Share Your Success Story

Share Your Success Story

Remember when you were trying to get pregnant and wanted to read stories of hope and success to help you along the way? Now that your dream has come true, you can help others by sharing your success story. Choose from 1 or more of the options below to share your success story.

3 Easy Options…

1. Share your full Success Story through our ‘Fertility Journey Interview’ [10 minutes]

2. Share your journey through a Quick Video Testimonial [2 minutes]

3. Share your success story by sharing a Quick Testimonial [2 minutes]


Share your full Success Story through our ‘Fertility Journey Interview’ [10 minutes]


Share your journey through a Quick Video Testimonial [2 minutes]



Share your success story by typing a quick testimonial [2 minutes]


Tips on How to Give a Testimonial

You may be wondering how to actually give a testimonial. Here are some quick tips and questions you can answer during your video testimonial or in your quick testimonial….

  • What has your fertility journey been like before you began using our products?
  • Were there any obstacles that almost kept you from buying/trying the product?
  • Which products did you use and for how long?
  • What changes and benefits did you get from taking the product?
  • Would you recommend the products or our website to a friend?
  • Anything else you would like to add…

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  1. Before I started using natural products I had a terrible experience where I lost an ovary, a fallopian tube, a baby and I had a cancer scare, I knew something was wrong with my way of life because it was difficult getting pregnant again. I started using maca everyday, primerose oil from day 1 in cycle to day 14, and wild yam from day 15 to last cycle day. I also ate linaza, organic food, organic beauty supplements, started sleeping more, no alcohol (no even a little bit), exercise, and a daily tea made of raspberry leaf, nettles and red clove. I used this products for 1 month and I am 6 weeks pregnant. I would and I am recommending this products to everyone I know, thank you very much!!

  2. We are ttc from 3.5 years. I was vexed up with the treatments and accidentally i saw your website which is like god sent to me. Iam following this website from last 6 months and i wondered how these natural methods boost my fertility. But anyhow i want to give a try. Mine is ovulation problem, so i started researching the way to increase my ovulation. I was excited by the castor oil therapy and natural fertility herbs shown in your website. We simultaneously started castor oil therapy(only me) as well as taking Maca (me and DH) in our fruit smoothies just for 2 months. Just these two made miracles in our life. Now iam 8 weeks pregnant You people are Angels. I wish you all success in Future