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Success Story: How Samantha Overcame Irregular Cycles to Get Pregnant

Success Story: How Samantha Overcame Irregular Cycles to Get Pregnant

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Smanatha's Double Fertility Success Story“Your website’s articles and products taught me a lot. I actually conceived two babies due to discovering your products.”

Samantha’s Success Story

It can be challenging to get pregnant when you have irregular menstrual cycles and little-to-no libido! Despite these challenges, Samantha was determined to find a solution, so she could go on to achieve a healthy pregnancy or two…

Name: Samantha

Age: 21 years

What was your fertility journey prior to finding and the

It was very discouraging and I did not know very much about fertility and the reproductive system. Your website’s articles and products taught me a lot. I actually conceived two babies due to discovering your products.

What information and products made the difference for you?

There’s too much information I’ve gathered to tell all, but basically I learned all about women’s and men’s fertility and what products help specific areas of reproductive health.

With my first child, I used your Fertilica Progesterone Cream to kind of help balance my cycle and get it on track. It did just that and boosted my libido. It was over two years when I finally conceived.

With my newest addition, I wanted to get started preparing my body (and husband’s) right away to hopefully avoid the many months of trying. We did the fertility smoothies, Fertilaid for men & women, Evening Primrose Oil, and I charted. Much sooner than expected, a couple months later I conceived my second baby.

Mind you, I went from extremely irregular spotting, no libido, and vaginal dryness for a long time.

What changes and benefits did you experience from taking the products?

A huge surge of energy and happiness. Regulated cycle. High libidos. Two children!

What is some advice you would give others going through their fertility journey?

Be positive. HAVE FUN TTC with your partner. Have patience. Stick with products, don’t slack on taking supplements. Eat clean, healthy, organic and exercise every day. Enjoy your TTC journey, it’s fun and rewarding. Educate yourself as much as possible and try not to annoy your husband.

How are you and your baby doing now? How old is your baby now?

We are doing fantastic! I have a little mama’s girl now and my daughter has a little sister 2.5 years apart, she’s almost 4 months old now.

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Dalene Barton-Schuster - Certified Herbalist, Birth Doula

Practicing natural health and herbalism since 2000, Dalene received her training and certification under the guidance of Lynn Albers at Yarmony Mt. Herbal College in Colorado. She went on to become a Certified Birth Doula at Birthingway College of Midwifery in Portland, Oregon in 2007.

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