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Let’s connect! Do you want to learn how to boost your fertility one-on-one with us? Do you have questions you would like answered live? Instagram is now one of our favorite ways to about teach natural fertility because we can connect in real time.

Throughout the week we teach Mini Fertility Classes on Instagram for FREE. You’ll get our best natural fertility tips and how-to’s so you can get the results you are looking for sooner rather than later. Plus it’s so much fun because it’s live – you can interact with us and other viewers.

Here are some of the topics that have covered over the past weeks in our live #FertilityScope Mini Classes:

  • How To Get Started Boosting Your Fertility Naturally
  • How to Improve Egg Health
  • The PCOS Fertility Diet
  • Fertility Product Highlights…
  • How to Use Vitex For Fertility
  • Top 5 Foods To Avoid For Fertility
  • How To Create Your Own Fertility Program
  • Emotional Support and Mind-Body Therapies For Fertility
  • Easiest Way To Eat A Fertility Diet
  • Fertility Q&A

To get started, download the app on either an iOS Device, or an Android. Once you download the app search for @naturalfertilityinfo and click ‘Follow’. You can also check in and see other posts on your desktop at See you soon!

Natural Fertility On YouTube

Join us for weekly full length videos on YouTube. We go into depth on natural fertility topics and questions viewers ask.


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