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Maca, Wonder Herb For Fertility…

Maca, Wonder Herb For Fertility…

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a root-like cruciferous vegetable from the Andes of Peru. It grows in some of the harshest farmlands in the world; experiencing freezing temperatures, fierce winds and intense sunlight. Often the soil is rich in volcanic minerals. Maca is the only food crop in the world that can grow and thrive at such a high altitude and in such harsh weather. For more than two millennia, native Peruvians have used Maca root as food and medicine to promote fertility, endurance, energy, vitality, and sexual virility.

Stories of Maca’s fertility-supporting effects have been passed down through history in a story that took place in the 1500s. Soon after the Spanish Conquest in South America occurred the Spanish began to experience poor health and infertility, and so did their livestock. This was due to the high altitude of the Andes. The native Peruvians recommended that they feed their livestock and themselves Maca. The results were so dramatic that many of the first written records ever kept for the Andean region were passages about Maca. There are also historical notes recording that the Conquistadors began demanding to be paid in Maca instead of gold.

How Maca Works

Maca root is an adaptogenic herb that has been shown in studies to improve fertility in both men and women.

Containing 31 different minerals and 60 different phytonutrients, Maca is a nourishing food for the endocrine system, aiding the pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid glands (all involved in hormonal balance.) Maca has the ability to affect key hormones in both women and men without containing hormones itself.

Maca has been scientifically researched for increasing fertility since 1961 and has been shown to contain specific compounds called glucosinolates which can affect fertility for both men and women. These alkaloids are responsible for Maca’s ability to support hormonal balance.

Benefits of maca:

  • Supports hormonal balance
  • Increases energy, stamina, and mental clarity
  • Supports the thyroid
  • Supports normal sexual function

Maca also has adaptogenic properties, which means it helps to strengthen the body so it is able to better resist disease and stress, supports the adrenal glands, and balances the body’s functions. In order for an herb to be considered an adaptogen, it must be non-toxic or harmless to any organ of the body and must be able to be ingested for long periods of time safely. Maca is classified as an adaptogen.

In a 2014 clinical study of mice in the Journal of Clinical Food, Maca extract (doses: 250 and 500 mg/kg) was found to reduce corticosterone (and adrenal corticosteroids) levels, increase noradrenaline and dopamine levels, and inhibit reactive oxygen species (ROS) activity (oxidative stress) proving it’s antidepressant-like effects.

Endocrine System Tonic
One of Maca’s main actions is to stimulate and nourish the hypothalamus which regulates the pituitary gland, acting as a tonic for the hormone system. When the pituitary gland functions optimally, the entire endocrine system becomes balanced, because the pituitary gland controls the hormone output of the adrenals, thyroid and sex organs (testes in men and ovaries in women).

Promotes Hormonal Balance
In women, maca helps the body to promote balanced estrogen and progesterone levels. Estrogen or progesterone levels that are high or low at the wrong time can keep a woman from becoming pregnant or keep her from carrying to term. Excess estrogen levels can cause progesterone levels to become too low; this is known as estrogen dominance. Taking maca may help to balance the estrogen to progesterone ratio, which is essential to achieving and carrying a healthy pregnancy.

Too much estrogen in men may cause erectile dysfunction, lack of libido, low sperm count, and lowered production of seminal fluid. Studies shared of in Healthnotes by the University of Michigan have shown that men who use maca may experience an increased libido and an increase in sperm health.

In one study, maca was given to female and male rats and it was found that the females had multiple egg follicle maturation (important for ovulation); the males had significantly higher sperm production and motility rates.

Supports Normal Sexual Function
A small, clinical, human study in 2001 in the Asian J Andro, nine men who were given gelatinized maca for 4 months at 1,500 – 3,000 mg a day and experienced an increase in libido, sperm count, motility of sperm, DHEA levels, as well as decreased anxiety and stress, lowered blood pressure, balanced iron levels, and an increase in adrenal androgens.

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How to Use Maca

When purchasing maca, you want to make sure the product you are using has only maca root in it, not leaves or stems. Maca is available in powder, capsules or tincture. It is also available in varying strengths.

Maca powder: Maca powder comes in two forms. Plain maca powder that is just raw powdered maca root, or gelatinized maca. Gelatinization is a completely vegetarian process that removes the starch from maca to improve assimilation and make it more concentrated.

We find that gelatinized maca is easier to digest than the plain powder and is also more cost-effective since it is more concentrated. The studies mentioned above used gelatinized maca. Gelatinization does not refer to “gelatin”, and no animal-derived ingredients are incorporated into this process.

Maca powder can be added to juice, smoothies, yogurt or baked goods. It has a nice malty flavor which goes well with foods. I like to add it to all of my smoothies.

Maca capsules: Maca capsules are a convenient way to get Maca daily. Many people will find using the Maca capsules to be easier since they can be taken at any time with some water.

