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How-To Fertility Chart Video Series

How-To Fertility Chart Video Series

Fertility charting is one of the most important tools you have on your natural fertility journey. Following is a series of how-to videos sharing with you how to fertility chart using one of our favorite tools Fertility Friend.

Part I: Ovulation, Fertile Days & Getting Pregnant
Learn how fertility charting can help you to find your most fertile days and your ovulation date to maximize conception chances while trying to conceive. Determine which days in your menstrual cycle give you the best chance of getting pregnant.

Part II: Fertility Signs, Hormones, Ovulation & Fertile Days
Learn how your fertility hormones, estrogen and progesterone, relate to fertility signs that can show you what is happening throughout your menstrual cycle. Understand how to observe your cervical fluid and basal body temperature signs and how to use these signs to find your ovulation date and fertile days and create a fertility chart to help you get pregnant faster.

Part III: Fertility Chart, Detecting Ovulation and Fertile Days
Learn how to chart your fertility signs, how to read and interpret a fertility chart and how to identify your ovulation date and fertile days by observing and recording your basal body temperature and cervical fluid observations. See how recording your fertility signs can show you when you ovulate, which days you can get pregnant, when you can expect a positive pregnancy test and how to find your most fertile days in your menstrual cycle.

Fertility Charting Tools and Resources
To print out a fertility chart, click on one of the links below:
Fertility Chart (Fahrenheit)
Fertility Chart (Celsius)

How To Get Your Period Back
Natural Guide for Menstrual Health
Cycle Beads: A Fertility and Ovulation Predictor

Ovulation Tracking Tools
Digital Basal Body Thermometer
Ovulation Microscope

Cycle Beads
Fertility Friend
Ovulation Calculator

If you have any questions about fertility charting, reach out to us or consider joining Fertility Friend. Membership is free and there are some very helpful and knowledgeable staff and women helping each other read and interpret their fertility charts.

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