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iodine in himalayan salt

The Relationship Between Iodine Intake and PCOS

Iodine is important for the health the ovaries. Without enough iodine, the health of your ovaries can suffer, which can be troublesome for when with PCOS.

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Brittany Conceives Again After 10 years TTC and Recurrent Miscarriage

“I had my first child without any fertility issues. But then after a very long 5 years TTC #2 unsuccessfully…” Here is the rest of Brittany’s success story…

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Embryologist transferring egg IVF

Fertility Study Review: Can Inflammation impact IVF Success?

Inflammation disrupts ovulation and we’re learning that, even with the help of IVF drugs, it can also harm the eggs that get harvested for IVF.

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nut milk and banana

Fertility Diet Q&A – Bananas, Raw Milk, Royal Jelly and Soy

It’s common to have questions when faced with making dietary changes, particularly when the Fertility Diet includes foods you may not typically eat.

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Inflammatory Foods & How They Hurt Your Fertility

I’ve talked about the role of inflammation in infertility before (click that link to learn why too much inflammation is bad). In this article, I will share a few of the top inflammatory foods you should avoid because they can affect your fertility. It’s a topic I’m […]

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Wholesome fertility podcast

Wholesome Fertility Podcast with Michelle Oravitz & Elizabeth Willett

Listen in as Licensed Acupuncturist Michelle Oravitz, host of The Wholesome Fertility podcast, interviews Senior Herbalist Elizabeth Willett.

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hyperthyroid fertility

Can Graves’ Disease or Hyperthyroidism Affect Fertility?

Exploring the connection between hyperthyroidism and infertility, and natural options to explore with your doctor to relieve symptoms.

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4 Fertility Concerns Men Should Not Ignore

4 Male Fertility Concerns Men Should Not Ignore

Men need healthy sperm, balanced testosterone, vibrant circulation, and strong reproductive organs for optimum fertility health.

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fertility symptoms

5 Fertility Problems Women Should Not Ignore

Have you been trying to conceive without success? Do you suspect you’re experiencing infertility? Some women know their fertility is not optimal after a battery of tests or many years of trying to conceive without a successful pregnancy. However, in other cases, fertility problems are harder to […]

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male fertility diet prep

Male Fertility: Easy Ways To Support Prostate Health Naturally

While working on any male health concern, especially fertility, all men must consider the health of the prostate gland. Learn more here…

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