings for sweets and improved digestion all of which you will learn how to do in the article above.

      Then, with one functioning, healthy fallopian tube conception may happen the months that ovulation occurs from the ovary on that side. Ovulation happens from one ovary one cycle and the other the next – the event alternates from side to side. So, knowing this, it is also going to be helpful to learn the tools available to help you detect ovulation here… (if you do not already do this).

      I hope this is helpful!

  6. Avatar

    Hello, I’m 40 yrs old with diagnosed luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome having experienced 10 years of infertility. I also had 3 laparoscopy procedures for endometriosis & considering another one soon. I’m also wanting to try Dong Quai for it’s fertility benefits, but after looking online I found this information – While Dong Quai is considered safe for most people, there are some specific populations who should not use this herbal remedy. – Women with endometriosis, uterine fibroids, or cancers of the breast, ovaries or uterus. Does this mean I should avoid it. Any info will be appreciated. Thankyou

  7. Avatar


    I haven’t had a period in almost two years and I am guessing this is because I gained my weight back as I was very irregular when I was heavy and then my periods were normal when I lost 20% of my body weight.

    I don’t have the money to go to the doctor to get checked, but I am just wondering if dong quai will work in my situation? I am also making life style changes (eating healthy, cardio, yoga), but because it has been so long since I last had a period, I want to speed things up as I am worried this will affect my ability to get pregnant when my husband and I start trying to conceive.

    Any help would be appreciated,

    Thank you.

    • Hi Kimmi,

      Have you heard of our product called RejuvaFlow? It contains Dong Quai and it is an activating herbal blend designed to encourage and promote healthy menstruation. This formula is designed to help encourage or “re-start” the monthly menses that is missing due to hormonal irregularities. That is something to consider and we have had better results with it than just Dong Quai alone.

      To help keep the menstrual cycle regulated, Fertilica Dong Quai alone could be considered longer-term, or other options might be FertiliCare Phase 1 & 2 (also contains Dong Quai and other supportive herbs), or Fertilica Vitex, all of which promote a regular menstrual cycle.

      It is very important that healthy diet and lifestyle habits are in place, for the herbs to be effective. Another thought, have you been tested for hormonal imbalances such as PCOS or hypothyroidism? I ask because, weight gain and difficulty losing weight and rapid weight gain with no explanation are associated with those health conditions and they negatively impact fertility. If you were to have one of them, or both, that would be need to be addressed as well in order to help you achieve pregnancy.

  8. Avatar

    Alright, so I am suffering from secondary infertility loss.
    I have three children all four years apart. First child I conceived natural at 17 years of age after a cyst rupture. Second I took metformin (help with ovulation due to pcos) Third I took metformin with Soy inflavones. I did get pregnant again on metformin and Soy but has a loss at 13 weeks (missed miscarriage) Ever since then I haven’t been able to get pregnant. Hormones FSH, LH, estrogen, progesterone, thyroid hormones, prolactin, insulin and androgen are all normal.

    However, My period is EXTREMELY scant most of the time it’s spotting. I need to thicken my uterus lining obviously. I’ve tried so many herbs/vits but Dong Q

  9. Avatar

    I am 31, I have been trying to conceive now for several years. My period was on again, off again during this time when I learned I had a pituitary tumor that was causing a hormonal imbalance. I took meds, shrinking the tumor – which in return has brought normal back to my body some what. I actually have bought Dong Quai – but my period came on it’s own this month – My question is … Should I take it to help support my hormone’s in staying normal ? Which I read it does – When should I start taking it considering my period is now on day 2 naturally ? And will this help with ovulation ? Thanks for your time, I can’t wait to hear back from you.

    • Hi Kendal,

      While I find Dong Quai is a great menstrual cycle regulating herb, it focuses more on improving circulation to the reproductive organs and nourishing the blood, for a healthy uterine lining. I would consider the herb Vitex agnus-castus better at supporting hormonal balance because it acts on the pituitary gland. I have used it with clients in a similar situation as yours in the past with great results.