Maca tincture: A tincture of maca root is a liquid extract of the medicinal properties of maca. Maca tincture can be taken with water, in juice or added to smoothies.

General suggested usage is 500-3000 mg a day. To obtain desired results, maca needs to be taken regularly. It can be taken in one dose or throughout the day.

Note: Maca is slightly energy stimulating and because of this we find that it is best taken prior to 3pm, so that nighttime sleep is not disturbed in any way.

Safety & Side Effects

Maca is a beneficial herb that has been used for thousands of years and consumed everyday as a food and medicine by the Peruvians. Based on its long history of use as a food, it appears to be very safe. Toxicity studies (conducted at Product Safety Labs of East Brunswick, N.J.) showed absolutely no toxicity and no adverse pharmacological effects.

A small number of women experienced stomach upset when consuming plain maca root (not gelatinized). Additionally, some women experience spotting or a change in their menstrual cycle when they first begin using maca. This is normal and a sign that the body is beginning to balance the hormonal system.

Maca Use During Pregnancy

As a safety precaution most manufacturers state that their supplements should not be used during pregnancy. There have been no studies on the use of maca during pregnancy. Acute toxicity studies and cytotoxicity evaluations have demonstrated an absence of any evidence of potential toxicity of maca. The Peruvians have been consuming maca as a food for thousands of years. Since there have been no studies on the use of maca during pregnancy we can not state that it is proven safe to use during pregnancy. Please do your own research and make a personal decision on the use of maca during your pregnancy.


As you can see from all the actions maca can have on the body, it is a wonderful fertility superfood and tonic. Maca can complement any fertility program and should be used on a daily basis for the best results. It can also be used in conjunction with other fertility herbs and supplements.

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Learn more about using Maca for fertility through our useful Q&A…



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  1. Avatar

    I am taking DHEA 50mg and C0Q10 600 MG, and Vit D 5000 IU, plus prenatal. but my FSH is 10.3 and i have to get it to 10 for ivf. can i take this with these and wheat grass? how much would you suggest?

    • Dear Jessica,

      I suspect DHEA and that amount of CoQ10 was suggested to you by your healthcare provider or RE. If so, great and do follow their advice for the proper use of both. If not, please consult them about the proper dose of DHEA for your needs and ask if prolonged use of 600mg of CoQ10 is what they wish. Our research has led us to learning that often after about two weeks of such a dose of CoQ10, levels plateau and only 100mg is needed for maintenance.

      I think our Video: FSH Levels & Fertility – What You Need To Know will be of great help to you. There are dietary, lifestyle and herbal ways to support the healthy function of the endocrine system which is how to try to influence FSH levels.

  2. Avatar

    Do you have any scientific, peer reviewed articles on maca doing what this site claims? I haven’t been able to find any.

    • Dear Beth,

      It is important to know that we rely heavily on the historical and clinical use of herbs and superfoods when sharing of their efficacy and ability to support the body. That said, did you see the reference list on this very article (at the bottom, click “References”. Those may be the type you are looking for. A Google Scholar search may lead you others or consider also checking out what the American Botanical Council has published.

  3. Avatar

    I am about to start a clomid treatment to help me conceive will the maca and clomid be ok to take together.

    • Dear Kristy,

      It would be best to ask your healthcare provider if he/she would approve of taking Maca with Clomid. We can’t suggest it unless your healthcare provider approves as herbs that act on the hormonal system could affect how your medications are working.

  4. Avatar

    my friends wife have prob off egg devlopement . any solution for that. maca will help or not

  5. Avatar

    Is Maca safe to take with Vitex? Is that over doing it?

  6. Avatar

    good day,
    my name is Wendy, i would like to ask i have just turned 50 and had a baby girl at the age of 42 and before that i have 3 miscarried and i have been trying and nothing is helping me.
    the beginning of the year i order cassava fertility pills to have twins and i have paid for it and never received it.
    i would like to try Maca with my husband and hope to fall pregnant with twins or tripple, please tell me where can i buy your product from do you have a shop in South africa.
    and one more thing the doctor told me that my linning is to thin that’s why i can’t get pregnant, my husband sperm was tested and he is fine , pleasehelp me fall pregnant.

    thank you


    • Hello Wendy!

      I am sorry for your losses and the experience you had with the company selling Cassava.

      Maca is a wonderful fertility superfood, but is not going to help you conceive multiples. No natural therapy or plant is guaranteed to do that (nor is medicine). Maca alone is not all to consider either. We typically suggest women 50 and over work one on one with a practitioner near you, someone who specializes in fertility health of women naturally transitioning hormonally. A starting pt. could be or

      My best to you!

  7. Avatar

    Dear Elizabeth W, i have been married for 5years without a child. I did Seminal Fluid Analysis test and by semen pH is 8.5, semen volume is 4.0ml, progressive motility 29%, morphology 59%.(1) what is the implication of this result?. (2) Do i need organic maca root powder? (3) What is your possible advice. Thank you ma.

