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Trans Fats May Increase Infertility Issues

Trans Fats May Increase Infertility Issues

“Women who want to get pregnant may want to stay away from fast food french fries not just to avoid putting on some extra pounds, a new study shows. The more trans fats a woman eats, the more likely she is to be infertile, Dr. Jorge E. Chavarro of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston and colleagues found.” – MSNBC

Eating trans fats have an effect on the body by interfering with a cell receptor involved in inflammation, glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity and poor glucose metabolism are the same factors that affect the fertility of women who have PCOS.

With every 4 grams of trans fats eaten instead of omega-6 fatty acids, the risks of fertility issues doubles. It is not hard to get 4 grams of trans fatty acids a day, especially if you eat fast foods and processed foods.


  • Start reading labels. Avoid foods that contain trans fats in the ingredients.
  • Eat whole foods in there natural state. Focus on fresh vegetables, fruits, organic meats and fish.
  • Avoid fast foods- French fries, hamburgers, fried chicken, ect… are all cooked in trans fats

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