      Dong Quai is fine to take all month long, except during menstruation if you have heavy menstrual bleeding. Because it supports overall menstrual cycle health, yes, it may indirectly help regulate ovulation. I do think there are herbs that are better for regulating ovulation, but Dong Quai is very supportive in regulating the menstrual cycle as a whole.

  10. Avatar

    I’m 33 and ttc. While on bcp I had a 1 light day and two day spotting period. It was great. But it has continued even now that I am off the pills (13 mo.). I read the section about light period with cramps. I only cramp on day 1 for a few hours- it seemed like this is more focused on the cramps. Of the reccommended herbs etc. and since we are ttc and I would have to take this on and off throughout my cycle is this the best option or should I just focus on balancing my hormones? I’m also trying to decide if we should take a break and do the fertility cleanse. Which says to not take anything. What do you think?

  11. Avatar

    You write really informative and simple to understand articles. Thanks!! I was looking to see if I saw a question on taking Don Quai, tribulus and schissandra alongside clomid but didn’t. Can you please guide me? I know there is a general caution against taking herbs with hormonal medications but not these I mentioned specifically.

    • Dear Michele,

      Thank you for your praise! We are not able to suggest taking herbs with Fertility Medications unless being guided in doing so by your healthcare provider. Herbs that act on the hormonal system could affect how your medications are working. It is best to only use herbs in preparation beforehand and not mix the two.

      All my best!

  12. Avatar

    Dear Lisa,
    I have been trying to conceive 18months after my marriage. I just had a laparoscopy and a surgical procedure for endometriosis, ovarian cysts and hysteroscopy. Now I am on a pre-natal vitamin to aid conception. I just bought dong quai capsules recently. Do you think it’s okay to take the pre-natal vitamin as well as the dong quai capsules together. Will this be helpful for fertility? Thank you

  13. Avatar

    I am using dong quai for menopause related issues not fertility. I was told it is helpful with hotflushes.
    Can I use dong quai with evening primrose oil together? I cannot find any information about the 2 not being safe together. Any info would be helpful.
    Thank you

  14. Avatar

    hi, i and my husband been trying to conceive for the past 7 years. i have been disgnosed to have blocked Fallopian tubes, i hope this will help to unblock them. i have started taking vitex for hormonal imbalance.

    • Dear Esther,

      Fertilica Dong Quai and Vitex offer a wide array of fertility health benefits specific to supporting hormone balance and increased circulation throughout the reproductive system. These two herbs are not however all that needs to be considered when needing to support normal fallopian tube health. Consider learning natural therapies (by clicking the link just above) that also aid the body’s natural ability to break down fibrin (tissue that makes up a scar), support the body’s natural inflammation response and normal immune response in the reproductive system, encourage circulation to the reproductive organs and promote the body’s natural ability to cleanse the reproductive system.

  15. Avatar

    Hi, I have just started ivf treatment and if I respond well to the hormones/drugs egg retrieval is planned for the first week of January. My acupuncturist suggested Dong Quai as a blood tonic and it sounds like a great tincture for me to relieve some of my side effects. My acupuncturist has only recently started studying herbalism and I see on your website that I should stop taking Dong Quai 2 weeks before surgery. Is it worth my starting Don Quai now as I will only be taking it for 2 weeks? Thank you for your attention and warm wishes

  16. Avatar

    I have a prolapsed mitral valve and take aspirin daily, i have been taking Dong Quai tincture daily for one month, are there any side effects i should be worried about and how many drops a day should i be taking. Your advise will be most appreciated.

    • Dear Lisa,

      We can not suggest combining Dong Quai with aspirin without guidance from your healthcare provider. This is because there are reports of case studies and animal studies sharing that aspirin may have the potential to interact with herbs that are known to possess antiplatelet activity, one of which is Dong Quai.