    • Dear Lawrence,

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      I think our most informative resource for you will be our guide Increasing Low Sperm Count and Improving Male Fertility…. It will share what we know are to be general healthy parameters for male fertility, particularly semen analysis, along with natural ways to support male fertility health. Maca could be one of those ways, but may not be all to consider as we know diet and lifestyle are key areas to focus on as well.

      My best!

  8. Avatar

    I just had a miscarriage. Got positive few days before Aug 20, then bled on Sept 5. The bleeding continued up to 4 days. Spotting on the 5th day.

    My OB ordered some tests: FSH, blood count, TSH, Ferritin, Estradiol which I need to do on my 2nd or 3rd day of my upcoming period.

    While I’m waiting for my period, can I just start taking Maca (and/or) Vites with my prenatal vitamins?

    Thank you!

    • Hello Imee!

      I am so very sorry!

      It is not the time to begin Maca and Vitex because you are awaiting testing. Vitex and Maca do not contain hormones itself, but Vitex in particular acts on the pituitary gland, so theoretically could influence the outcome of the results, since the pituitary gland plays a key role in hormone manufacturing and regulation.

      We feel it is best to not take any herbs that have an influence on hormones in the same cycle hormone testing is performed. A place to focus now is on easy steps to nourish and recover from miscarriage. We share them in our guide After Miscarriage: 5 Steps To Recovery.

      My very best!

  9. Avatar

    Dear Elizabeth,
    I have recently undergone an abdominal and transabdominal pelvic ultrasound. The doctor required me for further gynecological/surgical consultation. Also, further cross-sectional imaging of my abdomen/pelvis and blood work for tumor markers are suggested, because they found out a large slightly complex cystic mass in the pelvis and on the right side of my abdomen, not separately identified from my right ovary and it say’s that this most likely represents cystadenoma of the right ovary. The other differential diagnosis includes omental/mesenteric cyst. Can you please give me a piece of advice, on how to deal with this using a Castrol oil pack and Maca root?
    Thank you.

    • Dear Ann,

      It is going to be best to follow your doctor’s advice for treating/removing the cystadenoma after which a natural fertility program could be employed to help the body maintain optimal ovarian health and hormonal balance. We explain more in detail in our guide How to Help Ovarian Cysts Naturally and Safely with Herbs and Supplements….

      My best!

    • Avatar

      Dear Ann,

      While I also would agree to trust your Doctor, I have been doing some research on the enzyme serrapeptase and it might help with your condition. It has been extremely successful for women who have cysts (PCOS), endometriosis, blocked tubes etc. It breaks down/dissolves masses and I think it would be good for you to look into. There are tons of videos on youtube and info on the web about it, you can find it on Amazon if you decide to give it a try.

      Good luck!

  10. Avatar

    Thank you so much for this summary – we have been trying to conceive for over 8 months but think issues with high histamine levels (autoimmune type condition) when estrogen is dominant (before period, before and during ovulation) is preventing conception or implantation. Do you know if Maca can reduce estrogen and increse progesterone> Do you recommend taking Maca at certain phases of a cycle (before, during or after ovulation) or continuously? Do you know about the impacts of elevated histamine and conceiving? Thanks so much for your advice!

  11. Avatar

    Hello & thank you for this site. I would like to know if Maca Root powder raises or increases testosterone levels in women? I have mentioned I started taking this to balance my hormones & two different people have commented that was a BAD idea, as Maca will increase testosterone levels & not balance anything. Is this true? I have tried to find this info or study online, but no luck. Can you please give me your thoughts? I am trying to balance my hormones for a last chance at trying to have a child. I am 41, & have 1 child already. My FSH is 9.5, LH is 2.3 & my progesterone @ day 22 of my 25 day cycle was 0.9 (which I know is terribly low). I still have a month to see my doc. Please advise

    • Dear Angela,

      Fertilica Maca has the amazing ability to support healthy hormonal balance to the level that each person who takes it needs. It doesn’t contain plant hormones and is not know to raise or lower any hormone level that does not need to be. While it is known to nourish the endocrine and immune systems, it is primarily known as a fertility super food that provides many different micronutrients foundational for sperm and egg health support, energy and libido and for those experiencing high stress levels.

      If it might be helpful, we offer Natural Fertility Consultations. Working one on one with one of our consultants is a great way to create a natural fertility program designed specifically for your needs.

      Do you have at least an 11/12 day luteal phase and know when you ovulate? Have you heard of Vitex or Natural Progesterone Cream?

  12. Avatar

    Hi ladies,
    Just wanted to add that maca might not be suitable for persons with bipolar disorder, as it is very effective at energizing both body&mind. It can be used with precaution in smaller doses and while tracking the effects to avoid over-stimulation and going into the manic phase.

    For people who live in northern climates and have seasonal affective disorder tied to their bipolarity, i.e. depressive risk during winter and more likely to have mania during summer, it might be a good idea to take the energy-stimulating herbs only in the darker months and gradually cut them back in springtime.

