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Fertility Herb Guide: Absent Period & Lack Of Menstruation

Fertility Herb Guide: Absent Period & Lack Of Menstruation

To have a period stop, especially when unexpected, is one of the most alarming events for a women struggling to conceive. Hormonal imbalance, using certain birth control or stopping birth control use, anovulation, fertility health issues, being underweight, nutrient deficiencies and breastfeeding* are many events that can cause absent periods.

If your period has decided to take a leave of absence, herbs can be helpful. Learn about them here!


*It is very common for women’s periods to be absent while breastfeeding. Many women don’t begin regular menstruation again until they stop breastfeeding. This is perfectly normal and not cause for concern! It is not suggested to use herbs to support the return of menstruation while breastfeeding.

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    My cycle was actually regular before I started taking Vitex and Maca. Now it has been almost 2 months since my last one. I know I read it may take a couple months to regulate after starting herbs, but is it normal to have none at all?

  2. Avatar

    I understand that pcos can result to absent or scanty or irregular period. Can any of this supplement be taken for scanty period due to pcos? And which of the supplement will you advice? Thanks