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Natural Fertility Consultation with a Natural Fertility Specialist/ Master Herbalist

Natural Fertility Consultation with a Natural Fertility Specialist/ Master Herbalist

Natural Fertility Consultation Flow DiagramConsider the benefits of booking a Natural Fertility Consultation today!

Do you feel as though you have no idea where to begin, but feel you need to make changes in your life to improve your fertility? Perhaps you have already made some natural fertility changes, but you are wondering if your supplement and herb choices are right for you? A Natural Fertility Consultation is the cornerstone of your Natural Fertility Program! Our Master Herbalists care about you, and want nothing more than to help you achieve a healthy, fertile body.

Our Natural Fertility Consultations provide you with a personalized guide to the best natural therapies, herbs and supplements for your unique fertility needs. Do you want to learn how to support your uterine, ovarian or fallopian tube health or other fertility issues? Maybe you want to prepare for your upcoming IVF, or boost your overall fertility in preparation for pregnancy. If so, our written consultations are for you!

What Our Natural Fertility Consultations Provide for You…

  • Personalized holistic healing approach to your fertility needs.
  • Information on the best diet tips, exercise, natural therapies, herbs, supplements and stress reduction techniques for your fertility needs.
  • Help to identify areas in your life that may be negatively impacting your fertility, with tips on what can be done to positively change those areas to create optimal fertility in preparation for pregnancy.
  • Supportive direction on fertility testing and healthy communication with your healthcare provider, so you can make informed decisions about your health.
  • Support to help keep you on your program.

Our Fertility Consultations Are Offered In Two Formats

  • Email Consultation – You receive a personalized written guide and an audio recording from your fertility herbalist explaining your program in detail
  • Phone Consultation (U.S. Only) – you receive a personalized written guide and participate in a 45-minute live phone consultation with your herbalist

What to Expect When Booking A Natural Fertility Consultation…

1. Immediately after purchasing your consultation, a ‘Thank You for Your Purchase Page’ will appear. Please be sure to click on this link. This page will contain a link to register for the consultation program and access to your intake form.

2. You will then submit your comprehensive intake form, including fertility history, your 3 detailed questions and overall goal for your fertility.

3. Within 5 business days one of our Master Herbalists will review, layout and prepare to explain each step of your consultation.

4. If you chose the:

  • Email Fertility Consultation option Your complete Fertility Consultation will be emailed to you as a PDF with a live link to your personalized audio recording that includes a complete overview of the guide and answers to your questions.
  • Phone Fertility Consultation option After submitting your comprehensive intake form, you will have to opportunity to schedule a phone conversation with your herbalist. You can then expect a phone call from your herbalist on the date and time you scheduled.

5. You also have the opportunity for follow-up email correspondence within 20 days of receiving your consultation. This is the time to email any questions you may have regarding your consultation.

What are you waiting for? Start your Natural Fertility Program today, book a consultation now!

Click here to Book an Email Fertility Consultation

Customer Reviews…

“The Email consultation by Marija has been a very pleasant & the most effective experience for both me and my husband. In fact, it’s way better than any consultations we’ve received in the past 4 years (regular doctor, IVF specialist & gynecologists, along with their staff). My husband who claims he eats only meat & rice, just bought spinach, kale, & other veggies on his own. It’s about time we have a consultation that both me & my husband are finally “partners” to adapt a much more healthier lifestyle. I lost 5 lbs in the first week. Not only that, my husband is getting back to exercise. I’m very happy that Marija knows how to communicate well, especially so that my husband would be more open to fertility advice. We both really appreciate how she keeps it simple, real, and still be able to fit our budget!” – Maleeah, HI

“Reading all of the massively wonderful information sent to me from my Fertility Consultation and very excited to get started! THANKS!”- Wendy Hammer

“I love all of the helpful information that was provided. I immediately started using the iron, and have been seeing great results. I’m getting ready to start the diet/fertility cleanse. I expect to see even better results.” – CDB

“The consultation was very beneficial. I have other health issues and Dalene provided me customize supplement information for my fertility and also ways to deal with my IBD. Well worth it to find out the best regime based on your situation.”- Hope- NJ

“While digging into your wonderful information I came across the option to have a consult and checked out what other ladies had to say about their experience. I decided to do the same and was blessed to have had an in detail, personal consult. Dalene paid attention to my details, and took those things into consideration. She showed interest and concern in her follow up’s and got back to me quickly when I had questions. She showed compassion and support when I miscarried last week. She has pointed me to wonderful information for me to read up on. I can not stress enough of the guidance I have gotten from Dalene where otherwise I might have felt lost.

I have a homeopath chiropractor that is wonderful but he doesn’t specialize in the endocrine system and I needed that and found in Dalene through your
wonderful website. I can not stress enough or say more wonderful things about her and how much she and your website have offered me support and
guidance in what would have otherwise been a very scary time for me. I’ve told so many of my friends and about the wonderful consult that they have all begun digging in your website as well.

Thank you for caring enough to put this information out there for those of
us that needed to know there is indeed OPTIONS.

Blessings to you, Dalene and your staff at Natural Fertility Info.” Rossi- USA

“This consultation was definitely worth it! It was very comprehensive, detailed, and thorough. She is very caring and considerate. It is so wonderful to know that there is still hope to have a smooth pregnancy and bring home a healthy baby! I’m so excited and can’t wait to have good news! Thank you so much for all your time and products that your website has to offer.” Korita- Oregon

“I didn’t think that I would get much information out of this, but I was wrong. I’ve been taking babysteps in this process. Right now, I’m working on eating whole grains, and I’m slowly weening my way of off coffee, but I am feeling better.” Lee- NM

“I am so appreciative of this consultation because I didn’t know where to begin and it gave me some challenging and healthy changes to make. There was really nothing negative about it. I do have some questions about things I needed more explanation about, but I know Dalene is there if I need her.” Kelly- Long Island

“I was really surprised at how helpful, informative and personal the consultation was. I feared that I would just get a list of products that I should buy from their website. However, what I received was a plan that I could begin to increase my fertility chances–a plan that took into consideration the things I was already doing and what I could improve. Best of all, if I have any questions, I just shoot them an email and I get a response, usually within a couple of hours. It was well worth the money and I am happy to have someone who is knowledgeable about natural remedies to guide me through all this!” Virginia

“Thank you for your advice. Yup, feeling the results. I found out 2 days ago that I’m pregnant!

We got pregnant the first month of trying. I decided to skip over the liver cleanse and went with the 2nd month of the plan you sent me. My sister has been trying to get pregnant for 6 months now with no success. I told her about I’m mailing her my left over herbs since I can’t take them while pregnant…

Thank you so much for your help! I’ll be referring everyone to your website.” Chauntelle- UT

“I love how personal, thorough and thoughtful this consultation is. Thank you so much for this. I am very excited to get started. I have a great feeling about everything you sent me. I have tried so many things and have gotten so frustrated but have not yet had a clear, step-by-step consistent program to follow that covers all the areas like this. I will definitely be referring my clients to all the wonderful resources you offer.” L Miller- USA

“This consultation was so wonderful. I love the thoroughness and simplicity of following the monthly plans. I appreciate the personal attention and step-by-step guidance. I’m very excited to get started with my program. Thank you so much!” New York

“I appreciated the thoroughness of the consultation I received. Dalene took into account all of the different factors that I listed, as well as the treatments I have tried to date. She was available for follow-up questions I had after the consultation as well and her caring attitude and support was clear in every email.” Renee- CA

“I loved the month to month advice given on what herbs to take while trying to get pregnant. Right away I had a regular cycle and ovulated. We got pregnant our first month of trying.” Marie- UT”