  13. Avatar

    wow, i just found this site and I LOVE IT!
    I have Fibroids and endometriosis and 1 ovarian cyst. I’m confuse bc In many places for all over internet says that Maca (and Milk Thistle) is no good for my symptoms bc can increase estrogen, but now I’m seeing in this amazing article that Maca can help my issues!
    Can I take Milk Thistle also for clean my liver from estrogen?
    Can I take Maca if I take Milk Thistle? and DIM? and Spirulina? none of them apposite each other?
    thank you

    • Dear Sol,

      Welcome! We are glad you found us too!

      Maca and Milk Thistle are more likely to offer hormone balancing benefits than they are to increase estrogen when taken as suggested. They are amazing and can be combined with DIM and Spirulina. With that, we also know that diet and lifestyle are very important. Our guide 5 Steps to Reversing Endometriosis Infertility explains this more and offers many tips to learn more about that may benefit the body in working through all you are dealing with.

      If you are still unsure of where to begin, or how to proceed, please consider working one on one with our fertility herbalist who can lay out an entire natural fertility program for you based on your specific fertility health needs. This is offered through a Fertility Consultation.

      My best!

  14. Avatar

    I’m 39 and just had my last child 2 and a half years ago. my husband and I started trying again after I stopped birth control about 6 months ago. With no luck I went to my doctor who advised a AMH test which came back at 0.50. She advised me to go to a fertility clinic. I’m also going to take a Day 21 Progesterone test this week. But I wanted to know if Maca root would be a good recommendation for my case.

  15. Avatar

    What is recommended…? I just got some test results back and my AMH levels are low with “in range” FSH and Estradiol levels. I was reading about Maca and see that there are different options like, black, red, gold, granulated, gelatin, or capsule forms. Are there any suggestions on the preferred kind of Maca for egg quality help? I make smoothies so that would be my preferred method of usage. I’m 38 yo and trying to conceive. I’m not on any medications except prenatals and I’d also like to know at what point during my cycle should I start using this while trying to conceive? Thank you!

  16. Avatar

    I am 42 year old. My estrogen level was low when second half of my menstrual cycle (10-17th) day. So can I use maca ? I am preparing for IVF. Please advise me.

    • Dear Barsuren,

      Estrogen levels surge before and at ovulation after which they typically begin to lower. If you are not taking medication in preparation for IVF, Maca could be considered given what I know. If you have begun medications in preparation for IVF, Maca is not to be started. Have you seen our free IVF Preparation Checklist? You may appreciate having that too.

      Best wishes!

  17. Avatar

    Thank you for the comprehensive article on Maca and fertility. You really did the subject some justice. I never knew he was once priced more than gold.

  18. Avatar

    Dear Elizabeth, is it ok to use maca powder if I have fibroids and endometriosis? Would it be beneficial?
    Also, I have been taken don guai as a part of Eight Treasures (Ba Zhen Wang) prescribed to me by a Chinese doctor, and my periods were very light, though usually I have heavy ones. Is it a good sign or not, what do you think?

    • Dear Silvia,

      These are great questions to ask your Chinese Doctor! We know there can be shifts on the menstrual cycle when first beginning herbs that support hormonal balance should that be what the Chinese herbal formula are on is for. While I know shifts can be alarming, they are often a good sign the body is responding to the actions of the herbs. Typically within 1-3 cycles of use of the herbs, the cycle will begin to show pattern and regularity again.

      Maca is not contraindicated for women with uterine fibroids or endometriosis, yet it would be best to ask if it can be taken with the Chinese herbs you are on. I am not knowledgeable enough about Chinese herbs to know this.

      My best!

  19. Avatar

    Hello, I have been trying to get pregnant for a long time and my friend suggested this, she said that she stayed pregnant next month after trying for 3 years. I purchased a red maca organic pills for fertility, do you think it will help? I have heard/red many positive results.
    Thank you!

    • Dear Jess,

      We love Maca! We often suggest the golden maca however. It will be best to follow the suggested use of the maker of the product your purchased and reach out to the manufacturer with questions.

      My best!

  20. Avatar

    Hello! I have hypothalamic amenorrhea and will be starting my next (5th) round of IUI (using follistim) next week. I just came across this site and page and was curious if taking Maca would throw off/interfere with the affects of the injectibles? Thank you!!!

  21. Avatar

    I have been taking Maca for about two months. I have seen an increase in CM and libido, but on my second cycle I ovulated CD11 and got my period on CD 25. I had been ovulating CD 14 and CD28 period. Should I stop taking Maca? Is it OK to ovulate earlier now? Thanks!

    • Dear Meghan,

      If you feel strongly about how Maca is benefitting you, then it could be continued. For some the menstrual cycle can shift when they first begin taking an herb that nourishes the endocrine system. This is concerning we know, but a sign the body is responding. The cycle will often begin to show patter and regularity around three cycles of use. With that however, the effectiveness of Maca alone will depend on your diet and lifestyle, as well as any underlying health and/or fertility health issues.

