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Rida Educates Herself, Prays and Conceives In Spite of Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Rida Educates Herself, Prays and Conceives In Spite of Blocked Fallopian Tubes

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Rida’s Success Story

“I will say it is really possible, anything is possible!… I am now 10 weeks pregnant, my baby is doing good so far and God will take care of him/her the rest of the months and forever. I have a faith I will have a beautiful pregnancy and birth.”

Prior to finding “natural fertility”, I really had zero knowledge. Almost 6 years my tubes were blocked and I didn’t know. Only when I got married and tried to conceive I thought I should see a fertility doctor before I even tried for a year because somehow I had a feeling I was not. I was devastated. After googling infertility, I will come across tons of websites/forums. I became so confused I didn’t know were to begin, who to rely on. There was so many terms and abbreviations people used, like TTC, BFP, and so many supplements. Hence, Natural Fertility was that one place that I can get so much information from. It was just convenient and professional and that made me feel safe.

After going through the website and re-reading everything about how to open the tubes and going through the success stories, and just gaining trust on how natural the products were and that I won’t face any side effects even if they do not work, I started saving money to purchase the FallopianWise Kit and I start ordering. Then after a month of taking them, I purchased one bottle of Fertilica Choice Enzyme, and 2 bottles of Women’s Best Friend. So that was a total of 6 bottles in two months along with the castor oil pack, to be honest I haven’t watched much of the DVD because I was going to a fertility massage professional for 2 months. But the information in the website and the enzymes has helped me tremendously and gave me hope and support.

The first sign that I have seen was a late period, and since I was not with my husband at the time, I knew for sure I was not pregnant and it just has to do with capsules, hence I contacted the team and asked them if that’s normal. They told me that’s a good sign that the enzymes are working and your body is reacting to them. After my period came the first da, I had severe pain, something I never experienced before, then second day it was normal, then the next cycle my period was longer than the usual 3 days (my period used to be 5 days then after the incident that happened to me that caused my tubes to be blocked, my period also became shorter only 3 days). I was getting small amount of blood here and there for another 4 days, so total was 3 days normal period and 5 days small blood, and that made me happy and gave me hope that my period will come back to 5 days. But the next cycles, I stopped taking the enzymes due to not being able to afford it and my period stayed on 3 days again. But I guess it really didn’t matter how long my period was because I ended up getting pregnant. I wish I had felt more changes, so that I could know my tubes were opened. I kept stressing so much after finishing the bottles since I didn’t know if they got opened and I just didn’t want to go through another horrible HSG process to find out. So my point is, sometimes the changes we get are not visible to us, our body heals from internally and it’s just so hard to know what is going on inside, so we just have to have faith that it will work.

I will say it is really possible, anything is possible! Don’t believe your doctor, your nurse or just anyone that tells you otherwise. I say that because I have being told it’s not possible without IVF and you have no idea how much I wished they told me there is at least 10% chance of conceiving naturally. Try your best to consume natural products and leave the rest to God, the end of the day he is the planner with him anything is possible. So trust Him. I believe I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant without God, before I consume every enzyme, I recited a prayer and I said God please heal me. And He healed me.

I am now 10 weeks pregnant, my baby is doing good so far and God will take care of him/her the rest of the months and forever. I have a faith I will have a beautiful pregnancy and birth. Please keep me in your prayers. Wishing all of you out there who is struggling like I did a much easier journey. I just cannot believe I am writing my success story today. Peace.

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Hethir Rodriguez - Certified Herbalist, Nutritionist, Birth Doula

Hethir Rodriguez is the Founder and President of Natural Fertility She has been a Certified Herbalist for over 19 years, holds a Bachelors degree (BS) in Nutrition Sciences and is a Certified Birth Doula and Massage Therapist specializing in fertility massage. Since founding Natural Fertility in 2007, Hethir’s research, articles, and guides have been read by over 40,000,000 people, currently averaging at over 1,000,000+ readers per month.  Hethir has dedicated her life to helping provide a source for high quality, research based information and support for those on their journey to becoming parents.

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