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Video: How Blocked Fallopian Tubes Affect Fertility

Video: How Blocked Fallopian Tubes Affect Fertility

Blocked fallopian tubes are a leading cause of female infertility. The health of the fallopian tubes is key in order for natural conception to happen.

Fallopian Tube Anatomy & Function

The fallopian tubes are two very small delicate organs connected to both sides of the uterus toward the top. Each extends out and slightly around toward the ovaries on both sides of the female pelvic bowl.

At ovulation, hormones communicate with the fimbriae at the end of one of the fallopian tubes telling it to gently reach for the egg. If this happens efficiently, the egg will then travel through the fallopian tube where it will first meet the sperm to be fertilized. With blocked fallopian tubes, this can not happen efficiently or at all.

This video offers a visual on how blocked fallopian tubes prevent the egg and sperm from meeting and shares of fertility health issues that can impact fallopian tube health.

How Blocked Fallopian Tubes Affect Fertility

The effectiveness of natural therapies will depend on the location and/or severity of the blockage, in addition to what has led to, or is contributing to the blockage. It is best to discuss with your healthcare provider what factors could be contributing to your blocked fallopian tubes as you contemplate the best plan for you.

Supporting Fallopian Tube Health Naturally

Many natural therapies may help to improve the outcome and can be used alongside various treatment options for blocked fallopian tubes.

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