      It is fine to ovulate early with a 25 day cycle. The usual range of a healthy cycle is between 21 and 35 days… a 12-day luteal phase is considered most important.

  22. Avatar

    My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years. I recently got pregnant in Jan after my first IUI and was diagnosed with a blighted ovum at 6 weeks. My prolactin level was a little high and my vitamin D was a little low before I got pregnant. I also found out I have a small pituitary adenoma and started taking bromocriptine. My periods are regular, last 2-3 days and bright red. I wanted to know if Maca could help me conceive on my own. If hormones are normal will it throw them off? Thank You!

    • Hi Vanessa!

      While Maca is classified as a food, it is best to discuss taking it with your doctor because you are on a medication. It is a key supplement for supporting egg and sperm health and may be worth considering. I can not know if it along will hep you conceive on your own. It may help to learn other natural ways to help prevent blighted ovum and increase your chances of a successful pregnancy in our guide What is Blighted Ovum Pregnancy Loss?. Feel free to take this article or any information about Maca with you to your doctor to possibly help him understand its benefits and why you wish to try it.

  23. Avatar

    Hi! My OB diagnosed me with PCOS and one of my symptoms is high testosterone. I’ve seen Maca helps raise testosterone in men, so will that happen for me too or could it lower my testosterone?

  24. Avatar

    Hello, I’ve been researching maca for quite a while now and I really want to take it to help balance my hormones, as well as all of the other benefits BUT I am not on birth control and am terrified it will make me get pregnant. I’m 23 and not ready for a baby. Am I playing with by taking it? The benefits are so appealing, but pregnancy is not.

    • Dear Katie,

      Not to worry! Maca will not make you get pregnant. If you use protection, should you choose to have intercourse during your fertile window (the days around ovulation often mid-cycle), or are sure to abstain from intercourse during your fertile window, you are not likely to conceive.

  25. Avatar

    Hi is Maca good for hair loss and thinning I’ve heard mix reports?

  26. Avatar


    Thanks for a great article on Maca.

    I’ve heard some places that it is recommended to take a brake with maca as to not build up a resistance to it. Is this true? Do we get accustomed to it and therefore have to up the dose?

    Thanks so much!


    • Dear Ibbi,

      I have not read sound evidence of this, yet when the body begins to show balance or reach a “plateau” of sorts – you regularly feel the benefits of Maca and they don’t change – it may be time to consider cutting back or weaning off of Maca to see if the body can maintain that balance on its own.

  27. Avatar

    Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with (LUFS) Luteinized Unruptured Follicle Syndrome , I read that this can be accompanied by elevated natural killer cells which could be the cause for my repeated miscarriages on the odd chance that this and the unruptured follicles could be caused by these natural killer cells. Can Maca help with my condition? I am less concerned with the unruptured follicles and more concerned with the miscarriages as we are considering IVF with donor eggs in the near future.

  28. Avatar

    Hi, Please suggest what are the best products to consume to increase eggs growth and also my husband is diagnosed as low sperm count with lot of defective sperms, and my age is 32 and my husband age is 34, Please help me to take the right products. And my hubby doesn;t like to take any products, Please suggest to give products in tea everyday, will inositol powder and Maca will help both, If Yes, Please suggest the quantity and type to take, and doctor has advised for IVF, but chances are only 40% as per doctor, Please please do help me.

  29. Avatar

    Hi, Please help me, how to use maca powder for male and infertility, Please help me with the benefits nd timely using the product, Can this be given mixing with coffee and tea, as my hubby doesn’t like taking any powders.

  30. Avatar

    Hi. Will it still be effective if I add maca powder in my green tea?

  31. Avatar

    Hi Elizabeth! As Maca is a roott-like cruciferous vegetable, do you think it’s okay to consume if I have an endometrioma? Would that be any good side effect on it?

  32. Avatar

    When should you stop using maca root? If maca root is used to increase pregnancy and help you fall pregnant, yet it is being said to NOT use during pregnancy, how do you know when and if you should use maca root? I want to fall pregnant but during that 2 week wait if I continue to use maca root, I do not want to harm the pregnancy

    • Dear Mac,

      Maca can be used without concern while actively trying to conceive. It can be weaned off of over a week when you determine you are pregnant. There is a 6-10 day window during which the embryo has yet to implant, or if it has the placenta has yet to form, and isn’t receiving any nutrients or toxins from the mother. Maca has not been studied for use in pregnancy and that is why we can not suggest its use. Seek support from an herbalist and or midwife if you are interested in continuing the use of Maca in pregnancy.

  33. Avatar

    Hello, Inread on one of the responses that you don’t recommend maca for someone with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. Is it because this is an autoimmune disease? Why is maca not indicated for use with Hashimoto’s? Thank you in advance.

