What about Continuing Maca and Flax Oil during Pregnancy?

What about Continuing Maca and Flax Oil during Pregnancy?


Hi there Hethir

Firstly, I just want to say how much I love your site. Your knowledge, inspiration and motivation just amazes me.

I just have a question about maca and flaxseed oil. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for 4 months and last month started having your fertility smoothie and charting and testing for the fern pattern. I was using an IUD for contraception previously; it has been out since October. My cycle is usually 29 days and ovulates on day 15.

Well, a strange cycle this one. I ovulated on day 19 and then yesterday, day 23 I started spotting very lightly. It’s still happening today but not as much. I’m thinking this might be implantation bleeding (fingers crossed).

So, I’ve been reading some conflicting information on line regarding flaxseed oil and maca, saying you shouldn’t take it if you are pregnant. Is that right?

Also, most info on maca suggests you stop taking it if you suspect you are pregnant.

What’s your opinion on this? I have found your site to be the most knowledgeable one I have found regarding natural therapies and fertility and would love your feedback on this!

Thanks again


Hello and thanks or your email all the way from Australia. I went and checked out that article and looked into the study mentioned.

What I found from reading the study was that…
1. They used flax seeds, not flax oil in the study and
2. The conclusions were based on how much estrogens were found in the urine. Plenty was found in the flax seed consumers and none in the soy flour consumers. This may not have been due to there being estrogens in the flax seed as much as it could have been due to the fiber effect of the flax seeds. Fiber is one of the best things to remove estrogens from the body.

But I would have to agree with that article that Clean Fish Oils are better for pregnancy. They contain omega-3, DHA, and vitamin A which are all extremely important for a growing babies brain development.

I like to use flax oil in the smoothies because of the flavor, but I also take fish oils daily, separately.

Your other question about taking maca into pregnancy… Every herbal supplement must say on the label to not take during pregnancy, and it is true for most of them.

The thing with maca is it is used to balance hormones by reducing estrogen. If someone was progesterone deficient or overloaded with estrogen and the maca was helping to balance that and it’s taken away, we may have a slight issue, especially when pregnant.

Maca does not actually contain hormones but it also has not been tested during pregnancy so we can not know if it is completely safe for use during pregnancy. It is said the Peruvians consume maca during pregnancy with no problems; but to be safe we suggest to not use maca during pregnancy. You may want to look into something that is proven safe for use during pregnancy such as progesterone cream.

So it does come down to gathering information and making the best decision for yourself and your body.