  17. Avatar

    Am Edith 27 years old, i have been experiencing absent periods of 4 consecutive months for 3 years now. each year having it 3 times. I visited a gynecologist who checked me and prescribed medicine but all in vain. Am worried that i might be having a bigger problem with my body system though i have signs of hormonal imbalance like hair growth in the neck, chest, chin and cheeks. Where can i get this Dong Quai because it might be of help. Thanks

    • Dear Edith,

      It may be time to consider seeking a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist who is able to do more in-depth fertility testing than an OB/GYN. They can test for specific fertility health issues and find the cause of the hair growth being experience, which could potentially be linked to excess androgens (male hormones) and/or PCOS.

      There are so many things that can impact the timing of the menstrual cycle and it’s regularity from hormone balance and likewise imbalance, and weight, to diet (nutrient deficiencies) and stress levels. Without knowing the underlying cause, it can be hard to move forward with the most helpful natural fertility program.

      If you wish to try Dong Quai, Fertilica Dong Quai is available from the Natural Fertility Shop.

  18. Avatar

    I’ve been off BC for about a year. I’ve had periods every month since then, except August. I completely skipped last month. I have taken 4 different pregnancy tests at different times, about a week ago being the most recent. They were all negative. I have started taking dong quai (1 250 mg am and pm) capsules twice a day as directed on bottle. Today is day 4 and still nothing. Should I be taking more? Or just wait it out? I’m just getting frustrated. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Dear Kayleigh,

      Missing one period is often not cause for concern and not necessarily a sign of a fertility health issue, although I do understand how concerning it is. Hormone imbalance, poor nutrition, dietary changes, levels of hydration, age, stress and changes in stress levels (even minor changes), weight loss or gain, changes in exercise routines and even travel can all impact menstrual cycle timing.

      There could potential be a variety of factors. Think about if any of the above factors may be at play, be sure to take a walk everyday for at least 30 minutes, stay hydrated and consider Fertility Massage. It may be best to “wait it out” as you say and try to let go of frustration.

      Hang in there!

  19. Avatar

    Hi! I’m confused. This article states that Dong Quai is “one of the most powerful female fertility tonic herbs” yet under the heading “safety and side effects” it states that Dong Quai is not to be used during pregnancy. So do you start and stop each month, or stop taking it when you might be pregnant? I have been taking it in a herbal remedy from a naturopath along with zizyphus, licorice, cinnamon, dandelion root and white chestnut and she oak flower essences. I am beginning to wonder whether this is why I’m not getting pregnant. Please help!

    • Dear Trish,

      First, it may be best to reach out to your naturopath to share your concerns about the formula being taken. He/she should know these concerns and is best able to offer support, or peace of mind.

      Dong Quai can be taken while trying to conceive. It is not to be used during menstruation or into pregnancy. If you actively try to conceive and there is a chance of pregnancy, it would be best to pause taking Dong Quai after ovulation. This being said, it can also be discontinued upon first determination or pregnancy or as directed by your naturopath or herbalist.

  20. Avatar

    My Husband has low sperm count and for the past three weeks he has been taking Dong Quai Root 550 mg capsule a day, is that enough? should he be taking something else along with it?

  21. Avatar

    Hi I am 35 / 5 feet / 73kgs / PCOS. Planning for IVF in August 2015. Please let me know what will be the complete set of herbs that can help me to increase the chances to conceive and where can I purchase.

  22. Avatar

    I like the product and it is really going to help a lot of people. How and where can I get it?

  23. Avatar

    There is an article i’m trying to find – or maybe it was an email? But it had a chart of common supplements to take and listed whether you can take them all month long or not and which other supplements they were ok to take with? Could you link me to it please?!

  24. Avatar

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I’m 33 and trying to conceive for nearly 2 years. I have PCOS, low progesterone and lack of menstruation. I’m already taking vitex (100mg/day) , Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (1 cup/day) and Maca. Is it safe to add Dong Quai to this combination? Thank you!

