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Reduce Stress and Enhance your Fertility with EFT…

Reduce Stress and Enhance your Fertility with EFT…

EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique is a tool that can be used to help you reduce stress and promote a positive outlook during your fertility journey. Trying to conceive can be tiring both physically and mentally. It affects your spirit, mind and body. So, I would like to introduce you to a helpful and easy technique based on ancient Chinese medicine.

In theory, it is very similar to acupuncture. In this technique, the various energy points in the body are unlocked by gentle tapping. Either a practitioner can perform the tapping or you can be taught to perform the tapping alone.

How Does EFT Work?

The theory behind this technique is that all negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system. Therefore, by balancing the energy via the same system as used in acupuncture (the meridians), negative emotions are resolved which in turn can mean a change is brought about in the physiological condition of a person, hopefully helping her to conceive. The release of emotions such as fear, worry and sadness gives way to rational and logical thinking. It can also generate feelings of great relief and lightness.

This technique is great for those who have unexplained infertility or are experiencing a lot of stress on their fertility journey. It is one of the many infertility tools that are available to people who are having trouble conceiving. This technique is wonderful because it promotes both fertility and stress reduction at the same time. While the practitioners cannot guarantee conception, EFT has no known negative side effects and the reported success rates for resolving both emotional and physical issues is amazingly high with improvement for up to 95% of people. It is a relatively cheap or free technique that can be applied by a practitioner or on oneself.

How to Apply EFT…

This technique is promoted by a number of natural health advocates like Deepak Chopra and Dr. Mercola. The easiest way to learn how to perform EFT for fertility would be to learn the techniques found in the Overcoming Infertility with EFT eBook.

Basically, there are various points on your head, hands, body and face that you tap as you recite words or phrases related to your issue. Some points exist on both sides of the body, such as the eyebrow points and at the outside of the eyes, and there are some individual points like under your nose and on the chin.

The various points used are found on the outside of your hand below the little finger, the crown on your head, around the eye, under the nose, on the chin, under the collarbone, and below the underarm. However, just tapping the points alone is not enough. With EFT it is also vital to identify the emotion or physical symptom or problem, and focus on this while applying the technique.

Many women are using EFT for fertility and many other parts of their lives. This technique can be applied to anything you are experiencing. I personally use it to get over my fear of flying and it works great! I was able to travel around the world for a year, taking over 23 flights during that adventure. It’s a popular technique because, unlike other methods, it can be used as a self-help technique, can be done anywhere, and often works very quickly.

How Can EFT Help with Fertility Issues?

Anyone who has been trying for a baby for some time knows all about the roller coaster of emotions involved. Common emotions include jealousy, anxiety, panic, fear, worry, and guilt. And although you know that stress can further block your attempts at conception, it’s so difficult to switch off these emotions, especially when you get a negative pregnancy test, or your period shows up.

EFT is also a highly effective technique at removing psychological blocks to conception. Past traumas, memories, beliefs about pregnancy, birth, and parenthood, can all affect how you truly feel about having a baby. You may feel ready to be a parent, but are there any hidden blocks that are stopping you from conceiving? EFT helps you identify and resolve these blocks, and move you towards having your baby.

Learn How to Use EFT for Infertility

You can easily learn EFT specifically for fertility issues as well as to improve your chances of conception. The eBook ‘Overcoming Infertility with EFT’ is a complete guide to using EFT for fertility. It gives clear EFT instruction and is in a practical, easy to use format that is suitable for all fertility issues.


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  1. Avatar

    Thanks for your good website and information !

  2. Avatar

    interesting ! Thanks for information !

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    nice website..

  4. Avatar

    Hello, I am suffering from insomnia for 5 years now and have tried everything for it. I am also having problems conceiving and every test shows that I am healthy and should not have any problems. I believe it is the stress, my mind does not stop. Please help. thank you !

  5. Avatar

    I like to know if I should focus only on negative emotion such as “I can’t help feeling envious when I see pregnant women!” during EFT OR only on positive emotion such as “I will definitely succeed in conceiving naturally successfully!”

    Sometimes, I do not have negative emotion and I just want to do EFT using only positive thoughts so that I can fill all the cells in my body with happy thoughts. I tried this a couple of times & found that EFT did not seem to work when I did not focus on my negative emotions because I do not not feel the release of tension. Is this way of doing effective??? Please advise. Thanks.

    • Dear JL,

      EFT is perfectly fine to do when not feeling or experiencing negative emotions. You may not feel a release of tension when working only with positive emotions. People often don’t hold tension when feeling good, thinking happy thoughts and in a positive place.

      Keep filling those cells with happy thoughts!!!

  6. Avatar

    I like to know how often should I do EFT for it to be effective. I am trying to conceive. I am always very tight for time, as I am a full-time mother of a toddler. Sometimes I only manage to do it once a week. Other times, I can only do it once every two weeks…

    • Dear Adele,

      The great part about the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is that is can be rather fast acting, used anytime and anywhere, and immediately effective. I am not sure anyone can put a time frame on how long, or how often each person using EFT should do it for effectiveness. This will vary from person to person. Do EFT as often as you feel the need to.

      Take care!

  7. Avatar

    I would like to know EFT usage for infertility.

  8. Avatar

    Dear Elizabeth,

    The points on the face, top of head & under the arms can be done simultaneously. But what about those points on the hands? One can’t tap both sides simultaneously. Does it matter which side is done first? And do you tap the fingernail or the finger pad on the other side?

    My last question is about acupressure. My hubby did some acupressure massage on my back during my period, & this caused my period to last longer than usual. Will this delay my ovulation timing? I am concerned because I am trying for baby no. 2. Heh heh.

    • Hi jl!

      You are right, tapping both hands at the same time would certainly be a challenge. 😉 Tap one and then the other. I am not sure it matters which side is done first, but I was taught to start with your non-dominant hand (if right handed, tap the left first, and then the right hand). I was taught to tap with my finger itself, the finger pad. Each hand point tapped when using EFT in on the side of the palm. The hand point pressed during acupressure is on the back of the hand where the thumb and pointer finger join, that web of tissue where they join.

      I would think acupressure during menstruation would delay ovulation, but to be honest I am not certain. I do hope not or that you are tracking ovulation either with basal body temperature, BBT, charting, or an ovulation predictor device so you can know your fertile window and when to try to conceive.

      I hope you are enjoying EFT and Acupressure for Fertility!

  9. Avatar

    Can I tap on my meridian points after ovulation or during period? And can I skip some of the points because I find there are too many & I do not have that much time. Finally must I tap both sides, e.g. under my arms, or is one side sufficient?

    • Dear jl,

      The Emotional Freedom Technique is fine to use throughout the entire cycle. It really is best to tap each point 7-8 times starting with the Karate Chop (side of the hand) ending with under the arm. I was taught to tap both sides simultaneously.

      I hope you are enjoying EFT and Acupressure!