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Success Story: Karina Cleanses, Relaxes & Becomes A Mom

Success Story: Karina Cleanses, Relaxes & Becomes A Mom

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karinas“Trust your body’s natural abilities to create a big miracle.”

Karina’s Pregnancy Success Story

Name: Karina S.
Age: 38 years old
Number of years trying to get pregnant?: 10 years

What was your fertility journey prior to finding and the

What an amazing real help this website was! We took the teas 2 months and we got the baby girl on our FIRST TRY after the Fertility Cleanse!

We live in Europe, have been together for 10 years and it never happened that I remained pregnant. After the 2 months of tea from your website (I wanted to do it 3 months originally), I remained pregnant right on the day I saw the smiley face on the ovulation test. Our girl is 10 months old now and extremely healthy!!

Please, mothers around the world, if you read this and have discovered this website pass it on, it really works! We Relaxed, enjoyed the process and were happy, all this helped a lot. THANK YOU TEAM at Natural Fertility, you guys are wonderful!

What information and products made the difference for you?: all the ones on this website!

What changes and benefits did you experience from taking the products?:

  • I reached my natural weight.
  • I got rid of lumps and swollen lymph nodes.
  • I was upbeat and productive.
  • I got pregnant right away and had a wonderful pregnancy.
  • I delivered naturally in a few hours.
  • I have no more period pains, no more stomach aches.

What is some advice you would give others going through their fertility journey?:

Read this website. Read Christiane Northrup’s Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom. Read Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth. Get rid of your fears. Trust your body’s natural abilities to create a big miracle. Prevent rather than cure. Have friends that support and nourish your good spirits. 🙂

How are you and your baby doing now? How old is your baby now?:

Fantastic! She sleeps well, eats well, is 98% of the time in a good mood (and we are an artist family, so good mood is not necessarily always on the menu), is balanced, is focused, and therefore mommy and daddy are too!!

I am considering taking some teas now for AFTER the pregnancy to gain again some energy and balance in the body.

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