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Men, Should You Also Prepare for Conception?…Fertility Cleansing for Men

Men, Should You Also Prepare for Conception?…Fertility Cleansing for Men

Toxins, pesticides, and pollutants in our environment are having an effect on both women’s and men’s fertility. When a couple is preparing for fertility, it is a good idea for both to cleanse the body of toxins, chemicals, and excess hormones. The chemicals, pesticides, and toxins in our environment are having a huge impact on male fertility. In the last 50 years, sperm counts have been cut in half.

The Current State Male Fertility & Sperm Health

Watch: Pesticides In Foods & Male Fertility
  • Sperm counts have been cut in half in the last fifty years – and 85% of that is abnormal.
  • In the last few decades, there has been a 200% increase in male genital birth defects.
  • In the more than 20 heavily industrialized nations of the World, male birth rates have declined. Since 1970, there have been nearly 3 million fewer baby boys.
  • The quality of sperm is declining. Eighty-five per cent of the sperm produced by a healthy male is DNA-damaged.
  • Boys have a higher incidence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, Tourette’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, and dyslexia.

There are recent studies that are now pointing the finger at pesticides and chemicals in our water as the cause to men’s declining fertility.

The Men’s Fertility Cleanse uses whole herbs and green superfoods to help the body cleanse itself of toxins and excess hormones. Many of the fertility challenges men face can be linked to two main culprits: Hormonal imbalance or environmental toxins.

Toxins that Affect Male Fertility

“Endocrine disrupting compounds” (EDC) found in synthetic chemicals like phthalates mimic estrogen in the body and can have a negative impact on the hormonal balance. The endocrine system is responsible for the intricate dance of hormones that are constantly ebbing and flowing. EDC have the ability to mimic estrogen in both men and women. In men, this can cause a decline in testosterone and can affect the quality of the sperm. These EDC compounds are found in plastics, sprayed on foods, and in the water supply.

Pesticides sprayed on produce

The pesticides found on produce can have a HUGE effect on men’s hormonal balance. Pesticides mimic estrogens in the body, which can cause a decrease in testosterone and can cause hormonal imbalance.

“Men with high levels of three common pesticides in their urine are more than 10 times as likely to have low-quality sperm than men who haven’t been exposed to the chemicals” -Medical News Today, June 2003

Also, men with levels of alachlor (an herbicide used on corn and soybeans) in their urine were 30 times more likely to have lower sperm counts and less vigorous sperm than men who had much lower exposures to this common chemical.

The way to best avoid consuming these anti-fertility chemicals is to eat only organic produce and drink purified water, as the herbicides and pesticides run off into the drinking water supply.

Hormones found in Dairy

Estrogens are fed to dairy cows to produce more milk. When you drink milk that is not organic, you will also be ingesting these hormones. Excess estrogens in men have been linked to low sperm counts, …

Hormones found in commercial Meats

Conventional meats contain a lot of different hormones and antibiotics. For the same reason you want to avoid the estrogens mentioned above, meats contain them in concentrated amounts. Make sure to eat organically raised or free-range meats only.

How to Prevent and Reverse the Fertility Damage Caused by Environmental Toxins

1. Reduce exposure to these estrogen-mimicking toxins.

  • Stop using pesticides of all sorts, bug sprays, lawn sprays. – Instead use organic treatments for your lawn and garden and natural bug sprays made with essential oils.
  • Avoid exposure to solvents, plastics, cosmetics, and soaps made with petrochemical based emulsifiers – a.k.a. mineral oil. Switch to a skin care line that is safe and pure.
  • Do not use mineral oil products on your body. Mineral oil is made from crude oil (the same stuff we make motor oil, gasoline, and plastics out of) and is like putting plastic on your skin.
  • Do not microwave your food in plastic. This will release the xenohormones into your food.
  • Stop wearing polyester clothing (it is made out of plastic).

2. Eat organic produce, meats, and dairy.

Eat all vegetables organic
Conventional produce contains harmful herbicides and pesticides which have been shown to negatively affect both male and female fertility.

Eat only organic dairy products
Dairy that is not organic contains added hormones and antibiotics which can contribute to increased estrogen levels in the body. Also keep dairy products to a minimum because of their congesting nature.

Eat only red meat that is Grass Fed and Organic
Conventionally raised cattle contain high levels of added hormones and antibiotics which can contribute to estrogen dominant conditions. Grass Fed meats, on the other hand, are a great source of essential fatty acids, are low in saturated fat, and are a great source of protein. It is best to eat no more than 4oz. of red meats per serving.

Eat only chicken that is free range/Organic
Like red meat, conventionally raised chicken is full of antibiotics and hormones which can have negative effects on hormonal health. When shopping for chicken, look for the words “cage free”, “free range”, or “organic” on the label.

