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Success Story: One Client Shares The Role of Massage in Unblocking Her Fallopian Tube

Success Story: One Client Shares The Role of Massage in Unblocking Her Fallopian Tube

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self fertility massageName: N. Robinson
Age: 44
Number of years trying to get pregnant? 2 years

This is a secondary infertility story, as I have one son who is four. I decided to try for a sibling, but when it didn’t work, I requested a HyCoSy* scan. Alas! My previously partially blocked tube was now fully blocked! I tried IVF but my ovary was in a funny place and the docs had trouble accessing it (other ovary was surgically removed in my 20s). I started researching other ways of unblocking my tube and came upon the natural-fertility website. The self-massage idea made sense to me. After all, I’d had three surgeries in the same area (ovarian cyst removal 15 years ago, fibroid removal 8 years ago and C-section 4 years ago) — definitely sounded like scar tissue might be an issue. Some of the best money I ever spent. I had an HSG yesterday and my tube was open! Not sure what the future will bring, but for any who are wondering if it works — it does!

Additional info — I started the routine in January, and continued sporadically for the next few months. Over the summer I did the full works with castor oil pack every day. I also spent two minutes in each session on a femoral massage which I found online. In September I consulted a new GYN to schedule another HyCoSy. He had never heard of massage therapy for treating blocked tubes, but referred me to a pelvic message therapist for a few sessions. I had about 8 sessions with her over 8 weeks. She had also never heard of this particular type of therapy but when I described it to her, she corrected my technique, encouraged me to press more deeply, and introduced me to various yoga exercises which I added to my routine.

I can’t thank you enough, Hethir! I have already started recommending this site to my friends. Good luck to all who are ttc!

*HyCoSy is a tubal patentcy or dye test used as a substitute for a HSG (Hysterosalpingography) without the use of X-ray.

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