Prepare for Conception with a Fertility Cleanse…

Prepare for Conception with a Fertility Cleanse…

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I am sure you have heard about cleansing from one place or another, maybe it was about cleansing your colon or detoxifying your liver. While it may seem like a new fad, cleansing has been around for thousands of years, used by the Japanese & Egyptians to the Native Americans. Cleansing has always been used as a natural way to keep the body healthy and may be one of the most beneficial things to do before you get pregnant.

Fertility Cleansing

The time while you are preparing for conception is one of the most important times to create a healthy body in preparation for pregnancy. It is also the best time to do a fertility cleanse. Fertility cleansing is a way to support the body in preparation for conception by cleansing the uterus and liver. A fertility cleanse encourages the liver to cleanse the body of toxins and excess hormones. It also supports the uterus to cleanse itself of old stagnant blood and increases circulation to the uterus while tonifying the uterine tissues.

Note: Do not cleanse during pregnancy or breastfeeding. You do not want to expose your baby to your body’s toxins as they circulate in your blood on the way out.

Why Fertility Cleanse?

The time while you are preparing for conception is one of the most important times to create a healthy body in preparation for pregnancy.

Over the years the body can accumulate toxins from chemicals in the air, earth, water and from substances we consume daily or slather on our skin. Many of these toxins get stored in the fat tissues of the body and can be released quicker through cleansing. Some of these toxins may be left from:

  • Birth control
  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Pesticides
  • Excess hormones
  • Poor diet
  • Alcohol, etc.

Ideally we would like our bodies to be as healthy as possible during pregnancy, through cleansing we are able to support the body in its natural ability to rid itself of these substances.

While cleansing is beneficial, not just any cleanse is going to be beneficial for fertility. A fertility cleanse is specific to the reproductive system and assists the body in eliminating the additional burden of substances not good for fertility.

A fertility cleanse focuses on three major areas that can help the body to prepare for conception.

Liver Health

The liver helps to filter toxins from the body including excess hormones. If there is an over abundance of estrogen it is the livers job to remove it from the system. Some times, due to poor diet, lifestyle or general health, the liver may need some stimulation and support to get rid of these substances. By using whole herbs to support the liver you are helping your body to better cope with our industrial world and the impact it could be having on reproductive health. I will cover these herbs below.

Uterine Health
Uterine health is very important for reproductive health. Every cycle the uterus is supposed to release the lining that was built that month for the embryo to implant. In some cases the uterus is not completely cleansed every cycle, so old stagnant blood remains. As you can imagine, this is not the best environment to house a new embryo.

What causes the uterus to not fully release it’s contents every month? Some factors may be…

  • Low circulation
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Misplaced uterus

Through using specific cleansing and uterine herbs you can help support your uterine health, increase circulation and help tonify the uterine muscles, all helping to promote a healthy uterine environment.

Increasing circulation to the uterus
In order for the uterus to function at it’s best, it requires proper circulation. With proper circulation the communication loop between the uterus and ovaries with the endocrine system is able to function smoothly. This is necessary for proper hormonal balance and all of the functions dependent on it such as ovulation, menstruation, and hormone production. Herbs may be beneficial in helping to increase the circulation to the uterus as well as exercise and massage.

Do You Need To Cleanse?

    Do you experience PMS?
    Do you experience unexplained fatigue?
    Do you feel congested?
    Have you been on birth control?
    Do you have acne?
    Do you have less than 1 bowel movement a day?
    Do you have dark circles under your eyes?
    Do you have liver spots or itchy skin?
    Have you been on medication or antibiotics for longer than 1 week?
    During your menses do you have dark blood, cramps, or blood clots?
    Do you eat conventional meats and dairy?
    Are you experiencing hormonal imbalance?
    Do you experience frequent colds and flu?

Cleansing for Fertility VS. Other Types of Cleansing

Fertility CleansingAre you wondering what the difference between a cleanse specifically for fertility and a normal cleanse? There are many differences between the two. General body cleansing is wonderful and a great way to help support the body, but if you are preparing for conception a fertility cleanse is more specific and focused on your needs. Below I have listed some of the differences between fertility cleansing and regular cleansing so you can see the benefits of cleansing specifically for fertility.

Works with the phases of the menstrual cycle
When doing a fertility cleanse we focus on cleansing certain parts of the body during specific phases of the menstrual cycle. For instance the liver phase of the fertility cleanse is done from the first day after your period has ended up until ovulation. We do this because this is a stimulating time of your cycle, perfect for encouraging the liver to work a little harder. The uterine phase of the fertility cleanse should be done from ovulation until the first day of your period. This is more of a nourishing and building stage of the cycle, when uterine herbs can help to support hormonal balance, increase uterine muscle tone and bring circulation right before the period begins.

With general cleanses, they do not focus on the most supportive times of your cycle or your fertility at all.

Whole Herbs
Cleanses come in many different forms, some are capsules and teas, some are fiber powders and drinks, while others are dramatic diet shifts. When it comes to fertility cleansing we want to do what is most effective and specific. We have found that using whole herbs in the form of teas, capsules and a tincture to be most holistic, effective and gentle.

Gentle on the system yet effective
There is a wide spectrum of cleanses from a one day to 90 days entailing lots of trips to the bathroom and some time off from work. We have found that when preparing for conception you do not want to do anything really dramatic or potentially harmful so we focus on cleansing in a gentle yet effective way that is supportive or reproductive health. While doing a fertility cleanse you are able to continue going to work and function in your every day life. We don’t require any dramatic dietary changes, but do suggest you begin to switch to a fertility diet.