  25. Avatar

    Hey, my husband and I have been trying for a baby for nearly 3 years. He and I have had all the tests done and his fertility is practically off the charts, on other hand mine is not. I have low oestrogen levels, seems that my ovulation is low or non existent and my period can occur between 24 to 36 days, so it is very difficult to predict or pinpoint when it is happening. The times I thought I was ovulating, ovulation tests showed that I was not. It is particularly depressing. I would prefer natural remedies as the fertility medication seems to have multiple side effects. I had an ovarian cyst removed when I was 16. Would you recommend dong quai and starflower oil to regulate my hormones? Thank you!

  26. Avatar

    Hi, Is it safe in teenagers to help them regularize and diminish cramps?

    • Greetings Renata!

      Thank you for reaching out to us again! It has been a couple of years since we’ve worked with you. How are you?

      It would be best, if under the age of 18 because teens are still developing hormonally, to consider working with natural health care practitioner in conjunction with a medical doctor when considering using herbs. We cannot suggest our products because there are too many changes taking place in their developing bodies.

      We hope this finds you well!

  27. Avatar

    I’m 28 and have been on the depo shot for 3 years. I stopped taking the shot 2 months ago and have not gotten my period back. I know they say it can take a while for things to get back to normal but the last time I stopped taking the shot I got my period back the next month. I started taking the dong quai yesterday 2 capsules every 4 hours and do feel a little cramping. I’m just hoping I’m doing the right thing I just wanted to get things back to normal so I can start trying to have a baby. I’ll be 29 soon and don’t wish to be pregnant after 30. I haven’t had a period for 3 years so it would also be nice for my body to just function normally as well. thanks so much!

  28. Avatar

    I had an early miscarriage (4wks). I bled heavily w/ cramps for 3 days than lightly for 4 days, bleeding stopped, than came back. Im still spotting 3 wks later :-(. My Hcg levels went from 18 to 13 to 41 to 24. I have to get tested again next week. I really just want to be finished with this miscarriage. Will Dong Quai help me complete this miscarriage quicker?

    • Dear MBC,

      I am so very sorry for your loss!

      We do not use Dong Quai in this way. We offer miscarriage recovery support which I encourage you to learn about. Nourish your body, consider herbal wellness support, learn how to manage the stress and emotions of this experience and when miscarriage is complete consider fertility cleansing and fertility massage.

      Best wishes to you!

  29. Avatar

    Im 18 and have been diagnosed with PCOS, and was wondering will this help me regain my period?

    thank you

    • Dear Bri,

      We have learned that when dealing with PCOS, diet and lifestyle changes can be equally as impactful as any herb or nutritional supplement one might try. It is important to support hormone balance and help your body re-learn balance. Dong Quai alone may not be all that is needed to do this for yourself.

      Consider the supportive herbs and nutritional supplements that have been shown to support the body in promoting healthy hormonal balance, a healthy uterine lining, regular ovulation, improved estrogen metabolism, reduced cravings for sweets and improved digestion. For optimal hormonal balance this program is best completed alongside a PCOS Fertility Diet and lifestyle changes.

      How great that you are working to educate yourself and support your fertility health at such a young age. Be well!

  30. Avatar

    I’m 22, been TTC for just over a year. I have no health issues, had my hormones and vitamin levels tested and everything’s fine! I take Evening Primrose Oil, a multivitamin with iron every day. I don’t smoke, don’t drink.
    My periods are worrying me however. They are very thin and watery, almost like a fresh cut only thinner. The blood is bright red though. I’m worried this may indicate that I have a thin uterine lining and that’s why I’m struggling to conceive. Would Dong Quai help me with this? If yes/no, what else can I be doing to help myself?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Emily!

      Would you say your bleeding is “lite or scanty” rather than “thin”? Often when bleeding is thin or water, the blood is pale red, more pink. The only way to know the thickness or lack thereof of your uterine lining is to have your doctor check this.

