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Your Fertility Cleanse Questions Answered

fertility cleanse kit

This article explores questions on fertility cleansing: How do you cleanse for fertility? What are the benefits? Is there anyone who shouldn’t cleanse?

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Fertility Q & A: PCOS Fertility Diet and Combining Supplements with Metformin

Fertility Q & A

Wondering about a PCOS Fertility Diet? What about using fertility herbs and supplements for PCOS with Metformin? Learn more in this Fertility Q&A.

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Fertility Q&A: The Proper Use and Application of Progesterone Cream

Progesterone is a vital hormone for reproductive wellness and female fertility. Learn about the proper use of natural progesterone cream in this guide.

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Video: AMH & Fertility: What you need to know

AMH (anti-Mullerian hormone) is the hormone secreted by the granulosa cells of the antral or resting follicles in the ovaries. AMH levels are typically measured by a blood test, but to have an accurate measure of egg quantity, it is important to have an ultrasound to actually […]

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Fertility Q&A: When to Consider Preserving One’s Egg or an Egg Donor

We hope that reading the support we’ve offered others who are also thinking about freezing their eggs or egg donation helps make your decision a bit easier.

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Video: How to Use Progesterone Cream for Fertility

Natural Fertility Specialist Hethir Rodriguez talks about all things related to progesterone and fertility.

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Fertility Health Q&A: Essential Oils and Hormonal Balance

The use of essential oils (EOs) is fairly mainstream today. They are viewed as easy self-care tools and readily available almost no matter where you look (although not all the same quality). While many use them for the simple reason that they smell amazing, EOs are also […]

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Self Fertility MassageTM Frequently Asked Questions

As you prepare to begin your Self Fertility Massage practice, we thought it might be helpful to share common Frequently Asked Questions.

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Fertility Q&A: How Do I Know Natural Therapies Are Working?

Wondering what signs to look for to know that a natural fertility program is working? Let’s talk about this! How do you know your fertility health is improving?

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Fertility Q & A: Consuming Whey Protein in Pregnancy

Women understandably want answers on what they can and can’t do during pregnancy. Answering the question, is consuming whey protein in pregnancy safe?

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