There are no overly strong cleansing reactions while on the fertility cleanse except for some possible minor moodiness due to the liver cleansing itself. When toxins and hormones are being released this can sometimes make one cranky, similar to PMS. This is good and can be helped by drinking more water.

Supportive of Fertility and Reproduction
Cleansing for fertility is very supportive and encouraging for fertility and the reproductive system. While there are many great cleanses out there, focusing on doing a cleanse specific for fertility is going to be the safest, gentle and most supportive while you are preparing for pregnancy.

Fertility Cleansing Herbs

Fertility cleansing is best done using whole herbs as they are the safest way to encourage cleansing in the body. Below are some of the herbs used in fertility cleansing.

Liver Cleansing Herbs

    Burdock Root: Nourishing and cleansing for the liver, aiding in hormonal balance. Supports overall liver function for improved hormonal balance.

    Milk Thistle Seed: Supports hormonal balance. It is one of the best plants for liver health. Liver health is vital for hormonal balance. The liver helps to filter toxins from the body, including excess hormones.

    Dandelion Root:The leaf is very nourishing and is high in vitamins and minerals. The root aids in liver health, stimulates digestion for improved hormonal balance.

    Yellow Dock Root:Stimulates bile production for healthy removal of toxins, supportive of liver health and is high in iron.

    Licorice Root: Licorice is an adaptogen herb, supporting the endocrine system for overall hormonal support.

    Ginger Rt.: Increases circulation in the body helping to support healthy circulation and normal detoxification.

Uterine Cleansing & Support Herbs

    Goldenseal Root: Anti-inflammatory. Reduction in inflammation may help to prevent scar tissue and adhesion formation. Cleanses to the uterus.

    Damiana Leaf: A female aphrodesiac, damiana has been used for centuries to help increase circulation to the reproductive system as well as increase sexual pleasure.

    Dong Quai Root: Dong Quai increases circulation, which helps to bring in fresh healthy blood to remove excess tissue growth, heal tissue damage, limit scar tissue and adhesion formation.

    Peony Root:Overall this herb has excellent hormone balancing support. It also aids in pain reduction and relaxation. Moves the blood in the pelvic area, good for uterine stagnation.

    Raspberry Leaf: Raspberry leaf works to tone the uterine muscles and normalize blood flow during menses. This is one of the best normalizing herbs for the female reproductive organs.

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Fertility Cleanse Tips & Q&A

Can I take my other supplements while I am fertility cleansing?
While fertility cleansing it is best to not take additional ‘new’ herbs or supplements unless they are your multivitamin, omega 3, or fertility superfoods. Herbs or supplements that were started previous to doing a fertility cleanse can be continued.

How should I eat during my Fertility Cleanse?
During the Fertility Cleanse it is not mandatory that you change your eating habits, BUT it is a great time to begin moving towards a fertility friendly diet. One of the most popular ways our clients do the Fertility Cleanse is to combine it with our 21 Day Fertility Diet Challenge (you can find this explained in the eBook ‘21 Day Fertility Diet Challenge’ at www.Natural Fertility This challenge has you add 5 foods to your existing daily diet, making it easy to add fertility friendly foods to your day.

Can we try to conceive the month I am doing the Fertility Cleanse?
We suggest that couples refrain from trying to conceive during the month of a Fertility Cleanse. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that there are herbs in the Fertility Cleanse that are not suggested during pregnancy. The second is the Fertility Cleanse works best in preparation before conception. It must be completed in its entirety for the best results, we do not want you stopping the cleanse before it is complete. If you think you may be pregnant you should discontinue the cleanse.

Can I do the Fertility Cleanse while I am on birth control?

We do not suggest that the Fertility Cleanse be performed while on birth control or other hormonal medications. If you are currently using medications, check with your doctor before starting any herbal or nutritional supplement program.

Is it safe to do a Fertility Cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding?
No, do not cleanse during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. The herbs in the Fertility Cleanse are not to be used while pregnant or breastfeeding.

How do I know that the Fertility Cleanse is working?
Many women wonder what ‘signs’ to look for to know that the Fertility Cleanse is working. For some they may ‘feel’ different, get their periods back, see a shift in their cycles, experience relief from occasional menstrual cramps, and many feel nothing at all. Just because someone may not ‘feel’ any different does not mean that the Fertility Cleanse did not work. The Fertility Cleanse will help every person who performs it. Some women are more sensitive than others and ‘feel’ a lot, while others will not ‘feel’ anything, but get great benefit. Remember, the Fertility Cleanse is supporting the body in its normal functions, it works for each person to help nourish and support the liver and uterus in preparation for conception.

Will the Fertility Cleanse help me get my period back?
There could be many reasons someone is not menstruating – diet, hormonal imbalance, stress, nutritional deficiencies, etc. Many of our clients who were experiencing slight hormonal imbalances have gotten their periods back from only doing the Fertility Cleanse, but this will not work for everyone because/depending on the cause of the lack of menstruation. So we see the Fertility Cleanse as the first step towards getting a period back, with additional steps to follow such as diet changes, additional herbs to be taken monthly, stress reduction plans, etc. If you do get your period back due to the Fertility Cleanse, think of it as a bonus! But we do not depend on it alone, as the underlying imbalances/issues need to be addressed and the Fertility Cleanse is just the first step of many, but the best place to start.

Will the Fertility Cleanse be the only product I have to take to get pregnant?