      Thin pale blood may signifies poor blood quality which in turn may be supported by Dong Quai. Lite menstruation may also be a sign of a lack of circulation to the uterus which Dong Quai also has been shown to support.

      Following a Fertility Diet and exercising are two lifestyle habits that benefit menstrual health. Our Senior Herbalist Dalene shares that regular exercise strengthens our muscles, builds stamina, may increase flexibility, increases circulation, keeps stress, depression and anxiety at bay, and promotes regular detoxification of excess hormones and toxins in the body. It is important to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week. Make sure that the exercise you choose to do promotes sweat. Sweating is not only the body’s way to cool itself off, it is it’s way to naturally detoxify daily. All of this is very important for healthy hormonal balance and circulation to the reproductive organs. Regular exercise also is beneficial for preparing the body for the hard work of childbirth.

      Ideas for Exercise: Walking, Fertility Yoga, Biking, Dancing, Swimming Laps and Pilates

      I hope these are helpful tips!

  31. Avatar

    I am 32yrs old, have regular cycle of (30-31days). Seven months ago I had a miscarriage (first pregancy). The reasons for my miscarriage were not investigated by my doctor, however, I suspect that it was due to imbalance in my oestrogen-progesterone.Prior to pregnancy I had been on highly soya-related diet and other products which boosted my oestrogen levels as oppossed to my progesterone.I am planning to try for a baby in a couple of months. Since the miscarriage I have replaced all soya products with alternatives and have been taking pregnacare fertility product + rasberry leaf + other vits.I am considering taking dong quai to increase my flow.How long shoul I take it for and when to stop?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Mila,

      Dong Quai can be taken all month long if scanty menstrual flow is experienced, however it is not to be used during menstruation if flow is normal or heavy. In general we suggest taking an herb for a minimum of three months to see desired results (for some this may be longer) and Dong Quai should be discontinued if you try to conceive and there is a chance you may be pregnant. It is not to be taken in pregnancy.

      Consider also learning about Self Fertility Massage to support uterine and menstrual cycle health.

      Best wishes!

  32. Avatar

    I am 37yrs old, have a regular cycle, unexplained infertility diagnosed (trying 4 yrs), 1 IVF cycle- unsuccessful- 8 eggs- 2 fertilized, no pregnancy; low AMH, tried acupuncture for months. I started taking vitex 1000mg per day 2 months ago and had a blood test and at day 21 my progesterone was lower than normal range and prolactin just in high range. So, I suspect I may not have ovulated that month, as my period came a few days earlier that month, but not usual for me. I think there may be some stagnation as period often is slow to start & sometimes dark blood at start, tummy is cold to touch. I don’t have any other symptoms such as painful period etc just stagnation, would Dong Quai be suitable?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Lili,

      Dong Quai works by promoting blood flow to the pelvis where it may stimulate an absent or scanty period (thin or light menses).

      Thick dark blood that looks old or is brown, is old blood left over from the previous cycle. This may be caused by a sluggish menstrual flow, lack of uterine tone or low uterine circulation.

      Herbs and therapies used traditionally for this imbalance are:
      Self Fertility Massage
      Cleansing for Fertility
      Systemic Enzyme Therapy

      Some women do experience cycle shifts when they begin taking herbs that have an action on the hormones. Shifts often work themselves out and are considered a sign of the body responding to the herb. For optimal results, Fertilica Vitex should be taken long-term. Clinical research shows that vitex may start working within 10 days, but full benefits may not be experienced until 6 months or longer.

      I hope this is helpful!

  33. Avatar

    Hi, will this herb eradicate the need of painkillers when it comes to menstrual cramps? I take Evening Primrose Oil and Fish Oil 250mg each a day. However, I generally still need painkillers every time I menstruate and I want to stop using those drugs. What do you recommend? Thanks.