    • Dear Deb,

      I have read reports of people with overactive thyroid, or hyperthyroidism, which may and does lead to for some, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, taking adaptogenic herbs and feeling the symptoms of hyperthyroidism increase. It is because of this that we have to suggest only using herbs like Maca under the care of your herbalist or healthcare provider. It will be helpful to work with a practitioner who knows your specific needs and can help adjust doses should there be a need.

      The other reason is that thyroid hormone medication is often indicated. When taking any medication, it is best to consult your healthcare provider if you wish to supplement with herbs in addition to the medication you are taking.

      My best!

  34. Avatar

    i am 34 years old and diagnosed with perimenopause, not having periods for 4 months
    can i use maca and which one……..

  35. Avatar

    I am 35 years old and have been taking Maca in an attempt to regulate my cycles for the past 2 months. While taking Maca noticed that my thyroid levels have improved. I would like to know if an imbalance in hormones levels could return once pregnancy is achieved and I stop taking Maca. I am concerned about the risk of miscarriage.



    • Dear Sarah,

      It’s great to hear of the effectiveness of Maca for you!

      There may be a chance that Maca and any other things you are doing to naturally prepare pregnancy will help the body maintain healthy thyroid function in pregnancy. There could also be a chance that thyroid health may need to be supported in pregnancy and your doctor is the best to offer this support.

      Consider talking to your doctor about your thyroid health concerns!

  36. Avatar

    Hi there,
    I am looking for Maca powder gelatinized or capsules. Where can i get them?
    Thank you,

  37. Avatar


    Many thanks for this article. I have been on IVF cycles to freeze my eggs. Due to my age (38) my reserve is low. Unfortunately my latest cycle attempts have not been successful (where eggs were collected but were not mature and other attempts included ovulation before retrieval) so I decided to give my body a short break and try acupuncture and natural remedies before starting again. I have read a number of blogs and women have mentioned consuming maca. Would maca be beneficial in my case?

    Thank you!

    • Dear Angela,

      Fertilica Maca is a fertility super food with many different micronutrients and is considered foundational for sperm and egg health support, energy and libido and for those experiencing high stress levels. Given all of this it certainly may be worth considering. I think you may also appreciate the tips we offer in our guide How to Increase Your Egg Health in 90 Days whether you choose to try to conceive on your own or prepare fro another IVF.

      My best to you!

  38. Avatar

    Interested in using maca

  39. Avatar

    I tried Maca powder and it didn’t work for me, instead it made my bowel movements sluggish. I wasn’t bloating or gassy but nothing would pass for 3 days and on the 3rd day it was difficult. I had to stop to have a normal movement. It now sits in my cupboard.

    • Dear Shantelle,

      I am sorry to hear this was your experience!

      This is not common of Fertilica Maca powder. Were you using Fertilica brand Maca powder? Were you eating plenty of fiber from whole foods – fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats – and staying hydrated with water or herbal tea?

  40. Avatar

    I started taking maca Femmenessence about 3 months ago. I have a regular cycle & normal flow. For the past 2 months the flow has been light & the duration shorter. Is this typical, or should I stop taking the maca?

    • Dear Melissa,

      This would be a great experience to share/question to ask the makers of this product. Do reach out to them! Some women do experience cycle shifts when first beginning an herb with the potential to impact hormonal balance. We typically see shifts work themselves out within 1-3 cycles of use however. Do be sure you are using the product as suggested as well, within the general suggested use of Maca which is 500-3,000mg daily.

  41. Avatar

    Hi, my periods are never regular. It comes between every 6 weeks to 8 weeks. you think maca would help me to regulate my periods? I also had 2 ectopic pregnancies and 1 miscarriage. I want to try again soon. what are your recommendation for a successful pregnancy. many thanks

  42. Avatar

    Was wondering if maca should help with menstrual cycles irregularities and flow to increase fertility. Been doing some research also on acupuncture and its success in fixing hormone and flow imbanaces. Just started taking maca powder in green smoothies and notice more energy already : ) Also as far as “too much exercise’ while trying to conceive, does the same go for women trying to get to their ideal weight and body training? I recently switched to a mostly vegetarian diet and joined a kickboxing gym and have lost 32 lbs in the past 9 months and probably in the best shape of my life at 34. Still trying to lose a little more weight just not sure if recommended. BMI is a fit and healthy 27

    • Dear Lily,

      Maca is a fertility super food with many different micronutrients and is considered foundational for sperm and egg health support, energy and libido and for those experiencing high stress levels. Fertilica Maca has been shown to nourish the endocrine system in support of hormonal balance and the immune system. It can also support a healthy stress response in the body. It is for both men and women.

      Regarding excess exercise, we have two guides to offer thoughts.
      Is Exercise Good Or Bad For Fertility?
      Exercise and Infertility: The Goldilocks Conundrum

      This is truly a hard topic! We want you to feel great and be at a healthy, your ideal, weight. I think what it comes down to in terms if when exercise it too much is if the person is battling infertility or exercises so much that for example menstruation stops. Do you think your level of exercise is why menstrual flow is light? If so, maybe cutting back to see how things change would be worth trying. If not, then it may be that the amount of exercise you do isn’t a problem.