No, most likely not. We have had some clients conceive directly after completing the Fertility Cleanse, but it is not designed as a fertility booster, but as a fertility preparation tool to help the body prepare for conception. It is the foundational program most of our customers begin with. Those clients without fertility issues complete a Fertility Cleanse as a healthy and great way to prepare for conception.

How many times can I do the Fertility Cleanse a Year?
We suggest to complete a Fertility Cleanse twice a year.

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  1. I had a Novasure Endometrial Ablation done in 2007. I have not had a period since. We would like to have another baby. I’ve been told by my OBGYN that it is not possible because I haven’t had a period, which means I don’t have a uterine lining anymore. I know that she is the expert, but I’m still holding on to a bit of hope. I have read some success stories of pregnancy and deliveries after an ablation. Do you know if this cleanse will help at all? I’m looking at every avenue out there. And, I know that if it’s God’s will for us to have another baby, he can heal my body and make me pregnant.

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Renee,

      Cleansing is a great way for anyone who is experiencing fertility challenges to create a foundation for hormonal balance and a healthy reproductive system. Fertility Cleansing creates a “clean slate” within the body to help it to respond to and utilize natural remedies better. A Fertility Cleanse along with dietary and lifestyle changes are included in the Top 10 Natural Fertility Boosters to consider when naturally supporting fertility health.

      After completing a Fertility Cleanse, consider learning how to naturally support uterine health. The following article by our senior herbalist offers considerations for Improving Uterine Health for Fertility, Conception and Implantation.

      Best wishes!

  2. My wife and I have been trying to conceive for 2 1/2 years and have recently been trying to heal our bodies naturally before trying again hoping that it would help! We had an Etopic Pregnancy 9 months ago and I would like to try any way possible to stop this from happening again would this help?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Shaibu,

      I am so sorry you have been through this!

      The Fertility Cleanse is considered a foundational step in supporting fertility health including hormone balance and reproductive system health. Fertility Cleansing creates a “clean slate” within the body to help it to respond to and utilize natural remedies better.

      Consider also the information offered in the following article written by our senior herbalist Healing From Ectopic Pregnancy.

      Best wishes to you and your wife!

  3. Hi
    Would the fertility cleanse be beneficial for someone who has fibriods? I am in my mid 40’s and am looking for natural approaches to shrink them.
    Thank you.

  4. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2 1/2 years and have recently been trying to heal our bodies naturally before trying again hoping that it would help! We had an Etopic Pregnancy 9 months ago and I would like to try any way possible to stop this from happening again would this help?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Katy,

      I am sorry you have had to go through this!

      The Fertility Cleanse is a foundational step for both women and men. After completing a cleanse, consider the suggestions made by our senior herbalist about Healing From Ectopic Pregnancy. I think you will find helpful as you support your fertility health in preparation for future pregnancy.

      Best wishes!

  5. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for this website which has given some hope in my current situation.

    I have been diagnosed by an infertility doctor to have POF based on my FSH level of 56 and AMH level of 0.043. I have not been menstruating spontaneously without medication for more than a year now. So my doctor gave me HRT medication with Duphaston to be taken on the last week of each month for 7 days, and after that, my period starts after 2 days. I have been a zero chance to get pregnant but I am not losing hope.

    Is it okay to start this cleanse and all the supplements and foods to eat mentioned here while I am on HRT medication and Duphaston?

    I badly need advice.

    Thanks so much..

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello LadyLee!

      I am so thankful we have given you hope!

      We can not support taking herbs and nutritional supplements while on medications unless being guided in doing so by your healthcare provider. However, you can follow a Fertility Diet.

      Have you had a chance to read our article Understanding Premature Ovarian Failure? I think you will appreciate the information and suggestions made there.

      We are also more than happy to work with you in creating a full plan designed specifically for your fertility health needs through a Fertility Consultation. You will get the opportunity to work one on one with our fertility herbalist who will guide you in how she feels you can best support your reproductive system health.

      Best wishes!

  6. I am two weeks (past ovulation) pregnant. I have been taking a fertility formula recommended by my herbalist, including goldenseal, blessed thistle, cayenne, cramp bark, false unicorn root, ginger, red raspberry, ova ursi, and squaw vine. Before this, I had taken bio-identical progesterone for 5 months (I had been diagnosed with low progesterone when I had a miscarriage) but I discontinued them about a month ago, because they were making me so sick after I stopped them on day 1 of my cycle. Now that I am pregnant, I’m worried that I should be taking progesterone. But it seems you recommend not combining progesterone with herbal supplements, right?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Mary,

      First, congratulations!

      Second, you will want to be working with your herbalist and healthcare provider about continuing that which you are, starting anything new in pregnancy and determining your need for supplemental progesterone with this pregnancy.

      You deserve guidance during this time and those best able to do that are those you have been working with while trying to conceive!

      Best wishes and be well!

  7. please tell me for how long do I have to do the fertility cleanse? Please answer the question directly.
    Thank you

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Maria!

      The Fertility Cleanse is to be done for one month (or one menstrual cycle) and only two times a year if you feel the need.

      Take care!

  8. I can’t purchase your fertility cleanse cause am in Nigeria. Can you help out?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Adebola,

      You can purchase the Fertility Cleanse Kit. However, working with Nigeria is a bit of a challenge in terms of shipping costs etc., as The Natural Fertility Shop is not able to ship directly to Nigeria.

      We do have a few individuals that order from Nigeria for friends in their community so that they can cut down on the costs. We suggest using what is called a courier service to obtain the products. Here are some links for you to consider: at

      PSI Shipping and Courier: or

      Xpedited Shipping: (Nigeria Only), or


      The feedback we have received is that is easiest to contact. Please feel free to our contact customer care team with any additional questions you may have.

