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Finding Trusted Fertility Advice Online

Finding Trusted Fertility Advice Online

I have a confession and a little story if you can spare a couple of minutes. My confession is something that really irks me. It’s, ironically, about the Internet. Our website Natural Fertility is one of the highest traffic sites focused on natural fertility (if not the highest). We get over 200,000 “Organic” (not paid advertising) visits per month as of Nov 2012. That’s not the part that irks me – that’s a good thing!

What irks me is that many of the people who get in contact with us are misinformed with regard to fertility, infertility conditions, and treatments. Why? Because they have been reading information on sites that are produced by business people and actually getting advice from these people even though they are not qualified wellness professionals. From sites that recommend the latest product that is a supposed “cure-all” for all infertility issues, to the latest and greatest e-book that has the information that is proven to cure every fertility issue known to man. They have no experience or qualifications to help the people who arrive at their site. Legally, they are not breaking any laws; they are very careful about that for obvious reasons. The trouble is, many take these people for experts and follow their advice. Please, be diligent when receiving advice or making purchases online and check their qualifications and the source of their claims.

This is the reason why I created Natural Fertility and The Natural Fertility Shop. One gives free information and guidance directly from qualified professionals, and the other sells safe, highest quality, GMP and FDA-approved supplements and herbs for natural fertility.

And that brings me to my (short) story of how I became what one visitor called, “an Internet wellness guru for women who want safe, natural, and proven methods to become pregnant.” I guess that is pretty accurate because I continually add letters to my name in search of the perfect blend of wisdom that can help women like you.

It all started in 1997, when I was 16. A woman moved into the house next to us. When she introduced herself, she said that she was opening a natural healing school. Then she turned to me and said, quite abruptly, that I was supposed to go to her school! At the time, however, her comment did not seem odd to me. In fact, as soon as she mentioned the natural healing school, my heart pounded with excitement. Even though I was generally quite reserved when meeting new people, she must have sensed this.

But then my heart sank because we could not afford to send me to the school. She found out about this and invited me to attend the first classes without charge. Why? I don’t really know but I do know that we became natural healers for the same reason – a strong calling to help people get answers and treatments that were healthy, affordable, and effective. I guess that letting me attend for free was simply just another way for her to extend her reach to help others through natural means.

As it turns out, she made a good decision. After becoming a master herbalist, specializing in women’s health and natural fertility, I went to massage school, specializing in fertility massage, fertility acupressure, and reflexology. After that I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition specializing in preconception nutrition and cleansing. I have been practicing holistic medicine since 1999 with an emphasis on natural fertility since 2005.  I continually research and then publish my findings on Natural Fertility free of charge.

You can learn more about our health practitioners and the team that helps run this site and answer your questions here:

Want to learn more about the safety of fertility supplements? Here you go: Natural Fertility FAQ Page


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  1. Avatar

    I had 2 Blastocyst embryo On Friday October 17th,
    There was dark brown spotting but not bleeding from Oct 25 for 5 days then had light bleeding not my normal period bleeding from October 30 for 3 days the bleeding was coming throw with the brown spots

    I did my first HCG blood test on the OCT 28 ( 12DPT) result was 22.55 my second on OCT 30 ( 14DPT) result was 79.7 and my third on NOV 4 (18DPT) result was 83.36.
    my doctor asked me to continue on medication (aspirin,folic acid and 3 times a day cyclogest progesterone.
    Kindly explain to me can this be a late implantation of the embryos? , early indication of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, any chance of normal pregnancy.
    Thanks for help

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Alya,

      I am sorry you are concerned, but I can not say what this means for you. It would be best for you to reach out to your healthcare provider.

      Rising HCG levels often indicate pregnancy and brown spotting may just be implantation spotting. This does happen for some. Your doctor is best equipped to help you know if this is the case for you.

      Best wishes!