      I hope this helps!

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your response, these are good articles and good to know. I don’t think the amount of exercise I’m doing is affecting my cycle but it definitely falls into the category of whats not recommended according to the article. Thanks for the info.

  43. Avatar

    Hi there, I am 40 years old, 41 soon. My husband and I are thinking to up the ante in trying to conceive one last child. We do have secondary infertility – sex through fertile times of month for over 4 years since our youngest was born and no baby since. We haven’t been to docs for this since we thought we were done having children and aren’t considering seeking ART. But would love one more baby through natural means. It took 2.5 years to conceive our second child, 5 years after the first was born 8 years ago. Also my husband had an analysis 8 years ago; at the time he had extremely low SA counts. Would Maca help? We just started taking it. Any specific type? We got a raw organic powder.

  44. Avatar

    I am 82, woman with a history of compression fractures from osteoporosis. My Hg was less than 5 and I was given 2 units of blood and sent to a teaching hospital in Syracuse. They did an endoscopy and colonoscopy and found no bleeding. I haven’t eaten beef in 12 years. Doctors feel it is nutritional and I am eating beef from cows grain fed, no antibiotics. My thyroid is low and I have taken meds since 1979, I am taking maca and feel it is helping my energy level. I also take bee pollen with gens end. Am I doing good for myself

    • Hello Betty Lou!

      I am sorry to hear of the challenge you’ve been faced with. It sounds like your diet and lifestyle are supportive of overall health. I am sorry assisting women beyond their fertile years is not my area of expertise. There is a lot of information on the web about naturally boosting health with osteoporosis, but it may be best if wishing for a natural approach to seek the support of a naturopathic doctor or herbalist near you.

      Best wishes!

  45. Avatar

    I was wondering if there were any recorded studies regarding pregnant women that have taken Maca? I’ve only been able to find various message boards or blogs where some women have stated they used it with no complications. Just trying to locate other sources.

    • Dear Kiwian,

      I do not know of any scientific studies of Maca’s use in human pregnancy. Studies are either done on rats, or show the benefits/efficacy of Maca used pre-pregnancy. Although I know studies can be reassuring, there are few researchers willing to experiment with herbs on pregnant women in the event there is even a slight chance there could be an negative impact on the pregnancy.

      If interested in continuing or using Maca into pregnancy, finding a qualified naturopath, herbalist or midwife may be helpful.

      Best wishes!

  46. Avatar

    Hi, i would like to find out if there are anyone who should be avoiding maca root powder at all? Like people with hypothyroid and hashimoto (autoimmune disease)? Or is it actually safe to take in general? And it would actually in hope even take away the thyroid issue? I am not on any medications, so far the doctor says it’s very borderline.

    • Dear Evon Yu,

      It is those with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis that should not use Maca unless their healthcare provider is guiding them in doing so. What we have learned is that Maca offers nourishment that most others, men and women, can benefit from.

  47. Avatar

    Hi there. I am a little confused about if I would be a good candidate for maca. I have been trying to conceive for 17 months with no success. We have been tested and everything shows up normal and thus have been diagnosed with unexplained. I have read great things about maca, but also that it can prolong your cycle and delay ovulation in some women. I have a very regular cycle (27-29 days), but I do have a fairly light and scanty flow. I also ovulate very regularly between day 13-15. I am getting ready to prep for IVF, but want to give this a try before we start. Any advice would be appreciated. I am just nervous to try it and mess my regular cycles up. Thank you!

    • Dear MD,

      It is my experience that it is rare to experience cycle shifts from Maca alone. It is an amazing fertility superfood for men and women, but not to be used with IVF medications. It can be rather fast-acting however in terms of its ability to support libido and energy levels.

      If there is light, bright red menstruation, this may also be a sign of a lack of circulation to the uterus (called a ‘cold uterus’ in Traditional Chinese Medicine). This may be helped by these herbs and natural therapies (all best used before IVF begins):
      Dong quai
      Self Fertility Massage
      Castor Oil packs
      Heating packs
      Moderate, daily exercise (a brisk walk is great)

      It may be worth trying a natural therapy such as Castor Oil Packs or Self Fertility Massage and daily exercise is taking an herb makes you nervous as it is more likely that nervousness/stress will impact menstrual cycle timing than Maca would.

      I hope this is helpful!

    • Avatar

      Thanks for getting back to me. The reason I want to try maca is because I have already tried castor oil packs (which have helped me bleed a little more), heating packs and daily exercise (I walk 40 minutes each way to and from work, do additional cardio twice a week, and yoga another 4 times a week). None of this has helped so far, so I wanted to give maca a go. I wouldn’t take it during any treatment, just before to try one last thing before IVF. Do you think that is a good idea? I also have not tried Dong Quai. Can you take that with Maca? Thanks again.