  9. I am 39 years old and have not had any children despite trying very hard to conceive. How do I get these roots and what is the dosage?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Sola!

      We have combined the herbs talked about here in the Fertility Cleanse Kit. The Fertility Cleanse Kit comes with a complete instruction booklet that will guide you on how to properly do the cleanse. You are welcome to order it via that link or by contacting customer care for assistance with placing your order.

      Best wishes

  10. I am 34 with thin lining and what seems like a small amount of egg reserve. I am about to start my shots for IUI. Can I do this cleanse while I’m taking those shots (FSH and LH) before pregnancy occurs (if it does)? Or should I wait until I’m not doing any shots?


    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Chrissy,

      The Fertility Cleanse should not be combined with the shots or medications given when preparing for, or during the IUI process.

      Best wishes!

  11. I just turned 44 and my first IVF cycle failed. I had one perfect embryo which was transferred but it didn’t implant. My RE said that probably the embryo had abnormalities although looked perfect due to my age. I was put on birth control pill for a month just before the IVF cycle. Now, it is 4 days that I have stopped the progesterone injections and the estradiol pill that I was taking to help with the implantation. My period has not yet started although before the IVF cycle it was very regular. I used to ovulate every month without the medications. Before IVF I did 3-4 IUI cycles with letrozole. Do you recommend the fertility cleanse for me? Which other supplements should I take?Thanx

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Magda!

      It is not uncommon for the menstrual cycle to shift a bit after using fertility medications and birth control. The Fertility Cleanse is an important step when recovering from use of these medications because it in part cleanses the liver of toxins and excess hormones while supporting its health. The Fertility Cleanse is also an important part of the first step in preparing for future pregnancy.

      Consider the other important steps discussed here in How to Increase Your IVF Success Rate Naturally as well.

      Best wishes!

  12. I have had 2 children naturally, had difficulty getting pregnant the first time but the second was a big surprise! We then inserted and IUD for birth control which expelled itself 1 year later. Since then we have been unable to conceive for 3 years. I was then diagnosed with endometriosis and blocked tubes, and have had 2 failed IVF cycles. Would Fertility Cleanse help me or should I try some other herbal remedy? Thank you!

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Sally!

      We consider the Fertility Cleanse a foundational step for anyone wishing to support their fertility health naturally. It is but one piece to the first step of many natural fertility programs.

      We have learned that with many fertility issues (endometriosis especially) dietary and lifestyle changes are equally as important as any herb, nutritional supplement or natural therapy one might try and this may be the case for you as well. The very best way to receive a full dietary, lifestyle and supplement plan designed specifically for your fertility health needs is through a Fertility Consultation with our fertility herbalist.

      It is important to recognize that the fallopian tubes are about the size of a spaghetti noodle in width and are very delicate. Any sort of trauma can alter their function and damage the tubal tissues. Once they are damaged it may be difficult to reverse that damage. Fallopian tubes that are severely damaged need special care. In those cases we would suggest you work with a specialist.

      The good news is that natural therapies can be used alongside any type of treatment options you are considering, which may greatly help to improve outcome.

      Best wishes!

  13. I just had a miscarriage a week ago and I am still devistated, me and my husband will be trying again in 4-6 weeks as suggeted by my doctor. If I start the cleanse today, will it benefit me if we start trying again within a month- a month and a half?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Sophie,

      We are sincerely sorry for your loss!

      If you don’t mind, we have a great resource, when you are ready, about How to Honor Miscarriage Through Ritual, and also consider RecoverWell.

      Regarding completing a Fertility Cleanse post miscarriage, we suggest waiting to begin the Fertility Cleanse after your first normal period post miscarriage ends and to only do two Fertility Cleanses a year with about a 6 month break between them.

      You are in my thoughts!

  14. I am wanting to do my second round of IVF in Feb. since I have to take the pill starting in January, should I do the cleanse or the OvaWise Kit? I’m 43 in great health with great ovarian reserve. The dr says my reserve is that of a 22 yr old so she’s saying my first IVF didn’t take because of egg quality. Which kit would be to my advantage, the fertility cleanse or the OvaWise Kit or both?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Lori,

      Cleansing is a great way for anyone who is experiencing fertility challenges to create a foundation for hormonal balance and a healthy reproductive system by cleansing and supporting liver and uterine health. Fertility Cleansing creates a “clean slate” within the body to help it to respond to and utilize natural remedies better. These natural remedies may be the herbs and nutritional supplements of the OvaWise Kit which is designed to support egg health.

      In short, you may want to consider both kits.

  15. I have stage 4 endometriosis. I also have 0.07 amh. I am 40 and trying for the past 7 years.
    I have had 2 rounds of IVF already. Do you think the fertility cleanse is even worthwhile for someone like me?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Grace,

      It is important to consider The Fertility Cleanse foundational support for preparing for pregnancy, but not the only thing to do in preparation for pregnancy. Fertility Cleansing supports detoxification of the liver of excess hormones and the uterus of excess tissue in addition to supporting liver and uterine health.

      Improving diet has also been show to benefit those dealing with endometriosis. Supporting egg health may also help the body to respond in a better way to other natural therapies and medical procedures should you require them.

      We have had many women improve their egg health through diet and lifestyle change alone, without fertility cleansing, but we feel completing a Fertility Cleanse is an important part of the first step.

      I hope this is helpful!

