21 Day Fertility Diet Challenge

21 Day Fertility Diet Challenge

Since launching the 21 Day Fertility Diet Challenge community last Wednesday there have been 250+ new members joining the challenge. The response, blog posts and fertility recipes being posted have been inspirational.

What is the Fertility Diet Challenge?
It is a 21 day challenge where you follow 5 fertility food rules every day. The reason I think this has been so successful has been the philosophy of adding the 5 steps to your day instead of taking something away. The community and support that is building is just awesome. You really are the best group of ladies in the world!

Here is a recent post from one of the community members Jamie…

Starting the fertility diet has been a huge wakeup call for me in the way I am living. At first it was just the foods I was eating. I was extremely unhealthy, drinking way too much soda and no water, eating nothing but frozen and packaged foods, and sugar… that was a staple in my diet! Now that I have the diet part down I have been doing lots of research on other ways to improve my health and fertility, but last nights conference call with Iva Keene opened my eyes more than I expected! After the call I googled her website and found even more wonderful information. Some things I was already aware of, others I was not!

I have been planning to switch to filtered tap water instead of buying bottled water due to the plastic… but I did not realize that you should also filter your SHOWER water! It never occurred to me that I have been bathing in chemicals. I was also thrilled to find out that a shower filter would only cost me around $50 to put in plus only $20 a year for a filter… not bad at all!

I had no idea that using the microwave was so unhealthy! We typically cook on the stove but I do use the microwave for reheating leftovers and such. I’m not sure I can convince DH to throw out the microwave… but I certainly will not be using it anymore!

I knew about parabens in our health and beauty products and have been replacing my old items with paraben free products… but she added more chemicals to be aware of and there is a handy little list on her site. I won’t be throwing out my full bottles… but I do plan on replacing those with better versions when I run out!

I know about limiting your meat and dairy intake and making it organic, but I don’t think it hit me until yesterday why. I was thinking in my head “but I eat organic… so there are no added hormones…” and this is correct but the key word was ADDED. It just didn’t register in my mind that animals and animal products already HAVE hormones in them so I am still getting the hormones. I’m not sure why I didn’t *get it* before… it just didn’t sink in. Having endo and pcos… eliminating dairy and meat from my diet is a huge step for me to take, but one I am hoping will help a lot. I had never considered becoming vegan… but today it is a serious thought I am playing around with. I plan on doing some serious research on the vegan diet (minus soy!) and see if it is a real option for me. I can live without chicken or red meat… I can replace milk with rice milk. I would miss cooking with eggs and I would REALLY miss fish. So maybe instead of becoming 100% vegan I just SERIOUSLY cut down… replace what I can replace and eat less of what I can’t. Any thoughts on that one?

So I got my smoothie and had a huge salad for dinner last night! This morning I had fresh fruit for breakfast with water. I plan on getting a huge salad for lunch soon because I am running out to the store to get items to cook dinner for my husband tonight! I will post the recipe later, but it is whole wheat pasta with turkey sausage and TONS of organic vegetables. I plan on making it with 70% vegetables, 20% pasta, and 10% meat. 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great day!

How to Get Started on the 21 Day Fertility Diet Challenge
1. Join the community
2. Create a profile and a Blog
3. Read the guidelines for the 21 Day Fertility Challenge
4. Commit to and Start your challenge.

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  2. For some women, simple change in diet was all it took from trying for eons to getting pregnant in a snap. I have been doing fertility diet for the last two weeks. I am now waiting for the miracle.