    • Hello again MD!

      Fertilica Maca and Dong Quai can be combined. This is fine!

      Maca has been shown to nourish the endocrine and immune systems, and support a healthy stress response in the body. It is a nutrient-packed, fertility super food that we consider foundational for sperm and egg health support, energy and libido. Ultimately it may be best to learn all you can about Maca to choose whether it is right for you or not.

      Do you walk 80 minutes 5 days a week and then also do cardio and Yoga? This may be hard to change, but also may be encroaching on too much exercise for fertility. Do you happen to know your BMI? I know it is funny to read “too much exercise”, but when battling unexplained infertility this can be factor. The menstrual cycle can fluctuate and periods be scant when a woman exercises too much or her body fat content is too low (low BMI and overexercising).

      Thank you for allowing to to think in type… I just want to be thorough with you as you seek answers and try to decided the best natural therapies for your needs.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your response Elizabeth. I do walk 80 minutes a day (5 days) & then also do cardio & yoga. I used to walk 80 minutes & do 40 minutes of cardio everyday, but I cut back a lot & am willing to cut back more if I need to or cut it out completely. I don’t know my bmi off the top of my head, I weigh about 105lbs & I’m 5’3″. I have been trying to gain a little in the last few months, but have only put on a few lbs. Not sure if that helps. My cycle is pretty regular in terms of timing, but my flow is very light, although acupuncture and castor oil packs have helped. When I ask my doctors if I should cut back exercise or gain weight they always so no, just don’t lose weight. Any advice?

    • Hello again MD!

      Thank you for sharing this information. Your BMI, based on height and weight, is 18.6 (18.5 is considered the lowest end of normal, under 18.5 is underweight according to most resources). So, be sure to focus on eating healthy proteins and fats daily to stay within the normal range for your height and weight. Being underweight can contribute to fertility issues.

      Do also be sure to stay hyrdated while exercising. Fluid intake can impact menstrual flow. In terms of “light”, might this be your normal? I think another helpful resource will be our guide What About Unexplained Infertility? if you have not seen that.

      In terms of trying Maca, if it makes you nervous or worry that there is a even a slight possibility your cycle will shift, then it may be best to not use it. Worry and stress also impact menstrual cycle and fertility health. We don’t want you to worry about any natural therapies you are using.

      I hope the guides I have linked you to in our replies here are helpful!

    • Avatar

      In response to MD and her questions about maca and conceiving: I was unable to conceive for 7 years. I began taking Whole World Botanicals Maca with DIM (pill form) to assist with my insomnia issues that are thyroid related. I have also dealt with hot flashes (I’m only 36) and lots of clotting during my cycles. I started taking the pills May 21st of this year and I just found out that I’m pregnant…just over 4 months after starting the pills. I also eased up on cardio intense workouts and gained a small amount of body fat (just a bit for me: I’m 5’4″ and usually a very lean 115-118 pounds and I gained about 4-6 pounds and softened up a bit). it may be worth a try for you. ?

    • Dear Jamie,

      Thank you for replying to MD and Congratulations! I hope you are feeling well and wish for you a happy and healthy pregnancy, birth and baby!

  48. Avatar

    I am 51yrs.old and have not had a peroid for two years. Could this possibly help me get pregnant or should I accept that my time is done?

    • Dear Laurie,

      While Maca may offer many benefits, it may not be alone all you need to conceive. Since time is of the essence and herbs aren’t able to reverse the natural, healthy aging process that is menopause, our team feels that it is in your best interest to work with a practitioner who supports natural preparation for pregnancy that is accessible to you. Consider reaching out to the practitioners at

      I am sure you have read the statistics about conception and what is known about pregnancy complications for women over the age of 50. We want you to have the best chance at a healthy pregnancy and baby, and only working with a qualified practitioner is going to help you be able to do that!

  49. Avatar

    I have been diagnosed with endometriosis and recently had surgery. Is it possible to take Maca with Endometriosis. My Gynae has also prescribed Clomid, is it possible to take Maca with a fertility drug.

    • Dear Shan,

      While Maca offers many fertility health benefits and is not contraindicated for those with endometriosis, we can not suggest its use with Clomid. If you are currently already on fertility medications, you should not combine herbs with your medications. Herbs that act on the hormonal system could affect how your medications are working.

      What can be considered are dietary and lifestyle changes to help the body maintain a health inflammation response and proper growth of endometrial tissue. Consider learning about foods to eat and avoid, as well as lifestyle changes in our guide 5 Steps to Reversing Endometriosis Infertility.

      Take care!

  50. Avatar

    Hi. I am 36 and we have been trying to get pregnant for 10 months. I recently went under screening at fertility clinic and they said everything looks perfect both for me and my husband and they said the only thing is that I have thin endometrium lining (6mm). Is there anyhow to fix this naturally? If so what should I take? Thanks!