  16. Hi! I just want to find out, I am diabetic, have hypertension and was diagnosed with a blood clotting disease and because of that I had 3 miscarriages. We want to try again and we thought of using the fertility cleanse first and some of the multi vitamins to prepare my body. please advise if this is the right steps to follow.

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Evelyn,

      We consider completing a Fertility Cleanse an important first step for anyone in supporting fertility naturally. It helps create a foundation from which to work from. It may however not be all that needs to be considered and done.

      I am very sorry for your losses and all that you are dealing with! Because of the complexity of these issues, it would be best for you to consider working one on one with our fertility herbalist through a Fertility Consultation. Our fertility herbalist will take into careful consideration all aspects of your health and create with you a natural fertility program that best fits your individual fertility health needs.

      I hope you will consider!

  17. Hi! I’m on taking the pills and the tea for fertility cleansing….im on my 24th day and i feel a lot of hot flushes and pain by my ovaries, but my period is not coming.. is this normal or i should stop takinig the pills and the tea…..Thank you

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Daniela!

      I am sorry you are experiencing this!

      What cycle day are you on? Are you nearing ovulation? Many women to feel ovulation pain. Might this be what you are experiencing?

      If what you are experiencing is causing you concern, stress and/or disrupting your lifestyle, you should stop the Fertility Cleanse. I can’t be certain the Fertility cleanse is causing this for you however.

      Take care!

  18. Hi,
    I have 3 fibroids ,but my period its norma and always on time.. My doctor said not to worry since they are not growing. Im 34 and I want o have a baby,but im not trying yet. I can start doing the cleanse too ?
    Thanks so much!

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Alice,

      You can do a Fertility Cleanse even if you are not yet trying to conceive. We feel it a foundational step in most natural fertility programs and to be supportive of those who complete it.

      Best wishes!

  19. Are the herbs in the fertility cleanse organic?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Tara!

      The herbs that are in the Fertility Cleanse (and all of our products) of the highest quality, GMP certified (3rd party FDA mandated), whole food, wildcrafted or ethically cultivated, and non-GMO and organic when possible. The herbs in the products of the Fertility Cleanse are not certified organic.

      Thanks for asking!

  20. Hello,
    19 yrs ago i had miscarried twice in the same year at 20 wks due to a weak cervix. I waited 10 yrs before trying to get pregnant again & during these past 9+ yrs I have had 6 miscarriages all in the 1st trimester,it has been a rough rollercoaster.I have started again to see a specialist,being i am 40 now.During the process of preparing for an IVF I had to do a hysteroscopy w/polypectomy & during this procedure they discovered I have a thin uterine lining & that the IVF would not have been successful.I am currently taking DHEA along w/ other vitamin supplements as well as Metformin for PCOS.
    I would love to know if trying the Cleanse, Diet, Smootie & any other advice u may have help?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Enna,

      I am sorry that you have been through all of this! A rollercoaster indeed…

      We feel the Fertility Cleanse, Fertility Diet and Fertility Smoothies foundational in any natural fertility program. These are all great steps if you will in preparing your body for pregnancy by not only detoxifying from excess hormones, but then supporting the entire body by giving it fresh, whole foods and fertility superfoods (Fertilica Maca, Alive Bee Power Royal Jelly and even FertiliGreens ~ in Fertility Smoothies) which provide nutrients that protect cells, and is designed to help your body balance fertility issues that may exist, build up nutrient stores and provide all of the building blocks for a healthy child.

      It is important to speak to your healthcare provider if you are interested in taking herbs and natural supplements with your medications and DHEA. He/she is best able to monitor your hormone levels and guide you in proper doses of that which you take.

      These steps may also be supportive in supporting uterine lining health as well.

      Best wishes!

  21. I have uterine fibroid and ovarian cyst. Can I take soy isoflavonone tablet, black cohosh, whey protein?I don’t know which one is the culprit for my issues.I came across Wobenzyme, Veganzyme and Ecylyzyme and Serracor-NK. I don’t know which one will dissolve fibrin and cyst. Do you have any successful story(on fibroid and cyst) on the product you carry?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Yee Minn!

      We support Systemic Enzyme Therapy using Wobenzym N for a number of different fertility issues. I am not able to speak of the other enzymes/products you mentioned. You are welcome to learn more about Systemic Enzyme Therapy here… and Wobenzym N here…

      You can consume whey protein and Black Cohosh if you feel they will benefit you. Black Cohosh is supportive of uterine health when inflammation is a factor. You may also want to consider the information offered in the following two articles regarding dietary and lifestyle changes you can make to support your body in finding balance.

      The Best Natural Remedies for Uterine Fibroids…
      How to Help Ovarian Cysts Naturally and Safely with Herbs and Supplements…

      About soy isoflavones… we are not proponents of consuming soy products (ie. soy isoflavones) because through our research, we feel that consuming soy in any form has the tendency to contribute to estrogen dominance and therefore has the potential to contribute to estrogen dominant fertility conditions.

      Soy by nature already contains a high amount of isoflavones and soy products. This including soy isoflavone pills because of the way the pills are made. Isoflavones from soy beans are chemically isolated in a laboratory, after which they are concentrated to make soy isoflavone supplements. These supplements contain concentrated levels of isoflavones – more isoflavones than natural soy beans, or whole soy foods. In addition, most soy in the US in genetically modified (GMO) soy. We are also learning consumption of GMO foods is not beneficial to overall health.

      Our Senior Herbalist, Dalene, has seen women really mess up their natural cycles using soy isoflavone supplements. If you choose to use a soy isoflavone supplement, it would be best to do so under the supervision of a health care professional, who can also do regular hormone testing.

