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Success Story: Andrea’s Journey to Pregnancy with PCOS

Success Story: Andrea’s Journey to Pregnancy with PCOS

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Andrea's Fertility Success Story“Knowing that PCOS could be managed naturally with the use of herbs and ultimately help me to conceive gave me hope that I may not need tons of medical intervention.”

Andrea’s Fertility Success Story

Name: Andrea

Age: 31 years

Number of years trying to get pregnant? 1 year

“Conceiving with PCOS”

What was your fertility journey prior to finding and the

I conceived and gave birth to a healthy baby boy in 2011. It wasn’t an easy road but we did it nonetheless. I never would’ve guessed that we would have had so much trouble conceiving our next child. When my son was 3 months old I surprisingly became pregnant, but that unfortunately ended in miscarriage. We went on to have 2 more miscarriages before being referred to a specialist for recurrent pregnancy loss. I was then diagnosed with a blocked fallopian tube and PCOS. I was devastated. I was told that my options were to have surgery to unblock the fallopian tube and IVF or IUI.

What information and products made the difference for you?

Knowing that PCOS could be managed naturally with the use of herbs and ultimately help me to conceive gave me hope that I may not need tons of medical intervention.

Which products did you take and for how long?

I started with the Fertility Consultation. I felt like based on my research I knew what course of action I needed to take but the consultation gave me confidence in my choice of herbal supplements to take and provided some guidance on additional questions I would have.

I followed her [herbalist] advice along with oral meds prescribed by my physician (which took me nearly a year to confidently do) which include vitex and Metformin for PCOS.

What changes and benefits did you experience from taking the products?

I didn’t notice any physical changes but took solace in knowing that the herbal supplements were working gently throughout my body.

What is some advice would you give others going through their fertility journey?

Remain open and honest with your partner. Every time someone we knew made a pregnancy announcement, I would feel down that it wasn’t me. But my husband kept me focused and reassured me that we will continue to expanded our family – we just have to wait our turn. His support meant the world to me.

Do your research, ask questions. Physicians are trained to turn symptoms into diagnosis then prescribe meds. However, that method isn’t always right for me. So, I learn all I can about the subject and together with my physician come up with a plan. Treatment is not a one sided situation- it should be a group effort.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

The customer service team at natural fertility info is great! If you have reservations or hesitations reach out to them with questions. It will benefit you more in the long run!

I’m grateful to have found you guys and the natural fertility info website. I’m not so sure I would have such exciting news if I didn’t.

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  1. Avatar

    Can I take metforming on my own? I mean do I need my doctors prescription? I was dignosed with PCOS, had two pregnancies but ended in miscarriages in 2014 and 2015 April. Have been trying since then with clomid and puragon, no success yet. My question is, can I take Vitex and Metformin without my doctor’s prescription? They dont seem to mention it at all. I will be 35 by November.

    • Dear Gillian,

      Metformin is a prescription medication only available if your healthcare provider prescribes it for you.

      I am very sorry to hear of your losses! Consider the tips in our guide How to Reduce the Damaging Effects of PCOS on Fertility Through Diet and Herbs. Herbs and natural therapies can be rather effective for women with PCOS whose diets and lifestyles are optimal. In fact many healthcare providers feel that modifying the diet is the #1 way to help the body overcome PCOS. Vitex may be one useful herb, but we suggest consulting your doctor about combining it with Metformin.

      I hope this is helpful!