3. Aid the liver in cleansing toxins and excess hormones from the body.

The Men’s Fertility Cleanse uses whole herbs and green superfoods to help the body cleanse itself of toxins and excess hormones. Many of the fertility challenges men face can be linked to two main culprits: Hormonal imbalance or environmental toxins.

The Male Fertility Cleanse is a special cleanse that uses specific herbs, foods, and techniques to help men detoxify their bodies, promote healthy sperm production, and sexual health.

The herbs, vitamins and minerals in the cleanse help the body to release toxins and excess hormones by:

Detoxifying the liver

The liver helps to filter toxins from the body including excess hormones. If there is an overabundance of estrogen, the liver will be overloaded and in need of a little herbal help. The cleansing herbs included in the kit help the liver to cleanse itself and support the body in eliminating excess environmental toxins and estrogens.

Nourish the Endocrine system

In today’s world, the endocrine system is under a lot of stress. The endocrine system is responsible for hormone production and secretions. When there is a fertility issue occurring, such as low sperm count or morphology, the hormone balance is usually the reason. If the endocrine system is compromised from too much stress, poor nutrition, or excessive pollutants, the hormonal balance will then be affected. This then shows up as low sperm count, poor morphology, or fertility issues. The herbs in the Male Fertility Cleanse help to support the endocrine system to be healthy and nourished.

Increase circulation and Aids with Sexual Health

One of the most important factors to sexual health is proper circulation. The main cause for erectile dysfunction is atherosclerosis. The herbs in the Male Fertility Cleanse help to increase the circulation and get needed blood and nutrients to the reproductive system.

Do You Need To Cleanse?

Ask yourself these questions

Do you suffer from unexplained fatigue or depression?
Do you have a distended stomach?
Do you experience frequent colds and flu?
Do you have dark circles under your eyes?
Are you stressed out often?
Do you have liver spots or itchy skin?
Do you have less than 2 bowel movements a day?
Do you have acne?
Do you have low libido?
Do you have low sperm count?
Do you eat conventional meats and dairy?
Have you been on medication or antibiotics for longer than 1 week?

The 30-Day Male Fertility Cleanse is designed to:

  • Support detoxification of excess estrogen hormones
  • Detoxify environmental toxins from the blood
  • Alkalinize the body through superfood greens
  • Increase circulation to the reproductive system
  • Support the production of healthy sperm
  • Cleanse the blood of toxins and chemicals
  • Promote healthy liver function
  • Support the endocrine hormonal system
  • Increase vitality and immunity
  • Support a healthy digestive system

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  1. Avatar

    We cant open the above link. Please provide the alternative

  2. Avatar

    Can the Male Fertility Cleanse Kit help me in that? I do not want to get pregnant, but we want to keep our sex life active and healthy, we are 51 years old.

  3. Avatar

    Am azoospermia and ve done varisectomy operation.
    Drugs taken so far are proceed plus and vitamin E.
    Am a Dibetic and ve no child yet.
    Age 48yrs.
    Pls assist me……..

    • Dear Albert,

      I am sorry to hear this. Azoospermia can be a challenge to treat naturally. It will help if you can learn the cause. If you have had a vasectomy, you will need to discuss reversal with your doctor in order to have any chance at natural conception.

      I am sorry my reply is so bleak, but this is just the reality of what you are dealing with.

  4. Avatar

    Thank you for your response about the fertility cleanse.

    The donor who is working with my wife and I shows a low sperm count (Below 20 million/cc) on a home test. Would the fertility cleanse for men help him? Should he end it early if he is not able to complete it before our first attempt to inseminate? (March 5th was the date given in meditation, which happens to coincide with my cycle if this month is on time).

    Also, with the fertility diet, I do not eat red meat but have added fish & liver into my diet and increased eggs. I already eat a lot of greens. What would you recommend in terms of balance and receiving particular nutrients if I am not eating dairy (except eggs) or meat?

    • Dear Mallory!

      The Male Fertility Cleanse is best able to support male fertility health and sperm health if completed in its entirety. It may be most beneficial given the time frame remaining prior to the insemination for him to focus on diet and lifestyle to boost nutrient levels and provide ample amounts of antioxidants to his cells, and alter his lifestyle some to support hormonal balance. Our guide to Increasing Low Sperm Count and Improving Male Fertility… shares more information on each of these areas.

      It is okay to not eat red meat or much diary. Just be sure to consume plant protein along with the eggs, fish and liver you eat (along with lots of fresh, green leafy vegetables and whole fruits). Learn more about the Fertility Diet here…

  5. Avatar

    I had measles and mumps when I was a baby, this made me deficient and to have low and ineffective sperm count. My sex drive is very high and I have very hard erections.