      If you are struggling with knowing the best way to support your fertility issues naturally, you could also consider and Fertility Consultation. A Fertility Consultation will offer you a personalized holistic healing approach to your fertility needs including information on the best diet tips, exercise, natural therapies, herbs, supplements and stress reduction techniques for your fertility needs.

      Lastly, I am not certain of specific success stories off the top of my head, but you are welcome to browse through the success stories shared with us here…

      I hope this is helpful!

  22. Hi,
    My cousin is 44yrs long tried for the third child to no avail. She did LEEP chemo two years ago and she is taking blood pressure medication. Can you advise her to go for fertility cleanse?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Tsholofelo,

      It is going to be best for your cousin to seek guidance in using herbs, supplements and natural therapies in the form of a Fertility Consultation or by consulting his/her healthcare provider. It is important that anyone currently using medications, check with their doctor before starting any herbal or nutritional supplement program.

      Thank you for reaching out to us on behalf of your cousin!

  23. Hey husband and I have been unable to concive for the 12 years we have been married. I was diagnosed with PCOS and have one Fallopian tube missing (wish now I had never had it removed). We plan to do the cleanse, plus me doing the oil pack. Once I am done with the cleanse what would be a good direction to go? Thank you so much for your help. I am praying this works.

    I also go a year or two with no period. Currently been without one for 6 months. Do I just pick a day and start the cleanse or do something else to get started?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Heather!

      It is great that you plan to do a Fertility Cleanse. This is a foundational step to support your body in being more receptive to other natural therapies you might try.

      If you do not have period, you can just pick a day to start the Fertility Cleanse, yes. You then simply count out the days of each phase on a calendar. The Fertility Cleanse also comes with a lovely instruction booklet that will guide you.

      You can consider learning about how to support hormone balance including a healthy uterine lining, healthy menstruation, as well as encourage spontaneous ovulation and improved circulation to the reproductive system.

      Best Wishes!

  24. Hello my husband and I have been in the process of having a baby for about 19 months first month of trying I had ovarian cyst rupture since then my period have been painful my ob diagnosis me with Pcos and I just seen a fertility specialist ultra sound was done discovered I have endometriosis it’s on my left tube I wanted to know could I used fertility cleanse , Endowise kit, Fallopian wise kit and ovarian wise kit should I use different kit for all my issues or one kit would do all . I want to conceive natural and I am changing my eating habits .
    My husband and I are both 29 years old

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Maria!

      I am sorry you have been faced with all of this!

      It is best to begin with a Fertility Cleanse. This is a foundational step in any natural fertility program, as are dietary and lifestyle changes. It is after you complete the Fertility Cleanse that you can begin any number of other herbs, supplements and natural therapies you might try. Because you have a number of issues to address and there is some overlap in the kits you mentioned, to receive clear idea of how best to support your body in finding balance, I think it would be best for you to be guided one-on-one through a Fertility Consultation. This will provide you an opportunity to share with an herbalist what you have done to support your fertility, and all about your lifestyle, health history, fertility challenges and have a chance to ask detailed questions.

      I hope you do consider this! Best Wishes!

  25. Hi
    I recently started the fertility cleanse and since have had a skin rash that appears randomly on my body. It is very itchy, but it does come and go. Is this common? Also my period started very early (day 21 of my cycle). Is this also common. Thanks in advance

    Also I only got a few days in to the second half of the cleanse. Should I resume after my period?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello D!

      The skin is one avenue of elimination when the body is detoxifying (as is the urine, feces, saliva and sweat). This may be what is happening for you. It is hard for me to say exactly, but the reason I think this is because it comes and goes. I should also ask if you are you allergic to any plants? This does not sound like a plant allergy, but it is important to consider.

      The detoxification can also cause spotting or the menstrual cycle to start early. This does happen for some and it not cause for concern. It is a sign your body is responding to the Fertility Cleanse. You can resume the Fertility Cleanse where you left off after your period ends.

      I hope the remainder of your Fertility Cleanse goes well!

    • Hi again. Is there a way I can email you directly? I would like to ask you some more questions about the rash? Please let me know

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello D!

      You can email me here…

      Take care!

  26. Hi Elisabeth

    im frustrated , HSG have confirmed that I have 2 blocked tubes and was diagnosed with endometriosis ,PCOS 10 years back, have purchased the fertility cleanse and fallopian wise kit, had my period from the 28 July to 3 August , then I started my fertility cleanse, on the 3rd(6 august) day of my cleanse I had a terrible flu and then started spotting same day and until today im still on my period and its now heavy , what can I do ? continue with the cleanse or stop until my period is over?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Mora!

      I am very sorry you got the flu and aren’t feeling well!

      You will want to pause where you are on the Fertility Cleanse and resume where you left off when bleeding stops. Acute support for heavy menstrual bleeding includes Slow Flow, and eating foods rich in iron and Vitamin C. You can learn more about heavy menstrual bleeding here…

      It is important to seek the guidance of a medical professional if you are experiencing severe bleeding in excess of two menstrual pads completely soaked every 30 minutes.

      I hope you feel better soon!

  27. Hi, my husband and I are trying to get pregnant for a while now. we have had all the tests and everything seems to be ok.. so we are diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I however have had some stomach surgeries as a child and although I did not experience any more issues since I do believe that my stomach and my uterus may be sluggish and not getting enough circulations throughout. Is this cleansing going to be beneficial to us?

    Kind Regards

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Ella!

