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Fertility Smoothie Challenge Day #4

Fertility Smoothie Challenge Day #4

If you were to ask me what my favorite food was (and it happened to be summer) I would say without a doubt, MANGOES! Being from an island and growing up with tropical fruits, this one has stuck with me as my favorite food. When in season I eat a couple a day. Another great thing about mangoes is that they are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Here is my fertility smoothie version of the wonderful mango lassi from India.

Sliced MangoServes 1

Mango Lassi

1 Mango (fresh or frozen)
1/4 Cup Yogurt
1 teaspoon Fertilica Maca powder
1 teaspoon Vanilla
1/2 teaspoon Cardamon
1 handful Spinach
1 Banana
1 Tablespoon sesame seeds

-Place all ingredients in to a blender and blend. Add water as needed for correct consistency. If you like it sweeter add a date.

What makes this a “Fertility Smoothie”?
The Maca powder is a great fertility superfood we are including in all of our smoothies (taking it over a period of time is best). The sesame seeds are a healthy source of calcium, as well as protein. The spinach is packed with minerals and nutrients. This smoothie provided vitamins, minerals, protein, enzymes, and so much more. And even though it is light green, it tastes fantastic.

Question of the day: What was your favorite fruit growing up?

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  1. Update 2014 – We are back! We have been away for a while and we sure have missed all of your wonderful questions and thoughts on our articles. Moving forward, one of our staff herbalists will be here to respond to comments! We look forward to connecting with our readers once again!

  2. Avatar

    I know this was from like a year ago, but I’m hoping someone will still respond.. I noticed that a banana is in every one of your recipes so far.. are they completely necessary? I only ask because I’m allergic to bananas and potassium mostly.


    • Hi Konnie,

      No you don’t have to add bananas. They do add a creamier texture and sweetness, the smoothies may not taste the same without them, but you don’t have to add them. Avocado is a good alternative to substitute the creaminess of the banana.



  3. Avatar

    This was a really good smoothie… I have not been doing them all the same day as planned but I have been making them… My husband has been enjoying them as well. 🙂

  4. Avatar


    I actually meant in the previous post that “I have been taking Papaya in fruit salads or in the form of smoothies nowadays.. “

  5. Avatar

    Hi Hethir

    I was wondering why you havent’ included Papaya in the fruits list? i am trying to have it now. Is it a bad choice for a smoothie or for fertility when you are TTC? Please guide me ..


    • Carol,

      Papaya is awesome. I just have not gotten around to having it in a smoothie during the challenge yet. Stay tuned. Also you can change any of these smoothies to include fruits you have around. There are no rules for smoothies, just that you make them! 😉

  6. Avatar

    Loved this smoothie. It was soo good. Thank you sooo sharing this health smoothie with us.


  7. Avatar

    Hi! I was wondering what the Cardamon does? I have really enjoyed the smoothies so far. After the challenge is over, can I continue to drink these on a daily basis? These are so great for breakfast. Also could I use my homemade granola as a substitute for the oatmeal? Thanks for doing this challenge!

    • The cardamon is for flavor. Cardamon does have an effect on the circulatory system, but it is in this smoothie for flavor. You can definitely drink these smoothies on a daily basis. Smoothies are what I eat for breakfast every day. Granola in a smoothie is super yummy. I am so glad you are enjoying the challenge. Thank you for participating and sharing your experience so far!

  8. Avatar

    Hi Hethir,

    I love all kind of fruit. My favorite fruits growing up were mango and papaya. I want to let you know that the smoothie day #2 was very challenged.