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Farrah,

      I am sorry you have to deal with painful menstruation, also referred to as dysmenorrhea. Dong Quai may support a reduction in menstrual cramping, but there is no way for me to say for certain it alone will “eradicate” your pain. Consider learning more about Natural Remedies for Painful Menstruation.

      Take care!

  34. I want to get pregnant again but am nursing my daughter in the morning once a day. I have not gotten back my period yet but have taken ovulation tests and says i am ovulating but i have not gotten pregnant again yet. My daughter is a year and on organic whole milk as well. Can i take dong quai to help aid in me getting pregnant? do you think i am ovulating its just not a good egg? Thanks for your help in advance!

  35. Avatar

    I have a history of miscarriage and I will be starting IUI with my fertility doctor soon. I have seen dong quai mixed with red raspberry leaf tea. Is it safe to drink together? And when should i take it? I’ve heard that you should not take anything like that after ovulation since of the miscarriage history.

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Jasmine,

      It is going to be best for you to talk to your fertility doctor about all that you are taking and even interested in taking. Herbs are not suggested to be taken during the IUI process and because I am not certain of when you will begin IUI, you may not want to start anything you are not being guided in taking, or anything new.

      Fertilica Dong Quai and Red Raspberry leaf are best used in preparation for pregnancy, in general 3-6 months prior to trying to conceive. Neither should be used during menstruation and if you have a history of recurrent miscarriage, it is best not to take these herbs after ovulation. Both should be discontinued prior to beginning any fertility medical procedure.

      Best wishes!

  36. Avatar

    My period hasnt shown for months now. Im not into doctor visits bc they never diagnose me properly. I would like to give this herb a try bc im more of a naturalist when it comes to drugs. How long does it take for it to take affect , how long should i take it for, if my period starts do i stop taking it or continue until the bottle is finished? Please help.

    Ps . Im 21 and been trying to get pregnant for 7 months now and my husband isnt sterile. I just havent had my period since march. So kinda hard when u dont ovulate.

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hi Jai!
      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      Dong Quai is the main herb for the issue of absent menses. Dong Quai works by promoting blood flow to the pelvis where it will stimulate an absant or scanty period. It also nourishes the blood (it is in nearly all Chinese herbal blood-building formulas). Increased circulation also helps to strengthen and balance the uterus.

      It may help to start by completing a Fertility Cleanse. While this alone may not support the return of menstruation, it does support the liver and uterus in detoxifying and being better able to utilize any herbs, supplement and natural therapies you might try.

      After you complete the Fertility Cleanse, you could start Fertilica Dong Quai or RejuvaFlow and Self Fertility Massage.

      Best wishes!

  37. Avatar

    I am an 18 year dancer and as I am very much physically active, my period hardly comes. Would you recommend dong quai?


  38. Update 2014 – We are back! We have been away for a while and we sure have missed all of your wonderful questions and thoughts on our articles. Moving forward, one of our staff herbalists will be here to respond to comments! We look forward to connecting with our readers once again!

  39. Avatar


    I have got late period for a month and I have never use dong quai. Should I use this to get my period back? How many should I take daily and when will period come after the dosage.


  40. Avatar

    HI, I have PCOS, Prolactinoma, 2 x parietal meningiomas and multi nodular goiter.My GP has taken me off metformin,dostinex and metoprolol as having atrial taccycardia and think its the dostinex, want to try herbal meds instead, my period is about 32 day cycle ?ovulate but when AF comes very dark, smelly leading up to and throughout and not much of it.Tried ICSI no good, DH sperm poor.think start with fertility cleanse,macs and vitex-is this ok? Anything to help offensive and short AF?

  41. Avatar


    I have used dongquai for nearly a month and did not know I was already pregnant, what should I do now? Im so worried 🙁

  42. Avatar

    I am currently trying to conceive, have been trying for 2 years now. My egg count is low for my age-9.7% and i am 31. I have been given femara from my fertility doctor. I am just wondering if i can use Dong Quai with these pills or not?
    Thanks, Kristy