      We feel the Fertility Cleanse beneficial to anyone experiencing fertility issues or having trouble conceiving. There is Fertility Cleanse Kit for women as well as a Male Fertility Cleanse Kit, both designed to support the liver in detoxifying from excess hormones and toxins, as well as to support reproductive health and prepare the body be better able to utilize any herbs, supplements or natural therapies you might consider.

      We hear the term “unexplained infertility” quite often. This typically means a couple has gone through a myriad of testing to learn of possible fertility issues and all these tests come back clear. While this is a good thing, it still can be so frustrating if you have not gotten pregnant. We understand that it can be hard to figure out what to do next. Nutritional deficiencies, low cervical mucous, inaccurate timing of sexual intercourse and/or a pre-existing health issue can all be any number of the reasons for this diagnosis, or it may be that you need to explore options for more in-depth testing (for example testing for immunological fertility issues…).

      You might also be interested in learning The .

      I hope this is helpful!

  28. Can fertility cleanse be used by people having hypothyroidism? And will it help for hypothyroid patients also? Have been trying to conceive for over a year. Every month I am ovulating. I am told the reason I can’t conceive is probably hypothyroidism.

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Kajal,

      We consider the Fertility Cleanse a foundational step to any natural fertility program. It may be the place to start after which you can support your thyroid and fertility health by reading .

      If you are taking thyroid medication, you would want to speak with your healthcare provider about combining your medication with herbs.

      Be well!

  29. Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I’m getting ready to order the cleanse either this weekend or first thing next week. Thanks, again!

  30. Hello. For about a year I would cycle almost twice a month, not heavy bleeding. Gyne said it could be due to my being 40. Did a pap smear and endometrium biopsy. Cultures were fine; and no cancer, just two small fibroids/cysts on both ovaries. Want me back in 2-3 months to see if gone. Last month was first time I did not cycle twice. How can I complete the fertility cleanse when menstruating interrupts the process? Thanks!

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Yolanda!

      If you were to start the Fertility Cleanse and get your period, you simply pause where you are in the Fertility Cleanse and pick up where you left off when your period ends. Should you have any leftover products from either phase of the Fertility Cleanse, you can use them in your next cycle if you wish to.

      In health ~ Liz

  31. pls where precisely can one get this cleansing kit in nigeria

  32. There are 6 herbs listed under the Liver phase and 5 herbs listed under the Uterine phase of the fertility cleanse. Must i choose a particular herb or can multiple herbs be used in unison/simultaneously under each phase?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Chukwudum!

      We have combined the individual herbs discussed here in the Fertility Cleanse Kit. There are 5 products total in the Fertility Cleanse Kit, three of which are taking from the day after your period ends until cycle day 17 and then two products are taken from cycle day 18 until cycle day 1 of the following menstrual cycle. You can see the Fertility Cleanse Kit here… It also comes with a wonderful instruction booklet to guide you on its use.

  33. I am not getting pregnant, every time my egg converts into cyst. I should I do conceive properly

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Nee!
      Consider starting your natural fertility journey with a Fertility Cleanse after which you can support ovarian health by using the OvarianWise Kit. The OvarianWise Kit is designed to support ovarian health and promote normal ovarian circulation thru balancing hormones, encouraging and maintaining a normal ovarian health.

      We also have an informational article written by our senior herbalist to help you learn more about Ovarian Cysts.

  34. Will fertility cleanse help in taking care of uterine fibroid?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Pee!

      The Fertility Cleanse is often advised as a place to start on a natural health program to support normal uterine health. It alone will very likely not be all that you need to support uterine health for yourself. When you have completed the Fertility Cleanse consider supporting uterine health further by using the UterineWise Kit. The UterineWise Kit contains products to help support the body in maintaining a healthy environment within the uterus. The herbs, supplements and natural therapies in this program promote hormonal balance, support the body’s natural ability to reduce occurrences of occasional growths within the uterus and assist the body’s natural ability to maintain normal uterine health.

      We also have a great article that our herbalists wrote if you would like to learn more about Uterine fibroids.

      In health~ Liz

  35. Good evening dear team members, please l like to find out from you which of the fertility products to start with, my period doesn’t come regularly, and when it comes, it usually scanty and last for like 2- 3 days.l do feel hot on the inside sometimes followed by slight sweating and also there are fibroids two in the uterus and three outside the uterus and l planned getting married early next year, please where do l start from, please advise. Thanks.

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Moni!
      Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

      When fertility issues are present, it is often advised to start with a Fertility Cleanse. Fertility Cleansing supports the body in ultimately acheiving hormonal balance through liver supporting herbs and specific herbs for the female reproductive system, focusing on liver and uterine health

      When you have completed the Fertility Cleanse consider supporting uterine health further by using the UterineWise Kit. The UterineWise Kit contains products to help support the body in maintaining a healthy environment within the uterus. The herbs, supplements and natural therapies in this program promote hormonal balance, support the body’s natural ability to reduce occurrences of occasional growths within the uterus and assist the body’s natural ability to maintain normal uterine health.

      We also have a great article that our herbalists wrote if you would like to learn more about Uterine fibroids.

      In health~ Liz

  36. Hi I am 38 years old we my husband and I have been trying to conceive for 11months. I had an IUD for seven years and had it removed last year. I have a normal cycle it comes like clockwork every month. I do have some clots every once in a while. We have two girls and I suffered from two miscarries one before our first daughter and one before our second daughter. Would the cleanse help us out?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Mistey!
      The Fertility Cleanse may be helpful yes and is a place to start. Fertility Cleansing supports the body to be better able to utilize any herbs, supplements and natural therapies you might try. Fertility Cleansing helps cleanse the uterus of any old tissue and the liver of excess hormones, all in support of hormone balance and the health of both the liver and uterus. If you have read about the Fertility Cleanse and feel you could use this foundational support after having your miscarriages and daughters, you sure could consider it.

