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Melissa’s Story: Hope After So Many Losses

Melissa’s Story: Hope After So Many Losses

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Melissa’s Story: Hope After So Many Losses

Name: Melissa
Age: 28 years old
Number of years trying to get pregnant?: 4 months

What was your fertility journey prior to finding and the NaturalFertilityShop?:

I have experienced irregular cycles since the beginning of my cycles as a teen. I became a teen mom. Then two years after my first son, I experienced my first miscarriage and at the time didn’t understand. Then I had my second son and started birth control thinking this will help me with have regular cycles… The doctors told me that birth control would regulate my cycles. So I listened and got on it not knowing that it would actually do more damage than good and really it’s just a bandaid. I then experienced my first abortion 😢, so young and not knowing any better which also caused more damage for me down the road, emotionally and physically.

Now not only did I have irregular cycles again, I also was experiencing brown bleeding and more pain. I finally went to a napro technology doctor for my cycle and started charting to find the root of my problem… and boiled down to being diagnosed with PMS (a real thing). Lol. I also have extreme low progesterone which is like the glue for pregnancy to keep the baby attached to the uterus. So, this finally explained possibly my miscarriage.

After being on oral progesterone pills for 1 month, I got pregnant with my 3rd son. I was actively nursing my son so wasn’t fertile, but once I weaned him off my cycles came back. I could no longer afford the pills, as they were very expensive so I went on a search for a less expensive route and heard topical [progesterone cream] was affordable and came across topical cream progesterone that somehow subscribed me to Natural Fertility as well. I started the topical cream [natural progesterone cream] and became pregnant with my fourth son. My husband and I are sad to say that we unfortunately lost our fourth son at 8 months old… the stress from losing a child took over and my irregular cycles came back. Extensive exercising didn’t help, but what was the only thing getting me through physically the passing
of my son.

As a adult I couldn’t stand the irrational hormonal swings, the ups and downs… I was already experiencing it to the max with the loss of my son. So for 3 years I was subscribed to Hethir’s site and always getting emails, but discarded them. I knew I wanted to try out her product to fix my cycles possibly, but couldn’t because I was nursing my fourth son… So first things first, I knew I wanted to do the Fertility Cleanse because I knew I needed to pamper my poor uterus with loss through miscarriage, abortion, and 4 pregnancies. I knew brown blood was the indicator and I knew I had scar tissue. So it was a no-brainer for me to want to cleanse myself. I also didn’t have the best diet. I ate foods that had a lot of soy in them and processed foods. I knew my liver probably did have excess hormones like estrogen which wouldn’t help me to have a normal cycle. So with diet change and the Fertility Cleanse, I felt like I was getting back on track.

I was so ready that I ordered the 21 Day Fertility Diet Challenge eBook, hormonal balance kit, Fertility Cleanse, Vitex, and Castor Oil Pack. The first week of the cleanse was starting great and using the castor oil packs for the last two nights before I got my period back! 8 days into the Fertility Cleanse, I started my period from a long 79-day cycle. I was so excited! So I stopped the cleanse until I was done with my period, then started back up on the cleanse where I left off. Then, I finished the cleanse.

On day 15 of my cycle I ovulated!!! Which was me in the middle of my cleanse (about 3 weeks in to it). So seeing ovulation at day 15 made me think I could have a normal 28-day cycle, so I took a pregnancy test on day 28 when and if I was suppose to have my next period and I was pregnant!!! Couldn’t believe it… I did spend a lot of money on other products so I definitely wish I would have just started with the cleanse first, then purchase as I went along my journey, but oh well, I’m pregnant so can’t put a price tag on that! 😊

What information and products made the difference for you?:

Fertility cleanse & Castor Oil Packs together.

Which products did you take and for how long?:

Incorporating green smoothies in my day to day diet plan and the Fertility Cleanse for the recommended length.

What changes and benefits did you experience from taking the products?:

Pregnancy ! Emotionally wasn’t crazy… had more energy… definitely felt good caring my for body… and focusing on me.

What is some advice you would give others going through their fertility journey?:

Hope… there’s hope! Take one day at a time. Learning from my son’s passing and my fertility journey… one day at a time. Enjoy every day as if it were your last.

Is there anything else you would like to share?:

Definitely was so helpful having a response whenever I would order the product. I always got a real person to email me thanking me for the purchase and offering to help me if I had any questions which I did. So was nice having that support. It made me not feel like just another purchase for them – like my purchase mattered. And now that I’m pregnant they are continuing to help me with resources and also taking care of me with my pregnancy journey. Now I’m taking Baby and Me Prenatal and Cod Liver Oil pills 😊 and I am going to read more into what resources I have now for pregnancy, to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

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