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Fertility Herb Guide: Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Fertility Herb Guide: Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Some women experience menorrhagia or heavy bleeding during menstruation (their period). This can happen as a result of a slight hormonal imbalance, but most women with menorrhagia aren’t ovulating correctly indicating a more deep-seated hormonal imbalance. Nonetheless, heavy bleeding during menstruation can be bothersome, concerning, and sometimes very scary.

It is important to determine the cause(s) of excessive menstrual bleeding. Then, if you wish for a natural approach to supporting the body’s ability to return menstruation to normal, these herbs may help.


If you have concerns that you may be bleeding too much during your period, it is important to see a doctor. Please also review our guide Do You Have Heavy Menstrual Bleeding? What You Can Do About It….

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