      Clots are traditionally seen as a sign of stagnation created from excessive flow that is not being expelled. Herbs and therapies that are beneficial for increasing uterine tone are:
      Self Fertility Massage
      Fertility Cleansing
      Hydration – at least 8 eight ounce glasses of filtered water each day

      I hope this is helpful!

  37. I am over 40 years with no children and I would like to do fertility cleansing where can I buy the herbs? I’m in South Africa. One of my tube has been removed because it was blocked and I am now left eith one tube.

  38. hi, i am looking at using fertility cleanse, i had ivf on jan, this year, resulted to blighted ovum. did not miscarry naturally, took 2 doses of Mytotec? to abort, but placenta was still there, did a D&C on june 2, i have been bleeding since D&C and a month after d&C ultrasound showed abnormal uterine lining. so dr. put me on estrogen and provera to induce a normal period. bleeding stopped 2 days after i stopped meds, on the the third day i started bleeding again, i think this is my period now. i am also 48 years old. is there hope for conceiving naturally this time with 1 fallopian tube left from a previous ectopic pregnancy?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Minnie,

      I am sorry you have had to go through all of this!

      There is actually no simple answer to your question. The ability to and likelihood that you will conceive is dependent on diet, health history, stress levels, existing health conditions or imbalances, how well you stick to a fertility program, and how severe any fertility issues are. It may be challenging given you only have one fallopian tube meaning you will only have a chance at conception every other month, but this does not mean natural conception is impossible.

      I wish I could offer a more definitive answer for you. My honest, personal belief is that no matter the method by which you conceive, naturally or by medically-assisted means, there is absolutely no harm in making dietary and lifestyle changes to support your overall and fertility health.

      If you would like guidance in creating a natural fertility program, consider a Fertility Consultation. Our email consultations provide you with a personalized written guide and audio recording from a fertility herbalist, explaining the best natural therapies, herbs and supplements for your unique fertility issues.

  39. Can I start the fertility cleanse right after a miscarriage or should I wait for my next menstrual cycle?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Pauletta,

      I am very sorry for your loss!

      It is best to wait to begin the Fertility Cleanse until your first normal menstrual cycle post miscarriage.

      You might consider RecoverWell to support your body on recovering from pregnancy loss and also the recovery tips offered here…

      I wish you well!

  40. For several years now my periods only last 1-3 very light days. Will the cleanse help me get that back to 3-5 days of good flow? Ive been unable to conceieve for 3 years now and I just feel like issue might be a reason why.

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hi Barbara!

      The Fertility Cleanse supports the body in its normal functions by working to help nourish and support the liver and uterus in preparation for conception. In doing so, your period may return to what you know as normal, but it may also be that you need to offer your body more hormonal balance support in order for your period to return to normal.

      After you complete the Fertility Cleanse, you might consider learning about and trying the herb Dong Quai and the natural therapies Self Fertility Massage and Castor Oil Packs and/or any of the other suggestions made here in our Natural
      Guide to Menstrual Health

      Light menstruation (with bright red bleeding) is an indication of lack of circulation to the uterus, and thankfully there are herbs, supplements and natural therapies shown to support uterine tone quite well.

      Be well!

  41. I’m 41 and am having an imbalance with my hormones. I was interested in the fertility cleanse, however, the recommendation is to take it when one is done with their menstruation, but what if i haven’t had it? I’ve been skipping my menstrual everything other month or two, should I wait till I see it to then purchase the product to take?

    Thank you,

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hi Heather!
      You do not have to wait because the Fertility Cleanse can be performed even if you do not have a period. You would simply pick any day to start and count out the days of each phase of the Fertility Cleanse on a calendar. Should you happen to get your period, you would just pause the Fertility Cleanse and start where you left off when your period ends.

  42. Two months ago, my cousin had to terminate her pregnancy because her baby had severe brain abnormalities at second trimester. She has no fertility problem & the doctor says it has nothing to do her or her husband DNA (genetic testing all negative). She is so sad with her baby loss, do you think this product is good for her future conceiving a “healthy baby”?

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Dear Winnie,

      Please express our sincere apologies to your cousin for what she has had to go through. I simply can’t imagine.

      Support her in seeking help for her, I am sure, overpowering emotions and sadness and even consider helping her to Honor Miscarriage Through Ritual. It can be healing on a very deep level.

      Regarding the Fertility Cleanse, it is considered a first step in preparation for healthy pregnancy after which she could follow the other suggestions to decrease the chance of recurrent miscarriages in preparation for future pregnancy.

      Thank you for supporting your cousin and reaching out to us!

  43. I am looking for a cleanse for hormonal reasons. I am not trying to get pregnant. I am over 50 looking for something for my itchy skin, liver spots, dark circle under my eyes and take meds for my thyroid. Any assistance is appreciative

    • Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

      Hello Macy!

      You certainly can use a Fertility Cleanse even if you are not trying to conceive. The Fertility Cleanse is designed however to support detoxification of the liver and uterus as well as the health of these organs. It is a foundational piece to supporting hormone balance. It may be helpful in dealing with these symptoms to support liver cleansing and health. Liver health is vital for hormonal balance. You can learn more about supporting liver health here…

      Because you are currently using medications, please check with your doctor before starting any herbal or nutritional supplement program.